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  1. Not getting hired when bills are mounting is bad.
  2. What Randomizer said, I got fired this past January and so far, have only managed to get a part-time job. In my opinion, the problem is compounded by most employers doing all of their hiring online now days. Makes it hard for someone with amazing personality and people skills to get in the door.
  3. As for the 3D, I agree with one exception, Avatar was amazing in Imax 3D. Other than that, every other movie I've seen in 3D has not benefited from the 3D and in a few cases, suffered.
  4. Looking back at the movie and trying to ascribe a tone of politics to it, yeah, I can see it, but when I go to see a movie, I'm there to be entertained, and if there was any political intent in the movie, it was not blatant enough for me to take notice.
  5. OK, I submitted, see if you can guess which ones are mine. Now, it's back off to the shadows with me! *Lurks off*
  6. When can we expect to see a log of the first session?
  7. RCCCL

    Independence Day

    You and your pacifist Furniture! As for Closet, and coming out of, Closet can also mean being secretive or a condition of secrecy, and has had that meaning long before "Coming out of the Closet" became a well known term.
  8. I went ahead and submitted a char. As well as my availability, after the 22nd of course.
  9. Somewhat Fallout-ish, I like it. I'd love to join, but I'm going to be on Vacation until the 22nd, if you're not likely to start till then, let me know!
  10. I admit mine were horrid at best They were done in a minute or less Give me a second chance This one works at a glance Consider this the five minute test
  11. You rate it more and more Stars But should give up and hit Bars And all get Drunk Fall into a down Funk Just be careful when Driving Cars Click to reveal.. (sorry) Not very good I know, but forgive me, I'm pulling these off the top of my head, give me a couple of hours and I'll hit you with some Epic Limerick Prose!
  12. This topic has turned into a Karma thread all previous ideas fall to the side dead The limericks will stall Fried foods gone et al Now only about Karma shall things be said.
  13. I am, that's one more star than it had before.
  14. I really like the Spidweb Boards The mods keep out the Spamming Hordes An occasional slip up With a Spamy hic up Taken down by the mods humorous swords.
  15. RCCCL

    GenCon 2011

    GenCon is just over a month away now, I will be attending(it really helps living in the city that hosts it), and I thought I'd see if anyone else on these forums would go this year.
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