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It is with great regret that this round will need to be cancelled. I have solid evidence that people have received information that they should not have. I'm not going to go into specifics, but I do know people have benefitted (and suffered) through no fault of their own.


I have discussed the particulars with several senior members of the community, some involved with the game and others not. I would ask your patience as more facts come to light. Therefore, it is only after great consideration of the situation's gravity that I cancel this current round.


I deeply apologize for this and would like to start over. I will be restarting round 3, same rules for the most part and same roles. Anyone in this current game will get first priority in playing. If you want to be involved, let me know within one day by replying




in this thread. After one day, I will open it up to general registration. I thank you all for your patience and understanding. Once again, I apologize for having to take this step.

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By popular demand, I will now post the game log. I held off on this because of the controversy surrounding this. Now that unpleasantness is out of the way, here is what went on:


The roles:


Andraste: Shanker

Bain-Ihrno: Darkside Mage

Bloodmoon: Adventurer

Creator: Empire Spy

Dikiyoba: Anama Priest

Doom Warrior: Darkside Blademaster

Drakefyre: Domont

Excalibur: Machrone

RCCCL: Dionicio

Ackrovan: Sacred Item Cultist

Nikki: Bound Servant

PGLB : Anama Hunter

Sarachim: Fae

Sporefrog: Oliver

Tyranicus: Gladwell

Xelgion: Micklebur


The game log:


Day 1


Domont sends Darkside Blademaster keyword: "crafty"

Shanker protects Shanker

Fae impersonates Oliver

Anama Hunter uses Crystal Spire, learns Tyranicus is Gladwell

Oliver inspects Machrone's inventory; finds he has: Weapon Poison

Darkside Mage curses Gladwell

Micklbur analyzes Oliver, does not find any magical influence

Sacred Item Cultist detects Flaming Sword is in presence of Shanker

Micklebur gives Assassin Leather to Anama Priest

Adventurer steals weapon poison from Dionicio

Dionicio learns Bloodmoon is the Adventurer

Darkside Mage drinks Heroic Brew, is blessed


Day 2


Gladwell compels Bound Servant to kill Fae (as Oliver)

Bound Servant kills Fae (as Oliver)

Shanker sees Bound Servant being suspicious

Domont sends Darkside Mage keyword: "wield"

Darkside Blademaster kills Empire Spy, gets Ivory Skull

Anama Priest equips Assassin Leather

Machrone does a poll of faction identification

Anama Priest attempts to kill Machrone, ends up dead. Machrone gets Assassin Leather.

Machrone equips Assassin Leather.

Oliver gets a weapon poison in his shop

Darkside Mage finds Skribbane

Machrone gives Assassin Leather to Sacred Item Cultist

Anama Hunter gives Dionicio the Crystal Spire

Adventurer gives Dionicio Weapon Poison

Darkside Mage curses Micklebur

Shanker protects Shanker

Sacred Item Cultist detects Crystal Spire is in presence of Dionicio

Oliver learns contents of Domont's inventory

Dionicio uses crystal spire to learn Nikki is Bound Servant

Micklbur attacks Sacred Item Cultist, but is cursed.

Sacred Item Cultist responds but cannot kill Micklebur with magic spells.

Domont was smitten by the Game Moderator.

Game Over. frown

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Oh, game over just before I attacked Micklebur.

Hmm, it looks like I got all the roles right except The Creator (I thought he was Fae), Sarachim (thought he was Oliver), Sporefrog (thought he was the DL Blademaster), and Doom Warrior (thought he was the Empire Spy).

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Oh, I forgot. I had this amusing exchange with Drakefyre:


Originally Posted By: Excalibur
Hello Drakefyre. I don't think it would hurt to tell you this: I have a physical attack type. Care to tell me yours?


Originally Posted By: Drakefyre
Let's get physical! Physical!


Originally Posted By: Excalibur
Thanks. smile


*opens mP3 of Olivia Newton John*

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*I, any chance we can see the progression of some of the actions that were interupted?

If I had processed everything in the queue, these three actions would have occurred:

Bloodmoon steals from Drakefyre
Doom Warrior kills RCCCL
PGLB kills Xelgion
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