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  1. I think I saw the same In GF2 in the second zone with Shanti. but I haven't the energy to search for the topic where Slarty discussed it.
  2. Regeneration Aura at the time you get it usually balances out damage you take most rounds. Later in the game it isn't as useful. Jeff was in his transition period of eliminating multiple buff that make expert players too powerful.
  3. From playing missile guardians in GF1, 2, and 3 I know that there are a limited number of decent missile weapons so you have to plan your transition to save the better ones for when you really need them. That's why in a GF5 zone where Jeff had the PC move down a defined path to avoid reaper thorn bushes, Delicious Vlish took them out for ammo.
  4. Daze didn't become an area effect until GF3, when it made mental magic overwhelming early in a game. It finally allowed for crowd control that wasn't there in the earlier games. Before that it was charm to make an enemy creation take damage instead of you. Fighter classes get dumped on because they are mostly single target attackers that need strong defenses to withstand a swarm. I saw it beta testing GF5 that some zones were easier for single target range attacks and some were easier for melee attacks. But all are easier for magic.
  5. You need to talk to Trupo in the northwest in the third tower for information on disarming the mines by using the crate near the north end of the southeast area. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. We are having a recycling drive. :)
  6. Avadon 3: The Warborn Reading a Codex - 50 XP anytime in the game Keep for quests: bedroll or blanket 20 fruit 4 alchemy equipment potted plant gold necklace long bow 6 drake skins for crafting items Abbreviations: L - lockpicks needed to open door or container at party's highest Tool Use, Locksmith, or Unlock Charm -- if no L, then no lockpicks needed at that Tool Use level TU - Tool Use Zone map locations: N, S, E, W, C - north, south, east, west, center NE, SE, SW, NW - northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest CN, CNE, CE, CSE, CS, CSW, CW, CNW - near center and then to north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest SSE - just southeast of south on map XP for quest rewards - reward and party level expected to be at when getting it If you are at a lower level, then you get more experience If you are at a higher level, then you get less experience Small - 200 XP Medium - 400 XP Large - 1200 XP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEMO - Tutorial and Chapter 1 - Camp Nightshade, Vanatok's Stead, Vana's Reach, and the Four Circles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Quests Torch QUEST - Report to Cerise (south) - 200 XP at level 1 Commander Cerise QUEST - Cerise's Guidance -- talk to new Hands Botan and Nathalie - 200 XP at level 1 -- clear magical workshop - 400 XP at level 1 -- talk to Hand Khalida in Hand Camp and Nicodemus in magical workshop - 200 XP at level 1 QUEST - Child Gone Astray -- go to Chief Tilla in Vanatok Stead - 200 XP at level 3 -- go to Vana's Reach to see Trupo - 200 XP at level 3 -- go to southeast to find Geert -- report to Redbeard - 1200 XP at level 4 Redbeard QUEST - Khemerian Council -- meet new Hands Rudow and Silena in Hand Camp - 200 XP at level 4 -- go to Chief Tilla for meeting location - 200 XP at level 5 -- go to Four Circles and take care of leader meeting Dheless -- report to Redbeard - 1200 XP at level 5 -- go talk to Chief Tilla -- report to Redbeard - 200 XP at level 6 QUEST - Rebels at Kirik-Tor -- talk to Defender Emory - 200 XP at level 9 -- go to border of The Corruption at the Rotting Border to investigate -- get Redbeard's permission to negotiate and report to Defender Emory - 1200 XP at level 9 -- go to Monitor Base C and face Miranda's Shade -- report to Defender Emory success - 1200 XP at level 12 QUEST - The Black Fortress -- go to the Green Refuge to see Commander Deniz - get Redbeard's Letter (special item) -- go to Avadon using Portal in Green Refuge's Keeper's Hall -- get message to free Eye Laria -- find Eye Laria in Avadon Dungeon - get Eye Mamora's permission to enter area - 200 XP at level 13 -- go to Avadon’s Library for Warborn intelligence and ask Eye Tamsin for location -- unlocked access to Tower Stacks to get Warborn Maps - 200 XP at level 15 -- talk to Acting Keeper Protus for access to Redbeard's Tower -- go to Redbeard’s private chambers to get ceramic flask - 200 XP at level 15 -- go through portal south of Keeper’s Audience Chamber to the Kva -- find Redbeard in The Kva and give him flask - 1200 XP at level 15 QUEST - The Warborn -- convince Commander Wallace of Zhethron's Fort to let Redbeard in - 200 XP at level 16 -- meet Redbeard inside Zhethron's Fort -- Go to Goldcrag and see the Commander Ellice -- Remove two Warborn Factions by killing the leaders -- Report to Commander Ellice -- Report to