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  1. There is no definitive answer, but there's a list of usual subjects. Given what the desert sage says, it's not unreasonable to suppose that it's a previous player character (where the rebel endings to G3/G4 are more or less the canon). Just because you were found wandering in the mountains doesn't mean that you were necessarily involved there previously. A decent assumption is that, if you select a rebel class, it's the G4 PC, while if you select a Shaper class, it's the G3 PC, which accounts for the evidence about as well as you can. Other popular ideas include Shaper Monarch, but he fits more poorly.
  2. If I recall correctly, the Sholai have magic (but not Shaping). Essence is just a slurry of organic bits, basically, that serve as the basis for producing living creatures, but not the foundation of magic. There are spells in the game that cost essence, but I'm not sure it exactly has a meaning lore-wise separate from the gameplay mechanic (any more than your ability to run past people in combat mode means you're invisible, say).
  3. Checking the walkthrough, it seems you may be able to use the servant mind in the Darkstone Core to open up the mine instead, although that requires not killing it, killing a drayk and then passing a 9 leadership check with the mind. And also feeding it. But, you know, if it's alive you can see if that works.
  4. I do not believe so. You may have to test it out just to be sure, but I believe it destroys the items and creates a new copy of the artifact, so it wouldn't keep the augment.
  5. A new version is finally out! Shaper Edition v1.2 adds many quality of life features and generally makes things much more pleasant. You can download it here or in the main post. Patch notes for this version are as follows:
  6. OG1's (and G2's, and G3's, and G4's) zones are a different format than in G5 (where we do know the zone format), and nobody (so far as I know) knows the format, so no zone modding for it. I also imagine the new one's zone structure is different as well, so probably no such mods for it either.
  7. Editing the image shouldn't have any impact on the color of the cryora. The game just palette-swaps the image, regardless of the bitmap file. Are you certain you didn't accidentally enable fast graphics mode or something? I haven't played the demo, but I assume it might have that setting from G5, which gets rid of palette swapping (makes everything look the same).
  8. Making the small Fyora sprites would be pretty EASY, but horrendously tedious. What I'd do is use something like Paint .NET to remove all the black lines and resize the image down to 60% size and then copy over each square to the original, which would take forever. The alternative would involve meddling with the tileset definitions, which would probably end up being just as tedious because you'd need to make sure that the new resized sprite sheet works for the new tile definition, since resizing won't end up with the tile borders being correct. But if you have enough time on your hands, I'd suggest you try the fairly easy first method. Edit: Also, in earlier versions of Geneforge, editing the bitmaps can cause serious issues if they're not encoded properly. I don't know whether the remake uses the typical encoding, but it's possible there can be issues with the color palette etc. when you try to edit it.
  9. Unless G1M has very significant differences from G1, there is basically no way to get magical abilities without canisters. Just maybe a few points in a couple abilities from script events.
  10. The noble (creatable) Ornk has been an Easter egg in every Geneforge game. I rather doubt that such a beautiful, iconic creature would be removed in the remake. Also there was never any indication that the cockatrice would be upgradable.
  11. As I have mentioned at some point in the past, I eventually plan to add a feature to GeneMS where people can make ending/quest modifications and then use GeneMS to apply it to the executable. After asking Jeff for permission, of course. Haven't had much time lately, though.
  12. I guess I misread the article; it mentions a court upholding what appears to be a system that patches games (including Nintendo games) at runtime.
  13. What Slarty said is that patches can be in a somewhat legally gray area but have been upheld by courts. The kind of patch I'm talking about is even less legally suspect because it doesn't involve reverse engineering the code or distributing the code with alterations, just changing text. Slarty's suggestion, with which I'd agree, is to ask Spiderweb for permission before distributing anything like it.
  14. As regards ending text, you can view it in the executable using a hex editor. As I previously explained re quest descriptions, the only legal way to distribute a mod for it would be with a patcher.
  15. Trakovites and the 3 Shaper options (Alwan, Taygen and Astoria) fight Ghaldring and only Ghaldring. When allying with the rebels, you fight the Shapers and only the Shapers. Those are the only factions.
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