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  1. Afaik by that point you can no longer get dreams, you can only go through and investigate.
  2. *kathoom* I'm also at SB and SV although by different PDN. Now I know what you said but you might like this.
  3. Since my last post here I've been reading Worm: About a teenage girl who does wrong things for right reasons. Pact: About a dysfunctional family, magic and everything that tries to kill you. (Never finished this though) Twig: Group of Child/Biomechanical Construct doing things for their creator and trying to survive Mother of Learning: A mage trying to stop the apocalypse Dresden Files: A highly destructive wizard employed by police to solve supernatural mysteries. Skulduggery Pleasant: A girl discovers magic, hilarity and gruesome death ensues. Link please? Also, I heard now that Twig is almost finished Worm 2 is now on the horizon so to speak. (I also have some recommendations about Worm fanfic I'll post here if anyone interested)
  4. I'm down for this, I'm able to play every day this month, on the next month probably restricted on weekends.
  5. Communist Authoritarian Multilateralist Humanist Progressive Collectivism score: 83% Authoritarianism score: 50% Internationalism score: 50% Tribalism score: -67% Liberalism score: 67% Feels weird to be honest but eh. also I'm back sorta, let's see if I managed to stick around again.
  6. Whoa shiny I think Compact & Convenient (besides pleasing the color scheme also reminds me of ibb forum era) is the best followed by the best theme.
  7. Uh sorry for telling this in such a short notice but I think I can't play anything today, too tired. Go on without me please.
  8. So game one will be held in 18? hours right?
  9. update: I'm now free for this month. EDIT: that schedule works though
  10. Drat I missed the calendar, can I still participate?
  11. Fine with me as well. (There have been things happening and well I'm free for time being)
  12. So I finally got word from my interviewer, I am accepted (yay) and will begin my internship at 5th August (my time). And the schedule pretty much kills my ability to play except on Saturdays (your time). So yeah.
  13. Still no words from the interviewer, but I try to attend.
  14. After examining my exam schedule I think I could attend on Wednesday.
  15. Ouroboros

    City Watch

    Hope your uncle will recover soon. Anyway calendered.
  16. Ouroboros

    City Watch

    Darn am I too late to join this ?
  17. 1. What is your age? (Be approximate, if you'd like) Nineteen. 2. What part of the world do you live in? In which part of the world were you born? What countries have you lived in? I live in South East Asia specifically in Indonesia 3. What is your native language? In what languages are you proficient? I'm proficient with Indonesian and to lesser degree Chinese Mandarin and English. 4. Describe your ancestry. Chinese. 5. Describe your gender identity and sexual orientation. Eh, not sure on both (as in I don't really think about it) . 6. Do you have any religious or spiritual beliefs? If so, describe them. In what religious tradition(s) were you raised, if any? I was raised by as Buddhist although I'm not particularly attached to it, I still use it as my "view" . 7. What is your relationship status? Do you have any children? Single. 8. Describe your social class. Have you always been in this class. Middle low and yes. 9. Have you ever served in the military? If so, what division? Even if I want to I can't and I don't. 10. What is your occupation (or former occupation)? What is your highest level of education (and your degree, if applicable)? I have completed high school and going to attend college in September.
  18. Sorry for reviving this thread but I'm interested in playing NI again .
  19. I don't really have any experience with D&D (Except for the watered down version like NWN) so I will need an overview (maybe). As for the time difference based on previous sessions I could only attend during friday and saturday (in your time).
  20. As usual I'm interested in playing
  21. Oh right should have read more closely same as Kelandon actually.
  22. He reacted like as if you were joking then you can say "No I'm not joking I am going to kill you and become a keeper!" and "Yes sorry that was a horrible joke."
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