Redbeard - 1200 XP at level 20 ---- can decide Goldcrag Treasury amount for Overseer Levent -- go to Warborn Arena and find Dheless - 1200 XP at level 21 -- report to Redbeard - 1200 XP at level 24 QUEST - The Cornered Prey -- go to Fort Foresight in Dharam and meet Redbeard -- gain access to Fort Foresight for Redbeard -- get Invitation QUEST - The Greatest Traitor (Beraza Woods) -- get invitation from Duke Gryfyn - 1200 XP at level 27 or QUEST - God of Tawon -- get invitation from Protector Ravilla - 1200 XP at level 27 QUEST - Final Meeting -- go to Antitia Ruins with Tracking Crystal (special item) -- meet Redbeard - 1200 XP at level 30 -- return to Fort Foresight to meet Redbeard QUEST - The Great Return -- pick the Hands to return to Avadon -- follow Redbeard through portal -- follow Redbeard through Avadon Hand Quests Khalida - QUEST - Enforcing the Law (after Rebels at Kirik-Tor quest advances to go to Monitor Base C) -- talk to Khalida in Hand Camp in Green Refuge -- go to Trupo's Outpost -- talk to Khalida in Hand Camp -- talk to Khalida in Zhethron's Keep after talking to Redbeard in the Keep -- talk to Redbeard about Vana's Reach -- talk to Khalida - 200 XP at level 18 Hand Silena - QUEST - The Thinking Construct (after getting The Warborn quest to go to Goldcrag) -- when you reach the Workshop doors in Rotting Border - 200 XP at level 15 -- before leaving to go to the Final Meeting -- go to Rotting Border -- finish - 400 XP at level 25 Hand Botan - QUEST - Sparing Who We Can (after getting the The Warborn quest) -- talk in Hand Camp in Zhethron's Keep after seeing Redbeard in Keep -- investigate in Svar's Peninsula at the Refuge -- advances after talking to Speaker Lorenz -- find weapon cache -- finish the quest and leave the Refuge - 400 XP at level 21 after Goldcrag mission Hand Rudow - QUEST - The Informer -- talk in Hand Camp in Zhethron's Keep -- go to Kirik-Tor -- go to Lone Stone -- after getting mission from Redbeard in Fort Foresight go to Kirik-Tor -- go to Lone Stone - Vest of the Shaman (20% armor, +1 Intelligence, +2 Spirit Claw, +2 Aura of the Grove), 400 XP at level 24 -- kill Zaren - elixir of speed after entering Fort Foresight Hand Nathalie - QUEST - Knowledge, At Last -- message left with Torch -- meet at the Spiral -- enter Library Core - 400 XP at level 27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Khemeria -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Camp Nightshade Torch after Child Gone Astray completed when returning to Camp QUEST - Nightshade Perimeter - need to see Commander Cerise Commander Cerise QUEST - Nightshade Perimeter -- charged stone at northeast stone circle - 200c, Life Symbol Scarab (Heal Self), 400 XP at level 3 -- charged stone at southeast building - 200c, potion of health, potion of speed, 400 XP at level 3 -- charged stone given to Charon at southwest stone circle - Translucent scarab (Teleport), opens northwest door in Commander's Office -- 300c and 400 XP at level 3 or if Charon killed - 200 XP at level 3 Redbeard after Khemerian Council quest QUEST - The Dheless Crystal - talk to crystal and report to Redbeard Nicodemus QUEST - Nicodemus's Crafts - 500c and rare item -- Oak Pitch - Oak Vanguard Shield (+32% armor, +5% melee damage protection, +5% melee damage,+5% parry) -- Sapphire Power - Frozen Chalice (Charm: +10% cold resistance, +4% to magical damage) -- Powdered Demon Horn - Flaming Chalice (Charm: +10% fire resistance, +5% to vitality recovery) -- Powdered Demon Larvae - Sustenance Amber (Charm: +10% less time for abilities to recharge, +5% to healing) -- Dragon's Claw - Dragonfang Wand (Charm: +3% to magical damage, +1 Endurance) -- Gold Nugget - Blackguard's Braid (+10% to critical hit chance, +10% to blessings/curses you cause) -- Jar of Gold Powder - Orb of Farsight (Charm: +5% to blessings/curses you cause, +10% to missile damage) -- Iron Meteor - Blessed Starstone (Charm: +5% Hostile Effect Resistance, +5% less time for abilities to recharge) Eye Audun QUEST - Audun's Intelligence -- track wolves in northeast of camp - kill Vid and report - Spiny Scarab (Spine Shield) and 400 XP at level 3 -- find smugglers in Vanatok's Stead - 100c, wand of fire, 400 XP at level 4 or kill smugglers - 100c, 200 XP at level 3 after Khemerian Council quest completed -- abandoned huts in Four Circles - Malachite Scarab (+6% chance to Riposte), 400 XP at level 4 Kasich after getting Child Gone Astray quest QUEST - Kasich's Errands -- Aden in Vanatok Stead - kill - Scarab of the Void (Dark Bolt), 400 XP at level 2 after getting Khemerian Council quest -- Necromancer in Vana's Reach - Soft Leather Cloak (+6% armor, +1 Dexterity), 400 XP at level 3 -- Smugglers in Vana's Reach - Amethyst Scarab (Group Heal), 400 XP at level 4 Sazi QUEST - Sazi's Still - alchemy equipment -- 4 alchemy equipment - scroll: resurrection, Barbed Trident (+15% to melee damage, +5% to parry), 400 XP at level 4 -- report Sazi's Still to Commander Cerise - 60c Trader Ai QUEST - Trader Ai's Herbs - shaman in Vanatok Stead -- if approved - 100c, etched leather cap (+3% armor. +5% to evade attacks), 400 XP at level 3 -- if turned down - 400 XP at level 3 Halle QUEST - The Khemerian Scout -- bedroll or blanket -- Letter for Miklosh - report back - 200 XP at level 3 Camp Nightshade area (northwest part of the zone) NW - Quarters NW - Camp Nightshade Storage NW - west door to old storage (west side of Magical Workshop) NW - south door to old storage (west side of Magical Workshop) W - Nightshade Information Center C - Magical/Alchemical Workshop (east side of Magical Workshop) C - Keeper's Hall - closed and locked when Keeper is away C - trapdoor to Underground Cells CSE - Hand Camp - Smithy, Quartermaster, Merchant, Hands W - Commander's Office (quest location) Quarters -- NE Start - cloak (take and equip to leave room) -- E - potion of health -- E - Storeroom - iron razordisk, short bow, iron javelin -- S - door to courtyard -- NW - barred gate to Camp Nightshade Storage Camp Nightshade Storage E - wooden shield, jar opens secret passage in Quarters entrance - sacks - scroll: lightning C door [L3 at TU0, L1 at TU1, TU2] - rejuvenation potion, blessed runestone NE - wheel for barred gate W south room - basket open secret passage in north room to chainmail, sage's rod Old Storage (west) - Magical (Alchemical) Workshop (east) SW - door to west courtyard W - door to west courtyard N - door [opens after Cerise's Guidance quest part 3] N - west chest - potion of battle S door - [opens after Cerise's Guidance part 3] CW door [Nightshade key] - room to W door - lockpicks, iron shortsword Alchemical Workshop (quest location) - can't enter until Cerise's Guidance quest part 2 E - 76c E bedroom - pot opens passage to south - box - potion of speed NE chest - 5c N Failed Necromancer (quest location) -- Impskin Gloves (+3% armor, +3% to magical damage) C - Enchantment Anvil for runestones C - doors [opens after Cereise's Guidance part 3] after cleared - Craftmaster Nicodemus (for Cerise's Guidance part 3 quest location) - Merchant -- gives Burrowing Scarab (+3% to melee, +3% to magical damage) for scarabs -- gives blessed runestone for enchantments Nightshade Information Center Hand Charon (sorcerer) -- can give for pants - leather greaves Eye Audun - wanders E - exit to Courtyard NE Codex - Khemeria SW Codex - The Pact NW Codex - Age of Chaos NW room - speed burst scroll (steal), metal box - rusty iron key (Nightshade key) SW door [L4 at TU0, L2 at TU1, L1 at TU2, TU3] - scroll lightning (steal), leather boots, chest - 86c (steal) Underground Cells - opens after getting Cerise's Guidance part 2 S - stairs up SW cave spiders - nest - wand of fire N Halle (prisoner) Hand Camp NW - Smithy Okan (Kva townsman) - Merchant -- Enchantment Anvil E - Trader Ai - Merchant NE - Nightshade Quartermaster - Sazi -- Codex - Protus's Letter -- door [Nightshade key] - enter back rooms -- southwest back room - bronze helmet, wooden shield, leather belt -- northwest back room - emerald runestone, -- east back room - crate - lockpicks C - Hand Kasich (shaman) CS - Hand Nathalie (sorceress) (for Cerise's Guidance part 1 quest location) W - Hand Botan (shadowwalker) (for Cerise's Guidance part 1 quest location) C - Hand Khalida (blademaster) (for Cerise's Guidance part 3 quest location) C - Silena (tinkermage) (for Khemerian Council part 1 quest location) S - Rudow (shaman) (for Khemerian Council part 1 quest location) chest - 10c. leather belt, tunic on ground - iron razordisk, iron shortsword (2), chainmail Commander's Office E Exit E - Commander Cerise (quest location) E - Codex - Lynaeus W - fine cloak W - Codex - The Farlands NW door - [opens Nightshade Perimeter quest completed] - scroll: inferno bolts N door [L3 at TU0. L1 at TU1, TU 2] - cabinet - iron breastplate (steal), 59c (steal) Keeper's Hall -- SW scroll: resurrection -- SW Codex - Eyes, Hands, and Hearts, Codex - Redbeard -- NW Codex - Dheless -- NW Portal SE gate - Secure Magic Storage for Dheless Crystal quest NE door [opens after Khemerian Council and Kasich's Errands completed and leave/enter zone] -- battle runestone, elixir of health -- metal chest (possible later quest location) Camp gate opens when Child Gone Astray quest given Chapter 1 - Khemeria W crag spiders - iron spear, body - 21c, leather cap, body - studded leather armor SW Khemerian scouts and wolves - bronze girdle, wooden shield SW Stone Circle (Nightshade Perimeter quest location 3) - Mindtaker shade - wand of venom S Khemerian scout - potion of health S building -- trapdoor to lower level lower level -- 37c, amethyst -- SW - sacks - lockpick, ladder up - outside chest - Ruby Ring (+2% armor, +20% fire resistance, +10% to vitality recovery) SE - empty building - pail in SW opens passage - chest - plate boots, ruby E (Audun's Intelligence quest location) - sneaky wolf - follow - attacks if too close, won't move if too far away -- no XP for