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  1. My connection to Nicothodes should be green, and my connection to Djur should be pink.
  2. I don't know which is worse, that a tidy towns competition exists or that somebody is proud of winning.
  3. In X1, wasn't there a mage in a jail cell in the Tower who'd been locked up for opposing Linda's plans? IIRC, he implied that Linda had total political control of the tower and was using it to force everyone to go along with her plans.
  4. New argument! Who is your favorite character not included on the list? For me, it's the boatmaker in Cotra in E/A1 who talks like a pirate and wears an eyepatch, but when confronted, admits that he wasn't actually exiled for piracy. (Note that this isn't an argument for including faux-pirate in the rankings. I can't even remember his name, so he's not very noteworthy to the series overall. I just remember him fondly.)
  5. I think it's implied that Khoth is serving the Empire under duress, like Sulfras. He may be a bit more willing to collaborate for his own safety, but we don't really know since we never get to talk to him in E2.
  6. New argument! What're people's thoughts on X? It seems to me he's a joke character, and it's the same joke repeated five times. It's kind of out of place in someone who's supposedly an important character, and he's got no characterization beyond "anvil" and "go away, I'm being reclusive because anvil."
  7. Huh, I missed Anastasia's surface backstory. Was that new to A:EFTP?
  8. Since you put it that way, I guess I'd better find something we disagree about, so I can ruthlessly interrogate you about why you insist on being so wrong all the time. Hmm... May I ask why you rated Sss-Thsss so high? To me, he seems indistinguishable from every other evil-worshiping warlord video game antagonist. Is there some nuance to him that I've missed/forgotten?
  9. Is discussing other people's ratings encouraged, discouraged, or prohibited? I know I'm going to be curious about other people's choices, but I also want everyone to feel free to contribute without fear of being nitpicked.
  10. Alas, I just made plans a few hours ago.
  11. I've also got a warning: there's a chance I'll have a power outage tomorrow. If I'm not online, that's probably why.
  12. Assassination. By definition, this requires that I be a prominent person at my time of death, so presumably I've had an interesting and successful life.
  13. Session highlights also include (spoiler alert): Europe isn't a thing any more. A horrifying creature is thrown from a moving vehicle Three people try to figure out, if they lived in a converted garbage truck, what part they would sleep in An opportunity for motorcycle theft seems too good to be true. The team psychic uses their powers to get more information Anyway, character sheet:
  14. I'm also fine with recording and posting. I'm gonna go read the New York State criminal code real quick, though. Posting character sheets is a good idea. For one thing, I was furiously reading the rules while y'all made yours, so I probably missed some stuff. I'll type mine up and post it tonight.
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