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  1. It was a typo, it's actually supposed to say 2015
  2. I smell romance, and every story needs romance. For once, it intrigued me to return to my novel/dinner table to write a spin-off fanfic about Geneforge... You should too
  3. It seems the fluffy turtles of The Fifth of Novemer has visited the abysmal depths of your mind, carefully chewing the juicy, succulent brain cells left in your very dream. Normally, I charge people to rid them of the never-fading filth in the forums, it's free, for now. Jeff probably put some subliminal dream sequence thinggy in the series for intensity, now you know why they're sold for $30
  4. IIRL, it was $20 for each Geneforge game. But then I discovered Steam, and they sold the whole series for the price of one. Now I know why Steam sells the game for really big discounts.
  5. Why not buy from Steam? Although, you've missed some sales, I hope they'll be back on 2016 when I get my own credit card ;_;
  6. PIE Is that The Fruit of Knowledge? But isn't it a bit cumbersome to distribute 3k skillpoints to each character?
  7. adc.


    Source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061028091020AAuFy8a FOR THE REPUBLIC!!! -Jedi of the Old Republic I'm not knowledgeable about these political stuff, as I only follow my own principles about authority. That I subject myself to higher powers. That doesn't mean I will tolerate abuse, but it means my general attitude towards authority should be respect.
  8. Because it results in a blank black picture Of course you do silly but if you meant you played the game downloaded from Spiderweb or GOG.com, I think print screen is the only option.
  9. Yes we do, and we don't. I don't think there's a single perspective that we all follow, we're all different. For example, I don't really like remakes because it's like the old game in a newer engine, graphics, mechanics and all that stuff, but it's pretty much in the same tracks as the old games are. I admit, I'm kinda superficial (did I use the correct word?) when it comes most of the time, to graphics of games. When I still had my inferior-quality netbook that runs as slow as any Windows 2000 computer, I can still appreciate the old Avernum series, or maybe even the first Thief game. By the time I got my laptop, which was never meant for gaming, I played games with better graphics for several months. Suddenly, I felt I wanted to play Avernum 3 again, so I did. But then couldn't get past Fort Emergence, because I felt somewhat bored. Compare that to my days with my netbook when I completed the game 87240839698327 times. I don't know, but that's just me. Avernum 3 is the best Avernum for me, and I'll be waiting for its remake. I rant too much, but here's what I think: I love the Geneforge series, I can play them without trouble but I'm still waiting for their remakes. That goes the same too for Avernum fans. In contrast to my less-favorite games, I couldn't care less about their remakes, but it's still worth to give them a chance.
  10. The fluffy turtles roam the land, importunate and insolent, nominating themselves the stalkers of sanity, vanquishers of logic and exterminators of rationality, extorting brain cells from the gullible and, on receipt of their ignoble earnings, moving on to dispense the same deceit in the near vicinity. The easiest access they find are at the forums of honest, simple, and unwitting peasants who readily ascribe all misfortune and ill events to rituals, unnatural creatures and monsters, the doings of windsprites or evil spirits.
  11. If there are no borderless window mode options for some games, there's always Game Companion. Although I've never used it before, a lot of people have been recommending it from Elder Scrolls to Fallout to Dark Souls, plus, it was stated here that it is compatible with most games. I assume Spiderweb is included in that.
  12. I knew it would attract a lot of answers, because Spiderweb community. I just scanned them for now, because I have a hectic schedule today. Plus tabletop pen and paper... and AIs.... No? Well too bad. Well thanks for the suggestions guys, I might try them out one at a time if I had time. Have a good day.
  13. Or whatever it's called. I haven't played any D&D stuff aside from the MMO. And because reasons, now I want to try the pen-and-paper stuff people mostly talk about. And I doubt I have friends that know D&D tabletop stuff at school, so I prefer to play with AIs instead. Question is, what virtual tabletop thinggy stuff would you recommend for a beginner? I prefer a game with: -A story (optional, but much better with one) -Singleplayer mode (with AIs) -Easy to learn instructions -Good for beginners I admit that I only have a slight idea what I'm talking about. If anyone could explain what I'm trying to say, that's great.
  14. Who needs recipies when you got sweg gf3itemschars.txt?
  15. Yes you can put it in the Avernum section, imo, they aren't simply limited to game-specific. but much more of anything-related-to-this-game ex: chessrook's Let's play or even a bunch of script edit for god-tier items etc. That reminds me... What was the title of Upon Mars' post? I'm kinda curious.
  16. I don't think you need some copyright stuff for fan fiction, when I make one (usually about anime, which is nothing different), I just type in on top of the page written in bold: Disclaimer: I do not own *Spiderweb Software* or any of its *characters*, *Spiderweb software* rightfully belongs to *Jeff Vogel* Im kinda contented with that, but if anyone actually have a proper disclaimer template thing, I'm gonna need it. Thanks in advance. Welcome to the forums.
  17. adc.

    Spiderweb art

    I've researched a bit, and I kida think that the closest style to this is the line drawing with comics plus dark tones and stuff. I don't know, really, but to me it looks like a 2000s comics with some originality, and a little manga-ish. That's all I can think off for now, Imma stick to it for the time being, if you guys found anything more closer, feel free to leave a reply.
  18. adc.

    Spiderweb art

    I'm gonna bookmark that link :3 Hey! That was my most favorite art on the whole Geneforge series, plus this being the second GF1 had the best art EVER!!! I think the artist, whoever that was, should go back and draw all the other intros and stuff for that whole 'retro' feeling. Well in my opinion anyway. Still, what kind of drawing is it called? Or if there aren't any, what are the styles related to this?
  19. adc.

    Spiderweb art

    bump bump bumpity bump? ok, let's drop the intro art thinggy, I just want to learn the style, because it's so awesome, + I might even use it in our further projects, or make my own Geneforge fanart <3 so dark and beautiful ^^^^
  20. adc.

    Spiderweb art

    I'm talking about the intro arts from Geneforge 1-4, what type of art is it? Drawing, sketch or whatever you call it. I just want to learn it because it has a somewhat dark or gloomy feel on it. And I think learning that style would be a good place to start as we are creating a comic strip draft thinggamagic for our Adobe Flash project. Thanks in advance, and have a good day :3 P.S. This was posted in General because that also includes the earlier Avernums with art as an intro, if there are any.
  21. adc.


    No. For some reason, I don't believe in the news.
  22. Well, to clarify, yes you can, but only to a certain limit. If you want to link your website about gaming or stuff, feel free to do it. But if you want to link a bunch of shoes or items to sell, well, don't even think about it. Alright I be going now ;_;
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