killing it so don't bother attacking N nest - 23c N door - to lair in Abandoned Mine N Abandoned Mine -- E exit - steel dagger -- C young hell hounds - nest - 29c -- SW Vid of Khemeria - Chirurgeon's Tunic (+8% armor, +5% to blessings/curse you cast, +10% to healing) -- SW chest - gold ring, rejuvenation potion -- NW lock pick NE Stone Circle (Nightshade Perimeter quest location 1) -- Shambling Shaman - Mage's Staff, platinum ring SE Old Tower (Nightshade Perimeter quest location 2) access after getting quest -- level 1 - door [L2 at TU1, L1 at TU2 and TU3, TU4] - scroll: group heal -- level 2 - webflinger spider - scroll: speed burst -- level 3 - box - 24c, bone tangles - iron greaves, emerald runestone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vanatok's Stead Headwoman Amelie QUEST - Pickles - 20 fruit - 300c, 400 XP at level 3 Stonecrafter Carsten QUEST - Khemerian Quarry -- remove curse - 250c. icy runestone, Mica Ring (+2% armor, +20% energy resistance, +25% mind effects resistance), 400 XP at level 5 -- if you leave Avadon pillar intact - 200 XP at level 5 Magda QUEST - Magda's Garden -- comfrey seeds - bring - 250c. potion of speed. elixir of battle, 400 XP at level 5 otherwise only 200 XP at level 5 after getting Rebels at Kirik-Tor quest -- find 4th Circle at Four Circles - 300c, Charm of Insight (+1 Intelligence), 400 XP at level 6 SSE barrel - lock pick SSE Headman's Hall -- Headwoman Amelie -- door [L2 at TU1, L1 at TU2 and TU3, TU4] - chest - curing brew (steal), 69c (steal), blessed runestone (steal) SE Merchant's Hall -- SW - 7c (steal) -- NW - Lulia (Avadon spy) - Merchant - need to get information to complete Kaisch's Aden quest E storage building -- door [L2 at TU1, L1 at TU2, TU3] - click on bale of hay opens secret passage - iron shield, iron broadsword, steel spear, potion of health CS Stonecrafter Carsten CS Vanatok Stonecraft -- SE door [L3 at TU1, L2 at TU2, L1 at TU3 and 4] - metal box - emerald (steal), recuperation crystal (steal) CSE Chieftan's Hall (quest location) -- SW box - 10c, iron gauntlets, potion of health, potion of speed -- NW Lora (toll keeper) -- N upstairs - barrel - scroll: inferno bolts, box [L2 at TU1, 1 at TU2 and 3, TU4] - 43c (steal), emerald runestone (steal) -- SE Throne Room -- C 17c, cabinet - 67c (steal) -- SE Chief Tilla (quest location) ---- upstairs in Main Hall ---- Codex - The Black Age, The First Age ---- door [L6 at TU1, L4 at TU2, L3 at TU3, L2 at TU4] - chest - incantor's runestone ---- scroll: lightning, cabinet - 25c (steal), lockpick (steal) -- NE Kitchen Storeroom - pail opens passage in east to trapdoor - steel helmet CNW Pickling building - door [L3 at TU 1, L2 at TU2, L1 at TU3 and 4] - Aden (quest location) CNW animal skin building - cabinet - 40c (steal) CW building - metal box - 31c (steal) CNW Miklosh (quest location) SW Khemerian Quarry (quest location) -- pillar - smash - summons undead -- Caller Dead - Agate Studded Belt (+3% armor, +5% magical damage), Smoking Dead - recuperation crystal W giant rats - lock picks (3), crate - potion of health NW lock pick N of Abandoned Building NW Abandoned Building (quest location) -- nest 20c, lock pick -- hidden switch in northwest on west wall opens room to south to hidden switch to open to east as shortcut out -- trap door -- NE bloated bats - lock pick, ruby -- SE Shaman Gyhlluk - Tribal Fetish (+5% to critical hit chance), rejuvenation potion -- SW pot opens passage to east to hidden switch on wall to ladder back to upstairs -- SW Smuggler Yayoi (quest location) - bribe can get assault crystal, drops in fight platinum ring, steel bracers -- SW drops in fight - potion of battle, scroll: infernal bolts -- SW metal chest - 9c, chain mail, iron gauntlets, scroll: resurrection NW Wretch Camp - iron glaive, box - 50c NE wolves - 7c, sage's rod, nest - rejuvenation potion, bronze helmet NE Stone Circle - building - Magda (quest location) - Merchant -- back room - alchemy equipment (steal) -- pail opens passage to chest - wand of fire -- north of building - alchemy equipment -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vana's Reach Margo QUEST - Arachnids of the Reach - 200c, Drakeskin Mantle (+6% armor, +20% fire resistance), 400 XP at level 4 NW Trupo's Outpost Doria - gatekeeper - wand of venom, runestone of purity 1st building -- 8c (loot), steel shortswords (2) (loot) -- from back door - cabinet - rejuvenation potion (loot) between 1st and 2nd buildings Abbas - Merchant -- 41c (loot), potion of health (loot) 2nd building - chain mail boots (steal) -- Margo (talk after seeing Trupo) -- north door [Trupo's key] - stairs down below -- south door [Trupo's key] - to back door -- SW door [L4 at TU1, L3 at TU2, L2 at TU3, L1 at TU4] - cabinet - iron shield (steal), 36c (steal), wand of ice (steal) between 2nd and 3rd buildings Bator - Merchant - can get bribe of 150c, reduce prices to reasonable barrel behind 3rd building - lockpick crate southwest of 3rd building - drake skin (steal) 10c (loot) 3rd building - Trupo's Tower (quest location) -- SE door [L3 at TU1, L2 at TU2, L1 at TU3 and TU4 or Trupo's key] - stairs down -- SW alchemy equipment (steal) emerald runestone (steal), curing brew (steal) below -- NW stairs up to E side of tower -- Seer Thrashmung - Staff of Recovery -- C metal chest - 95c, Woven Fiber Shield (+22% armor, +15% to vitality recovery, +10% to abilities to recharge) -- S salamander - nest - 29c, potion of battle -- SE stairs up north locked room in 2nd building NE door [Trupo's key] - wooden chest - 23c (loot), longbow (loot), shard of the Phoenix NW Trupo (quest location) - wand of lighting, platinum ring, Trupo's key -- upstairs ---- box - 81c, elixir of speed ---- door [Trupo's key] - Blademaster's Bulwark (38% armor, +1 Strength, +3 to Second Wind, +1 to Path of the Shield) N wretches - amethyst, shaman - potion of battle, body - iron breastplate, iron shield, 22c NE - lockpicks arachnid door (quest location) -- trapdoor to level 2 level 2 -- S blessing crystal -- N body - studded leather armor, lockpicks -- E Stickybug Queen - Scorched Girdle (+5% armor, +5% to evade, +5% to critical hit chance) -- E amethyst, potion of health -- E body - scroll: lightning, Student Robe (+7% armor, +1 Magical Mastery), nest - 18c CE metal box - 26c, potion of health, amethyst CSE building - trapdoor - mortuary -- sarcophagus - gold ring -- sarcophagus - amethyst, amethyst, sarcophagus - scroll: lightning -- stairs up to trapdoor in cemetery and Stone Tower C trapdoor -- Stone Tower -- S - unholy priest - recuperation crystal -- W - basket opens secret door in northwest - scroll: group heal, scroll: speed burst -- SW stairs up ---- Padgat (quest location) - Wool Pants (+4% armor, +10% cold resistance), alchemy equipment ---- can get bribe of 300c, can push it up to 500c to not kill ---- box - potion of health ---- door [L2 at TU1, L1 at TU2, TU3] - Raider's Cutlass (+5% to riposte) CS lock picks S Wretch Camp -- Chief Xog - Flayed Skin Bracelet (+5% melee protection), Shaman Xang - battle runestone -- chest - drake skin, chest - 21c SW trapdoor -- S - barrel - ruby -- E basket opens secret passage in west room - scroll: resurrection -- NW door [L2 at TU1, L1 at TU2 and 3, TU4] - battle runestone -- NE ladder up -- Smuggler Balbina - Charm of Endurance (+1 Endurance) (quest location) -- Shaman Uygar - scroll: group heal -- chest [L3 at TU1,L2 at TU2, L1 at TU3 and TU4] - 90c, alchemy equipment, blessed runestone, chest - scroll: lightning -- hidden switch on north wall - hidden switch back to path near trapdoor SE Mined Ravine trapdoor to level 1 -- E metal box [L2 at TU1, TU3] - 27c, steel shortsword -- E door - north - north jar opens northwest passage - metal chest - 26c, scroll: lightning, rejuvenation potion -- W Shaman Reesa - Drakeskin Leather Armor (+20% armor, +15% fire resistance), potion of speed -- W alchemy equipment -- SW stairs down level 2 -- NW lockpicks -- SE Oak Pitch (quest item) -- NW body - 34c -- SW chest - ruby -- SW trapdoor level 3 -- SE trained war lizard nest - 25c, steel bracers -- NW Lizard Tender Ftahn - potion of health -- SW stairs up Geert (quest location) -- Linus - CodedPapers (special item), steel razordisk, Skystar Chainmail (+22% armor, +25% cold resistance, +5% to critical hits) -- door - concealed door to west opened by wheel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Four Circles E Magic Circle -- Chief Hilliar - Lightning Shortsword (+5% melee damage, +5% magical damage) N - 23c, nest - potion of health, ruby NW lock picks, scroll: lightning W Magic Circle Ratmaster Khrelm - potion of speed -- potion of health CNW wretch hunters and rats -- body - fine chainmail, body - 9c SW Abandoned buildings (quest location) -- west building - chest - lockpicks -- north building - chest - Opal Ring (+2% armor, ++20% cold resistance, +25% curse resistance), 29c -- east building and south building - (quest location) - with quest - opens missing room to trapdoor -- below -- Toothmawfang - incantor's runestone, Charm of Nimbleness (+1 Dexterity) CS - Hunter Y'Thram - steel greaves, chest - 36c, blessed runestone CSE trash - lockpicks C Great Meeting Circle - east entrance open (quest location) NE chest - gold bar north gate room - metal box [L2 at TU2, L1 at TU3 and 4] - ruby, scroll: group heal, rejuvenation potion, 36c S barrel - lovely crystal -- south gate room [L1 at TU2 and 3, TU4] - chest - incantor's runestone, scroll: lightning building - stairs down NW - room - box - amethyst NW - door [L2 at TU1, L1 at TU2 and TU3, TU4] - chain mail (2), cabinet - wand of fire, potion of speed Meeting Hall CN gate wheel opens gate to west CN - aged drake - drake skin, scroll: resurrection CN - door [L3 at TU1, L2 at TU2, L1 at TU3 and TU4 ] - cabinet - potion of speed, wheel to open gate at the south side CN - aged drake nest - 93c, ruby, blessed runestone C Dining Hall - 6c E Student Barracks -- emerald runestone -- desk - 20c, potion of battle -- Taka (shadowwalker) - Deadeye Chainmail (+22% armor, +8% to missile damage) E metal box - 40c E flower planter opens passage to northwest - metal chest - 53c, recuperation crystal SE Herbalism, Hospital -- curing brew, alchemy equipment S Beast Control S - Salamander nest - Blessed Sandals (5% armor) -- Dire wolf nest - 5c, potion of health -- 7c -- Goramun (ogre shaman) - Buckler of Strength (18% armor, +1 strength) SW war lizard nest - battle runestone -- Vincens (sorcerer) - Spellweaver Mantle (6% armor, +5% magical damage), lockpicks -- wheel room to north - opens gate west of Dining Hall S gate opened by wheel in locked room to north -- east metal chest - Sapphire Powder (rare item), alchemy equipment, west metal chest - 275c -- south - barrel - lockpicks W Purging Chamber - lovely crystal (5) gate open by wheel to north and wheel inside on west side NW Summoning cavern (quest location) S skulls - assault crystal If you fight Daum first the others will come to attack, but are gone after Daum is defeated Daum gives to inventory Wizard's Staff (+8% to magical damage, +10% to blessings/curses you cause) metal chest - emerald, wood chest - scroll: infernal bolts Stair up to north after taking Dheless Crystal to NW building after getting Rebels at Kirik-Tor quest N Fourth Circle (Magda's Garden 2nd part quest location) Fading Sentinel - Wishing Crest (4% armor, +1 Intelligence) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wyldrylm Kirik-Tor Dezso - QUEST - Not Clean Enough - Ogrish Gauntlets (6% armor, +6% to melee damage), 400 XP at level 12 Antal - QUEST - True Love's First Gifts -- potted plant - 100c, 200 XP at level 10 -- gold necklace - 150c, elixir of battle, 200 X Pat level 12 -- long bow - 400 XP at level 12 and Farsight Band (4% armor, +!0% to missile damage) Shaman Arilda - QUEST - The Desecrated Circle - Pact Support Staff (+2% to magical damage, +20% to blessings/curses you cause), 200c, 400 XP at level 8 for kill, at level 9 for chase out Theresia -- QUEST - Closing Up Shop -- Cave to west - Svorgald Saber (+10% to critical hit chance), 400 XP at level 9 after Green Refuge visited -- trinkets in Trophy Hall - 200c, Crystalline Buckler (20% armor, +8% to magical damage), 400 XP at level 12 Torch - gives location of Green Refuge zone after meeting Defender Emory Chapter 2 - The Rebellion SW Shaman Arilda opens path W Tawon Camp -- Tawoan Sorceress - blessing crystal, healing potion -- steel javelin -- wooden chest - 10c, scroll: lightning -- Aelivia - wand of venom, steel razordisk W Ogre Camp -- Thrug - steel javelin, scroll: speed burst -- drop rejuvenation potion -- metal box - 7c, potion of speed NW wood box [L3 at TU1, L1 at TU3 and TU4] - drake skin NW Ruined Tower -- middle door - wood box - 22c, Charmed Ogre Statue -- hidden room after you get Worst of Them quest for Isle - stairs up -- upstairs - Isle (quest location) - Stabby Sash (3% armor, +10% to critical hit chance) -- potion of battle, wooden chest - scroll:group heal, pot opens shortcut out C Farlander Hellhound nest - 6c, amethyst, potion of battle, battle runestone N Cave Entrance -- north entrance - trapdoor to lower level 2 -- south entrance - trapdoor to lower level 2 ---- open crate opens secret passage to wooden box - 35c, potion of health -- lower level 2 -- NE ladder to north entrance level -- N - sacks - 27c, potion of health -- W - body - 8c, body - gold ring, wheel for east gate to ladder to level 3 -- C - sacks - 5c, lockpicks -- SW ladder to south entrance level -- level 3 - two Enchantment Anvils, Rock Curse constructs (quest location) - cold - emerald, recuperating crystal, fire - ruby, Sapphire Ring (2% armor, +30% to poison and acid resistance) SW Farlander Ambush (leaves after Rebels at Kirik-Tor completed) - extremely tough - crate - lockpicks S Wyldrylm Camp - wooden chest [L1 at TU3, TU 4] - 33c, potion of speed -- young shaman - blessed runestone, emerald runestone SW Wyldrylm Boxer Camp -- wooden box - potion of health E - Wretch Cave (Abandoned Mine) -- SW door [L2 at TU1, L1 at TU3, TU 4] - recuperation crystal, barrel - deep runestone -- C - Warborn warg nest - rejuvenation potion -- W - wretch sentry - longbow, Ogre Seer - scroll: resurrection, -- W Scorched Greaves (16% armor, +1 Focus Mastery, +5% to hit chance) -- W - pail open passage to north - emerald (4) -- W - wand of ice C Kirik-Tor front gate -- guard post door [Kirk-Tor key] -- wood box - Nimble Crest (7% armor, +1 Dexterity) -- stairs down to Reservoir - body - 5c, Burning Wyrmling (quest location) - ruby, Bracelet of Truth (+10% to healing) NE - Warrior's Tower - Inn -- Theresia - gives Kirik-Tor key for Dezso quest and after talking to Emory to stay in Warrior's Tower -- Dezso -- NE curing brew (steal), metal box - 73c (steal) -- SW - ladder up - Codex - Hanvar's Council ---- NE metal chest - steel bracers (steal) , curing brew (steal) NE Great Meeting Hall (quest location) -- Antal -- Defender Emory (quest location) -- Codex - Wyldrylm Rebellion NE North Guest Tower - locked [Kirik-Tor key] - ladder up -- NE wooden chest - Brutal Wrap (6% armor, +5% to melee damage) -- SE door [L3 at TU1, L1 at TU3 and TU4] - wand of ice, N Arilda's Circle - Aythen - Merchant -- wooden box - 10c, wooden box - lockpicks Hand Rudow quest S Lone Stone -- Tahrla - titansteel javelin, Shamanic Staff (+2% to magical damage. +2 Beast Focus) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Green Refuge Envoy Dirran QUEST - The Envoy Commander Deniz QUEST - Worst of Them -- Alric - Rotting Border - Fleetfoot Scarab (Haste), amethyst, ruby, 400 XP at level 9 -- Isle - see Defender Emory in Kirik-Tor - 250c, Belt of Battle (7% armor, +5% to melee damage, +5% to critical hit chance), 400 XP at level 11 after asking about The Black Fortress quest -- Egmon - Monitor Base C in southwest of main entrance - Scarab of Evasion (+5% to hostile effects resistance, +5% to vitality recovery), emerald, assault crystal, 400 XP at level 12 Shaman Anton - QUEST - Corruption Bits -- Spore Shroom from Rotting Border - deep runestone, shard of the Phoenix, emerald, 400 XP at level 9 after Rebels at Kirik-Tor quest completed -- Spore samples from Monitor Base C (need at least 3) - 40c/per, Spidersilk Pants (5% armor, +5% to magical damage), 400 XP at level 12 Shaman Liese - QUEST - Drake Diplomacy -- cows - Polished Bone Scarab (Call Major Aid), 400 XP at level 10 also 30 XP at level 10 for each freed cow -- Hands - Quicksilver Vest (15% armor, +20% energy resistance, +5% to parry), 400 XP at level 11 after Rebels at Kirik-Tor quest completed -- Again - 300c (if alive), Runesoled Shoes (5% armor, +10% to blessings/curses you cause), 400 XP at level 13 (alive), at level 12 (killed) Hand Ritter after Rebels at Kirik-Tor QUEST - A Corrupted Trophy - gives permission to enter Trophy Hall, 400 XP at level 12 NW body - 5c NW Odd Construct -- crate - lockpicks NE - Woods Widow - north nest - lockpcks, south nest - potion of battle, scroll: lightning W - Woods Widow nest - healing potion CNE lizards - drop curing brew - 23c steel greaves E Drake Cave -- NW giant lizard nest - 37c, icy runestone -- S Ogre's Lair (Drake diplomacy second part) ---- Seer Ghervus - elixir of battle, Rune-Etched Glaive (+10% magical damage) ---- metal box - 70c, amethyst, scroll: speed burst --S lizard room - wooden chest - Truefoot Bracelet (+1 Dexterity) -- E door [L3 at TU1, L1 at TU3 and TU4] - pail opens to east - cabinet - 7c, wand of ice NE drake Shezass - Merchant (quest location) suggest buying: ---- Opalescent Scarab - (+15% to missile damage, Group Mental Cure (2 mental effects)) - 450c ---- Vision Band - (4% armor, +3% magical damage, +1 Intelligence) - 875c -- kill to loot - gold bar (4), elixir of health, rejuvenation elixir, emerald, 133c E door - Spider nest cave -- W body - Mage's Staff -- SW body - 6c, steel halberd, pentagram body - 34c, Titansteel Shield (40% armor, +10% curse resistance) -- SW Queen Spellweaver - wand of venom, Spidersilk Cloak (6% armor, +1 Dexterity, +1 to Path of the Shield) -- E - body scroll: inferno bolts -- enchanted widow - scroll: speed burst -- enchanted widow - scroll: group heal -- enchanted widow - scroll: inferno bolts -- enchanted widow - incantor's runestone -- NE body - 22c SW Envoy Dirran C Green Refuge (entrance is on the west side) -- Hand Camp - scroll: lightning, lock picks -- W - Shaman Liese -- E Trophy Keeper - Hand Ritter -- Trophy Hall -- NE wand of calling,metal chest (quest location) Wyldrylm Trophies (special item) -- N cabinet - scroll: resurrection -- C wooden chest - incantor's runestone, Ivory Skull (Charm: +5% less time for abilities to recharge) -- NW wooden chest - Corrupted Scarab - Searing Spray (cone of acid) -- SE Sechi - Merchant -- SW - crate - lockpicks -- SW wooden chest [L2 at TU0, TU3 or less] - 10c (steal), potion of speed (steal) -- C Commander Deniz -- C - Codex - Monitor Bases -- NE Keeper's Hall - Redbeard -- NW - Codex - Wyldrylm, Codex - The Corruption -- E - door [opens after reaching Zhethron's Keep] - desk - deep runestone, ruby, metal box - elixir of speed -- SW - Codex - Avadon, Codex - Keepers of Avadon, wooden box - scroll: group heal -- C - Portal -- S - Dheless Crystal appears after getting inside Green Refuge and leaving and re-entering the zone CNW Stone Circle - near trap door -- stairs down -- level 1 sign Kev Ellies Kben -- level 2 ---- stairs up NW to level 3 NW ---- stairs up SE to level 4 NW ---- C pentagram - 132c, potion of battle, lock picks, long bow ---- stairs down SW to level 3 NE ---- stairs down NE to level 2 NW -- level 3 from level 2 SW ---- stairs up NE to level 1 ---- stairs down NW to level 2 NW ---- stairs down SE to level 2 SE ---- stairs up SW to level 2 NE near sign UP HERE -- level 4 ---- stairs up NW to level 5 ---- stairs up NE to level 4 SW ---- stairs down SW near sign DOWN HERE to level 2 NE ---- stairs up SE