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Thank you everyone for agreeing to play and watch. Here are the ground rules. Only the moderator (me) and people who are playing the game and are alive may post here. Anything else will be instantly deleted.


The current living players are:








Doom Warrior











Some ground rules:


1) If you are playing PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES. They have been updated since the last game.

2) Private communication is allowed.

3) Submit your actions to me by way of PM in the thread I started with you. If I cannot figure out what you want to do, I'll simply ignore it, so try to be clear.

4) Actions will be processed in the order they were received when I get around to them. Read the rules for how often you can submit and any other exceptions.

5) Please posts all rules questions in your PM with me or in the rules topics.

6) If you are not playing or dead, please do not influence the game. You may look, but not touch.


Otherwise, the game begins:


Sunday, April 5 at 12 AM EDT


No action submissions will be accepted before that. A few people tried to submit some things, and those posts will be ignored. In other words, submit again after the game starts. I'm doing this not to be a jerk, but to make sure everyone gets a fair chance at getting their post in. I'm sorry if you are busy at the start time, but it is impossible choose a start time that works for everyone.


Also, if you have not done so already, reply to my PM topic with you as soon as you can. If you do not within 24 hours of me sending it to you, you may be replaced.


Just a reminder, no actions that kill anyone will be processed until:


Monday, April 6 at 12 AM EDT


Also, the game will end at the latest on:


Sunday, April 12 at 12 AM EDT



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All right, everyone has checked in and should be ready to go. Note that Nalyd had to drop out and has been replaced by Ackrovan. Thank you to all players. Hope everyone enjoys the game.


The one big reminder I have is remember the rule change on how battles work. Everyone should have a list of roles that are your "known enemies". Note that you may have more enemies than shown in your list due to random secret victory conditions (Gladwell and DLs), but they still count as your enemies. If you attack an enemy, you get the first strike. If you attack someone who is not your enemy, your target gets the first strike. In the latter case, you are more likely to die. This is to take away the incentive for random killing, which was too prevalent in previous games.


Otherwise, read the rules thread and the roles thread for this game before you play. They have the final say on what your skills, victory conditions, etc. are at the beginning of the game. Of course, things may change during the course of the game, and these will be noted by me.


Also, remember no actions capable of killing may be processed during the first 24 hours. It is no fun if someone dies before they even get to play. So I hope everyone has a good time playing!


Game begins NOW! smile

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I can tell you that if I use my role right, I can be quite crafty. In fact, I can be so completely competant, that I will fail and somehow commit suicide with a random small object that I don't have. Yeah, I can be that good.


And no, I don't care that that was gibberish, since I can't understand it myself.

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Good to actually see some banter this game.


I do indeed know all the role identities. You may ask, but only specific roles under specific conditions will get an answer. tongue


Just want to remind people about items and artifacts. Many of them do not count as an action and therefore you can do something else and not have to wait 24 hours. In general, the ones that do not count are the ones that are not offensively directed at another player. The rules tell whether or not your item counts as an action or does not.


Remember, at this point no one will die until tomorrow EDT. Also, I'm going to remind everyone again about the enemy rule. It is rarely a good idea to target someone unless you are pretty sure they are.


Well, hope everyone is in contact with lots of other people and devising all sorts of fun schemes. When you are ready to do an action, just send me a PM. Good luck everyone!

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What I meant by "him" was "me", bwahahaha! wink


But seriously, I did mean RCCCL for agreeing to cover for someone in a game that has already started.


Yes, if everyone would be so kind as to send any contacts they gave to Locmaar to RCCCL, that would be awesome. Thank you everyone!

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Note that polls only get revealed to Machrone and not to everyone. He may choose to share the results with anyone he wants to, however. At this point, there really is little point to doing a poll. No one is dead yet so everyone will know what the results are a priori.


The only exception is the faction poll, because people could have joined either the Anama or Gladwell on the first day.

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Another body was found. This time in a giant trash heap. Her skull was cracked open by a blunt object. She was...




Everyone begins to feel sick and tremble in fear. Is a serial killer on the loose?

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