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  1. You are totally correct. I had the quest and just went and found said ornk “As you try to corner it, the ornk begins to speak! Its bleating speech is crude, but you can understand it. “Hellllp me! Heklllllp meeeee!” and then later ”It begins to speak, carefully and painfully extracting words from a throat and lungs not designed to provide them. It says “nooo gooooo. Leave me alooone. Nooo die” The ornk is suprised and touched you would ignore the laws of the shapers on its behalf. A single tear rolls down it’s pink fuzzy faze. “Yoooou help me? There is hooooope for ornks and two-legs after all. Thank yoooou. Thank yoooooou” Could any creation be given speech abilities in theory? Perhaps not something like a claw bug but really how much of a jump would a talking Fyora be considering drayks/drakons?
  2. Ah how could I forget about everyone’s favorite pig computers. Are there any ornks that speak? Even if it’s just in a bonus zone/Easter egg. And I suppose shades count as well as in at least one game they’re described as being created by shapers using essence and they can certainly speak with some pre recorded messages.
  3. Obviously spoilers ahead in this thread The best part of Geneforge games to me is seeing your character grow from a pathetic whelp to a one man (several creature) army smasher. The second best part is the wide variety of endings in each game impacted by your choices throughout the game. What are some of your most and least favorites? Bonus points if one of your least favorite endings is a “good” one. My favorite ending by far is from the original Geneforge when you 1. Use the Geneforge 2. Kill both “bosses” 3. Destroy the Geneforge Which essentially boils down to you becoming an emperor of your own fiefdom with super powerful creations supporting your mini independent state. The loyalist, but canister abusing, ending in G2 evokes similar emotions, especially when the guardian frees you and you become a trusted, powerful agent of the shapers despite having been shaped yourself. Perhaps my least favorite is any of the rebel endings from G4. It just feels like I’m making the world a worse place unleashing the unbound, which is certainly an interesting moral quandary but one I am firmly against. I can’t find myself feeling good about it. What are some of yours?
  4. We’ve seen a few creations capable of at least basic speech and I was wondering if I was missing any. Obviously Drayks, Drakons, Serviles and Gazers/Eyebeasts are all capable but who else? Thahds and Battle Alphas/betas definitely have some primitive speech abilities. I feel like I vaguely remember a Rhotgroth having dialogue in G4 but I could be mistaken. Am I missing any? Even if it’s just a joke/one off.
  5. The Vampiric Lance is amazing. It can’t be charged by the pools, but when you use it, it returns to your hand. Essentially a bottomless clip that only weighs as much as one lance.
  6. Thank you both for the answers. Googoojoob had it correct, I just grabbed the items without talking to that servile downstairs. Nowhere I searched had mentioned that part, just that the items were upstairs. Thank you again!
  7. Hello All, I’m near the end of the game and finally picked up the helix bracer and feisty slap glove, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to “dip” them in the various strange pools. I’ve tried wearing one with the other in the pack, both in the pack, wearing just one with out the other in the pack and holding just one without the other in my pack. All I’ve managed to do is give my shaper enough acid to enjoy a Willie Nelson concert. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
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