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  1. simple questions: what do they do?
  2. nvm found it thanks mates
  3. Geneforge 1-4 has the screen pretty zoomed in, but Geneforge 5 in particular, everything is very zoomed out. Solutions?
  4. Playing through Geneforge 3, I played the rebels side, thus losing Alwan while intending to keep Greta the whole game. Unfortunately, I didn't figure out how to save the 2nd creator which I think caused Greta to leave after the third island. Anyone know how to save it?
  5. Vinlie

    Geneforge 3 How to save the 2nd creator?

    Huh. Wow thanks a bunch that actually makes sense! Tysm haha
  6. Is there some super secret way to get past these two areas? Like is there another continent sealed off or is it there just to screw with us. I've been wondering this for over 10 years lmao
  7. So is the Forgotten One in Geneforge 4 your character from Geneforge 3?
  8. Mates, I've gotten the drakon canister from that one drayk (the one who sells a gazer and war trall canister), and the drakon canister in the Northforge Warrens. I can't find the 3rd canister and it's seriously messing with me because I remember having an ur-drakon years back and now I don't remember where the last one is! Halp a brother out
  9. It could just be my imagination, but is the mouse sensitivity in geneforge 5 slightly delayed?
  10. Vinlie

    (Avernum 5) Am I doing something wrong?

    You can't blame Jeff for your own mediocrity lol
  11. Vinlie

    (Avernum 5) Am I doing something wrong?

    Have you tried turning it on and off again?
  12. Recently I've completely cleared out the Sealed Catacombs and defeated The Titan. I was just curious if there was another hidden end game boss somewhere in the game.
  13. Vinlie

    Geneforge 4 Hidden Bosses

    The problem of Ur-Drakons being under leveled late game is negated by the fact that i use a combo of Shapermaster Boots (+2 Fire Shaping), Flameweaver Greaves (+2) Volcanic Fetish (+1), Shaper Robe (+1) plus my base fire shaping skill adds to an accumulative amount of fire shaping of +10 overall. Using that +10 shaping and the knowledge of 3 drakon canisters, a freshly made Ur-drakon is a whopping level 48. Make two of those and you get these two powerful monsters that can do 250 fire damage that adds a slow effect to whatever it hits. It's literally unstoppable lol.
  14. Vinlie

    Geneforge 4 Hidden Bosses

    Lmao I just used 2 ur-drakons + mass energize and wiped the floor with them
  15. Vinlie

    Geneforge 4 Hidden Bosses

    Do you get an alternate ending if you defeat them in the warrens or what?
  16. Vinlie

    Geneforge 4 Hidden Bosses

    Wait, can you actually kill Alwan's group before you they even reach Northforge?
  17. Vinlie

    Geneforge 4 Forgotten One

    I wish you could actually find out exactly what happened to the third shaper. I'm totally cool that they kept what happened to the third shaper because it gives him/her an aura of mystery, but it would've been also cool to find out what happened to him/her.
  18. Vinlie

    Geneforge 4 Forgotten One

    It's weird because in G4, Greta and Alwan both reference the "Third Shaper" that was traveling with them in the Ashen Isle and if Shaper Monarch was indeed the protagonist in G3, wouldn't Greta want to save Monarch instead of murdering him? Anyways I haven't finished G3 (sorry) so I'm not sure what happened to the third shaper (you) at the end of the game, but I'll assume that he disappeared or something during the rebellion and died sometime during that time period. The Forgotten One gives off some "I have regrets" vibe because I believe when you kill him, he says something along the lines of, "Free at last.." Don't quote me though. If the Forgotten One is indeed the G3 protagonist, it would make sense because the third shaper couldn't prevent/change the rebellion and maintain peace. If someone wants to explain the endings of G3, it would be super nice because I might understand G4's storyline better. Please feel free to critique me and correct me on anything I have wrong. Thank you for reading this.
  19. Vinlie

    Geneforge 4 Hidden Bosses

    alhoon it's quite tough in the Catacombs. I found it to be extremely enjoyable because I had to utilize everything in my arsenal to even stand a chance. I'd definitely recommend it.
  20. Hollyyyy crap that has to be super mind blowing wow! brb getting on geneforge 5 holy god im hyped
  21. Vinlie

    Geneforge 5 mouse sensitivity

    No it didn't It's so strange because all the previous geneforges works flawlessly lol. I've got a pretty beefy computer so it's not my computer being slow
  22. Does anyone know exactly what "stronger blows" means?
  23. Vinlie

    Geneforge 4 Golden Crystal

    TheKian wow thats really helpful lmao
  24. Strange flickering black boxes appear during gameplay. Sorry i know its weird and vague, but does anyone know what this is, and if so, have a solution?