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  1. Ask the following question to two of the oracles: "Is it true that you raise your right hand in response to true questions?" The two sane oracles will both raise their right hand in response to this question. The insane will not answer, since for her there is no true/false answer for this question. If you pose this question to two oracles you will know which one is the insane one. Now pose any question that you know to be true to one of the remaining sane oracles. "Is it true that today is Christmas?" You know she's sane and that the answer is true, so you can identify her. Do I go f
  2. I'm free if you guys are. I'll hit the chat room around 4 EST if that sounds good.
  3. Nikki trying to rip me off? Haven't seen that before... Seriously though my bad guys. I checked this morning and it didn't look like this was getting off the ground, then started working on some homework. It was probably for the best that I missed it, and hopefully Nikki kept it from being a total bust. I'll tentatively say I could try again Wednesday night, but that depends a lot on how much work I get done in the next two days. Otherwise Saturday?
  4. Well we have two guys who can't show up if it's late, and one guy who can't show if it's early. I'd rather pick a different date. I was thinking tomorrow afternoon or Monday night.
  5. Originally Posted By: Enraged Slith Also, a young boy recently advanced the knowledge of solar energy by looking to and then emulating nature. Hmm
  6. You're correct about the DR burst fire thing. The damage from the burstfire weapons roughly assumes that you're hitting with 2 of the 4 bullets from the burst, hence the double reduction. Yes, bows will be added to the feat list. I haven't been giving much thought to coming up with new ones, but if new weapons/vehicles whatever come into play then maybe. I haven't come up with stats for the tommy gun. It's shooting lots of high caliber bullets so it does a lot of damage, offset somewhat by its spray. I think Clyve killed two people with one burst at least once, so that'll give you so
  7. http://penny-arcade.com/comic/2011/08/22
  8. The best way to monitor flag use is to put some code in the start_state that repeatedly prints the flag(s) you're concerned with, so you can see if it's the value you expect it to be. (Well ok, that's more like the easiest way rather than the best way. The cleanest way would probably be to add a special ability or something that lets you input sdf coords and outputs sdf values.)
  9. I just sent it to dueck so whenever he signs on / gets around to it. Edit: And the painkillers temporarily restore missing hitpoints. How much depends somewhat on the dosage, but taking a fistfull and then firing a gun is probably not a great idea.
  10. The crossbow/bow: Bows/crossbows use their own proficiency. Crossbows are governed by PE, and bows by (PE + DXT)/2. They do 5dmg, and arrows are considered AP. Both weapons use the same arrows. Both must be reloaded every turn, but the crossbow reload is a full round action while the bow is the typical move action. However, the bow is more difficult to use reflected by a -2HIT as well as requiring higher STR to use (HIT penalty for STR below 3.) If an arrow hits flesh, it can be recovered and reused. Missed arrows may get lost, or hit concrete or metal which would break them. I don't know ab
  11. That is odd, because I run dialog from the start_state pretty routinely without issue. My best advice for fixing weird issues like this is to make a new town (or scenario) and start building from the ground up until the problem shows up.
  12. OK well I'll be hanging out in SWZombies at 5EST, hopefully everyone gets the memo and shows up. To those lurkers reading this, we'll need a Caitlin sub for at least a couple hours and possibly the whole session. Also in the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that I have absolutely no plans for this session, which may be a good thing or a bad thing.
  13. Check the dialog script for errors? Edit: Initiate the dialog tree from the talk state and see if it still screws up. If not, and it only screws up from the start_state, then thats pretty weird. Are you running any code in the node that it freezes at?
  14. Hmmm I could go today, but Nikki's already out and its sort of short notice for the others. I have my schedule for the semester, and I pretty much have Tuesdays and Thursdays off, so MWF at night or TR during the day work for me. Any of those sound good for this week for you guys? We could go tomorrow at like 7est if you'd like. Edit: Well if dueck shows up maybe we can go today. If we start at like 5EST then Nikki could catch the second half if he's not too tired after work.
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