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  1. I didn't do a large amount of research into how much I liked Hilary, so for the most part she's neutral to me, overall a bit meh. Trump, however, ugh. Ever time I listen to him open his mouth it is like I can feel whatever shreds of respect for humanity and my fellow countrymen slipping away. Under no circumstances will I ever want someone like him to lead my country, so the choice was an obvious one for me. Perhaps if Trump wasn't....Trump, then I would have actually looked into the third part candidates for the first time, but I do not hate Hilary and I'm not willing to take away votes from
  2. Øther


    I read a book on Ebola a few years back. Scary stuff. While the quality of healthcare provided in first world countries would likely bring down the mortality rate should it spread there, it is still highly contagious and a horrific thing of have to face. I for one would not like to die via all my blood in my body being ejected from every orifice. The reason why it's scaring everyone is that in a place like Africa, it is significantly more difficult for the populous to defend themselves against the virus which leads to so many being afflicted by it, and the lack of proper treatment available le
  3. It's been a while since I've last been on these forums, and decided to take this test. Extraversion-1 Agreeableness-18 Conscientiousness-29 Neuroticism-72 Openness to experience-33 I'm not exactly sure what this says about me, but there are a few to many extremes in certain areas for my liking. Lowest score: Friendliness-0 Highest score: Liberalism-99 (Do I win a prize for this or something?)
  4. While I will agree that Hermione could have been so much more, and just about none of her potential was really utilized, so do wish to point out that not all of the male characters are extraordinary. Sirius seems like a cool guy, and Dumbledore was strong and whatnot, but I personally didn't see many examples of extraordinary. In fact, a large amount of the people in the series just seems largely incompetent. I find it amusing that the only Horcrux Harry actually destroyed was the diary, and that despite his super important scavenger hunt to save the world, he contributed surprisingly little.
  5. Arya and Lip. I, too, do not watch these shows, and so can not really identify with these characters.
  6. Using the infinite wondrous powers of google, I have found a current syllabus for my old physics class. The subjects we went over were: Vectors, 1D Kinematics, 2D Kinematics, Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion, Dynamics of circular motion, Conservation of energy and simple harmonic motion, conservation of momentum and rotational dynamics, static electricity, current electricity, electricity and magnetism, waves, light, thermal energy, thermodynamics, and nuclear energy. Obviously, the biggest overlap I've been seeing so far has come from the thermo part, but early on in my last chemist
  7. Not trying to hate on your ideas, but even if your ideas are good (which, I will say, I do agree with some of them.), it is not entirely likely that they will be implemented at all. With Jeff working on new games, and patching the newest released games, less time and effort will be placed into this game, so if it takes a great amount of difficulty and time to implement, even if it could increase the quality of the game, I do think that Jeff would have other things of higher priority on his to-do list. That said, I too would like to put my 2 cents forth on some of the things you have said.
  8. This is my second quarter in college. Woo! As of right now, I am taking less classes than I would prefer to, only 3 along with a workshop. English, Physics, and Chemistry. I was also taking bio, but after taking a look at my schedule, I realized how mainly do to that class my entire schedule was fairly inconvenient and I would have little time for anything really, so I ended up dropping that class. Which I didn't exactly like seeing as I'm majoring in bio. However, I do have plenty of quarters left so I'm not worried or anything. By the way, to all you people out there that have taken phy
  9. http://www.isidewith.com/results/31723476 Interesting. Told me what I already know, though.
  10. When I first got and started playing AEFTP, there were 2 main problems I was having in the beginning. This was before it was toned down, so I have no idea how it is now. THe first was that I was having a lot of trouble landing my hits, because at best I seemed to have a 50% hit chance. THat was annoying, but bearable. The other thing I had problems with was monsters with abilities. I really only got stuck for a while once I ran into the SLiths, so the monsters with abilities that I'm thinking of would be the mages and shamans. Whenever I would battle one of those large groups of them that wer
  11. I joined a while ago, but I haven't been around much anymore.
  12. My playthrough was on normal. I always do my first playthrough on games on the normal difficulty, and then increase it if I ever go back and do another game. In my party, DW, Archer, Priest, Mage, I might not have allocated the points the best way (I kept off the forums, mostly, to try to prevent any spoilers), but overall, I think my archer turned out fairly well. I did put many points into bows, maxed sharpshooter, gymnastics, and sniper, and some points into melee weaps (just in case). ALso a few into hardiness parry and ripostse once I got to high lvls and didn't really know what to do wit
  13. I just visited Erika. After talking with her, I noticed a wisdom crystal in a box right next to her. (Or it could have been on the ground. Either way, it doesnt matter) Being that it was a wisdom crystal, I decided to use up one of my free (seen) steals in the area on the crystal. When I took it, however, I noticed that it said that nobody saw me take it. Even though erika was right next to me. I then looted everything else in the room, and same thing. None of the thefts were seen.
  14. Oh. Well, I was off by quite a bit. But didn't the pit drake have black fangs? I really thought it did. Anyways, thanks for the info.
  15. I just got the quest for these. I seem to recall that the description of the pit drake said it had black teeth. I also killed it a while ago. I went back to its cave, and am walking around the place where it was. But I'm not getting any message or anything about the fangs. Is there any way for me to get them, or am I screwed? Hopefully, I am thinking about the right drake. If it is a different drake, I would like to know.
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