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Found 5 results

  1. I am trying to join Alwan's faction, and to do that, I need to complete the control core B quest that involves the synthesis mind. I am currently having a lot of trouble with this quest, so I am wondering if someone could help me. I am currently not able to even survive the initial round of combat after I challenge the synthesis mind. It does its lightning aura radiation thing which wipes out most of my health and then it kills me immediately with its normal attack. My first question is thus: how am I supposed to survive that? I am playing as a lifecrafter on hard difficulty, and the synthesis mind always gets to move before I do. Is this a sign that I am underleveled for the quest? I am at level 22 so far. My stats are as follows (with equipment): Strength - 0, Dexterity - 5, Intelligence - 11, Endurance - 4 Melee - 1, Missile - 3, Quick Action - 2, Parry - 2 Battle Magic - 2, Mental Magic - 2, Blessing Magic - 3, Spellcraft - 0 Fire Shaping - 2, Battle Shaping - 10, Magic Shaping - 1, Healing Craft - 2 Leadership - 10 + 1 = 11, Mechanics - 10 + 2 + 1 = 13, Luck - 1 I can create Fyoras, Roamers, Thahds, Clawbugs, Battle Alphas, and War Tralls. I could also create a wingbolt if I leveled up my magic shaping.
  2. After much longer than it really should have taken, the first full release of the Geneforge Modding Suite is here! Create and fully customize zones and export them to a complete Geneforge scenario file. NB: Always make a full backup of your Geneforge folders before using any mods. Latest version: Shaper Edition v1.2 Download from Google Drive Shaper Edition v1.1 Download from Google Drive Shaper Edition v1.0 Download from Google Drive To get started, extract the contents of GeneMS.zip into a directory of your choice and execute run.bat. A console window will appear and ask you to enter your Geneforge 5 directory, where the executable and Geneforge 5 Files folder are (i.e. C:\Program Files\Geneforge 5). After this is entered, the modding suite will load the textures and present you with a blank zone. Geneforge Modding Suite Images Imgur Album Patch Notes: Shaper Edition v1.2 Hotfix 2 Changes: -Placing an object or creature on a tile with an existing object or creature no longer deletes objects/creatures present there Shaper Edition v1.2 Hotfix 1 Bug fixes: -Fixed problem with exporting a loaded GeneMS save Shaper Edition v1.2 Features: -Added compass to show directions in zone -Added fully functioning minimap -Added function to clear items or objects or creatures from zone -Added import entire scenario file function -Added ability to import terrain from original Geneforge and Geneforge 2 and 3 -Added ability to rotate or mirror zones -Added terrain brush sizes and random tree and floor brushes -Added hotkeys -Added eyedropper tool to copy ground/terrain tiles, items, objects, creatures (hotkey P) -Added autosave (every 10 minutes) -Added debug option to print item/object/creature list to console -Added ability to edit placed items, objects and creatures (hotkey E) -Some very minor miscellaneous quality of life improvements Bug fixes: -Zones will now display default object/item/creature instead of breaking when something has an invalid ID. -Fixed possible error when removing zones. Known Issues: -Object positioning is still off Shaper Edition v1.1 Features: -Multiple zone support -New scenario by default uses original Geneforge 5 world -Can import terrain to a zone from a Geneforge 4 zone -Can import old GeneMS save to current zone -Can save scenario file that contains data for entire world -Simpler saving/loading system -Saving/loading for entire world data -Proper save/save as functions -Scenario is exported as it would be in 'Geneforge 5 Files' folder, saved into the 'Export' folder -Undo and redo Bug fixes: -Fixed bug where mouse position was off by one tile -Fixed bug involving item removal -Fixed incorrect item placement in exported scenarios -Fixed incorrect world map locations Known issues: -Tabbing away from the modding suite may break rendering and/or scrolling Shaper Edition v1.0 -Import zones from a Geneforge 5 scenario file with Edit->Import->Zone from Scenario File -Edit all zone data* -Save and load zones you are working on -Export zone to create a scenario file, which will copy the scenario file from your Geneforge 5 folder and make a new one in your GeneMS directory -High tech scrolling map -Some fully nonfunctional menu buttons -Kinda terrible ZoneLab tool that nobody remembers how to use anymore -Full creature and object editing, with default script information included *That I could actually figure out To place a tile, terrain piece, item, etc., just left click on the ground where you want to place it. Items, objects and creatures will automatically be aligned to the nearest quarter-tile. To remove terrain, items, objects and creatures, just right click on the tile where you want them removed. Updates: Shaper Edition v1.2: Quality of Life Update Shaper Edition v1.1: The World Update Shaper Edition v1.0: Initial release Upcoming Features: -Click and drag walls, paths, shoreline -Custom creature names/levels with auto-generated script -Load everything (terrain, etc.) from script files
  3. So I had a similar problem as this person did: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/24273-g5-im-strengthening-my-enemies-somehow/?tab=comments#comment-301885 But out of all the shaper endings, I noticed I only have this issue when working with astoria. It's not a HUGE deal but the point is it's not suppose to be and I don't know that much about codes,scripts etc and just wondering if anyone even found a solution to this? I have the steam version and now playing on windows 10 computer if anyone wants to know.
  4. First off, I didn't know what to call this thread because I have a few questions, so I figured I'd name it after the most important question: Should I get the Firesteel Greaves for a little more spell power, or the Black Iron Greaves for more initiative. I don't plan on leveling dex at all but I want to be able to act before all enemies. Will this be possible without the black iron greaves, or will I need to get them to act before all my enemies? The rest of my questions will be listed below to keep this post somewhat organized. Can I still join the Trakovites if I told Agent Micheline where the haven is? Should I train in blessing magic from Sage Quothe? I've already managed to get everything else trained, and I'm wondering if I'll be short on gold in Chapter 3 if I get those 2 points in blessing magic. Either way, I want it high enough for essence blade. How high should I train my intelligence, magic stats, and healing craft for the optimal build? This last part is just me seeking approval on my current strategy for bosses/tanky enemies. I believe its quite effective (on hard mode). I managed to shred the drake in the western shadow road with this. First I cast wrack, and over the next few turns, I apply lightning aura, acid spray, and searer for maximum damage per turn. From there I daze or dominate the minions and cast ice spray to apply extra damage. In this case, I dominated the drayk so he would kill the shades. Anyway, let me know what you think of the strategy and please respond to any questions you can answer.
  5. how to open the southern door of Kratoa Stoneworks power core? The northern door has been open automatically,and I had killed the roamers but the southern door are always locked, whatever I did.... So, how should I do next to open the southern door?
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