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  1. Geneforge 1 - Mutagen Graphics MOD Alternative to the green UI. Preview: https://i.ibb.co/3pgz29X/Geneforge-Mutagen-Demo-2021-02-03-20-08-56-20.png https://i.ibb.co/x5pnDw4/Geneforge-Mutagen-Demo-2021-02-03-20-08-58-95.png https://i.ibb.co/JkDk3CY/Geneforge-Mutagen-Demo-2021-02-03-20-09-09-57.png https://i.ibb.co/m5Bk5sp/Geneforge-Mutagen-Demo-2021-02-03-20-09-13-62.png INSTALLATION: 1. In your folder \Geneforge 1 - Mutagen (Demo)\Geneforge Mutagen Files\Graphics Core\ Backup these files: G128.png G130.png G132.png G133.png G203.png 2. Unpack this archive overwrit
  2. Aha! Level differences in monsters vs. party maybe because of the Torment difficulty.
  3. Capture Soul level 3 doesn't work on Altered Giant! Why? Deliberately designed as a feature? Why? Tried to cast it multiple times with mage skill 21 and everything on max. No cigar.
  4. LetsbeFriends doesn't work in my case: Probably killed the Bravner militia (game even said Uh-Oh this was probably a bad idea. ) - when they attacked because of my Slith "Demon" character and I accidentally clicked OK or forgot to avoid them. (I accepted the default party the game offered at begin). So now I get attacked every time entering Bravner. Might be that I forgot Mother Loomis' quest too long. Doesn't matter now. Solved it! Restored a slightly earlier game, just to be safe.. then: I got fed up with my Slith and cat characters so I edited the savegame in HexWorkshop and replaced b
  5. Looks superb! Fantastic quality work, thank You!
  6. Avernum 2: Crystal Souls Volume Adjusted MOD Do you have sensitive ears? Do you prefer to play your games with your loudspeakers turned way down for good reasons? Did you find - when playing in 'quiet sounds' mode, most of the environmental sound effects are inaudible, taking away atmosphere from this awesome game? Then this mod is just for you! People with sensitive ears might have water cooled PCs, because they can't tolerate noisy computer fans and feel bothered by sharp, loud sounds in games. During weeks of gameplay I fine tuned the A2:CS sound-set, including "city arrival" FX, "d
  7. You need to step out of the dungeon in v1.01 if you can't find him again. Enter again, nothing will be respawned, if you cleared out the dungeon before. Do a walkabout of that level, where you enter the dungeon and you'll inevitably find him in an alcove, where he immediately attacks: Then after his HP goes down a good bit, he will throw a hissy fit and teleport away. Continue walking around on same level to find him, hurt him again nicely, then he'll say: - Now I'll go to the place, where you will never go.. - away he teleports.. "Never" is the entrance / exit of the same darned lev
  8. Trailer music and graphics are nice! Avernum is infinitely better however, I feel. Avadon of course first received the New Graphics System, but is also more boring and causes little excitement. I played with the demo, but couldn't bring myself to continue after a couple minutes. Ave Avernum forever! Also these sprite magic effects and the zombie animations are really the same re-used again and again. Not that big of an issue, but Avadon 2 demo was soo boring that it made me shy away from the Avadon series forever. Ave Avernum!
  9. You have the Avernum 2 engine and GUI really well thought out and perfectly done. I'm interested, whether you plan to improve the visuals in Avernum 3 or for a future product, as you did with the current one, compared to Avernum 1 engine versions. I wonder how your next 2D engine will look like?
  10. Thank you for this mod! Finally I can create characters and try this game anew. Its fun deflated when I reached the point ~70% of the story years ago. I think Avadon 2 lost buyers, because you can't create characters there from the ground up as it should be, as you can do here! (IIRC)
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