to level 3 NW -- level 5 ---- stairs up north to level 3 NW ---- stairs up middle to level 4 SW ---- stairs up south to level 6 ---- SW sarcophagus - gold necklace, icy runestone, Black Oak Bow (+5% melee damage protection) ---- SE sarcophagus - scroll: resurrection -- level 6 ---- stairs down N to level 3 NE ---- Powdered Demon Horn (rare item) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Corruption and Border -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Rotting Border Shaman Romia - QUEST - Romia's Investigations -- in locked Warrior's Quarters - 180c, rejuvenation elixir, elixir of speed, 400 XP at level 8 -- fungus farm underground to the south - Shadow Shroud (6% armor, +2% chance to evade, +3% melee damage protection), 400 XP at level 11 E Thinking Construct NE Zetra -- Warrior's Quarters ---- NE room [Zetra key] - stalkers ---- SW gated room - wooden box - potion of speed, Fleetfoot Boots (7% armor, +1 action point) ---- SE room - pail opens hidden room in NW [L1 at TU1, TU4 or less or Zetra key] - metal chest - diamond, lock picks, rejuvenation potion -- wooden chest [L4 at TU1, L2 at TU3, L1 at TU4] - Jerkin of the Wilds (15% armor, +50% poison resistance, +5% chance to evade) -- Silo -- Shaman Romia gives Zetra key - Merchant after quest - drops wand of calling, charmed titan statue ---- door [L6 at TU1, L3 at TU3, L2 at TU4] - wooden box -84c (steal), wand of calling (steal), blessing crystal (steal) -- Meeting Hall - wooden chest [l3 at TU1, L1 at TU3 and TU4] - 26c, scroll: inferno bolts, potion of speed -- Workshop - locked - return after reaching Zhethron's Keep and getting Thinking Construct quest -- outside - wooden box - lock picks, metal box [L2 at TU1, L1 at TU3, TU 4] - gold bar (3), deep runestone SE trapdoor to fungus farm (quest location) -- NW mushroom clump - Spore Shroom (special item) (quest location) ---- controlled horrors drops diamond, scroll: speed burst -- E door - Romia's Fungus Farm - compost monster (quest location) - Lodestone Chain Boots (7% armor, +1 Strength) -- cabinet - elixir of health -- NW pot opens door to south - wooden crate - scroll: resurrection -- NW ladder up to north of entrance CS long bow, 28c, elixir of health CS trapdoor -- SE ladder up -- NE body - 6c, battle runestone -- NE nest - 37c, scroll: group heal -- C nest - lockpicks -- CS - iron breastplate, iron glaive, 34c -- W nest - 38c -- SW nest - 8c, rejuvenation potion -- W steel razor disk, body - steel bracers, potion of battle -- NW ladder up to Small Camp CSW Small Camp -- Alric (quest location) - Titansteel shortsword SW rejuvenation potion, iron breastplate SW (quest location) -- Teria - incantor's runestone -- Vitus - Drakeskin Kilt (10% armor. +7 hostile effect resistance) -- Marc - potion of health -- Master Herenus - Spidersilk Tunic (10% armor, +1 dexterity, +5% chance to evade attacks) -- Svano - gold necklace -- Buccio - scroll: inferno bolts CW - amethyst, gold ring NW Desecrated Circle (quest location) Hackett - will leave peacefully after you finish Rebels at Kirik-Tor quest -- drops elixir of battle, Black Birch Staff (+5% magical damage, +15% less time for abilities to recharge) -- wooden chest - 63c (NY) when you have The Thinking Construct quest Workshop S Entrance W Backup Gate Control [L3 at TU4] - open crate opens to east - cabinet - lock picks and get to core NW Main Control - desk - scroll: speed burst, wheel for gate to center N wooden box - lock picks NE recuperation crystal NE crystal pillar powers inner damaging floor SE Undead Keeper - Control Wand (special item), scroll: freezing bolts, charmed titan statue -- wooden box - ruby C stairs up to path to stairs down in west W Master Construct -Tinkermage Workcoat (Tinkermage only - 26% armor, +1 Intelligence, +2 Tool Craft, +2 Armor Craft) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monitor Base C E - 38c, lockpicks SE Monitor Base C -- NW Main entrance (locked) - longbow (quest location) opens later --SE back entrance - Miranda Shade Inside Monitor Base C -- SE back entrance - 6c, lockpicks opens after Research Workshop - Lesson 1 -- W - Barracks - 100c, Svorgaldi Emblem (+10% to critical hit chance) -- W room - wooden chest - potion of health, 29c -- W door to Guest Quarters [L3 at TU1, L1 at TU3 and TU4] - cabinet - wand of ice opens after Barracks - Lesson 2 -- SW storage - Incantor's Bow (+5% to magical damage), body - steel helm opens after Storage Area - Lesson 3 -- E East Wing - Infernal Horror - Smoky Greaves (12% armor, +4% chance to evade, +5% to parry) opens after East Wing - Lesson 4 -- E door [L3 at TU1, L1 at TU3 and TU4] - wooden chest - Sage's Tiara (+5% to magical damage, need INT 7) -- NE Stompin' Boots (10% armor, +3% to melee damage) -- NE exit - nest 33c, rejuvenation elixir opens after Lesson 3 -- N Ophira's Hall -- N body - 7c, body - curing brew -- N door [L5 at TU1, L2 at TU3 and TU4] - Infernal Bullrush -- Infernal Larva (rare item), metal box - Smashing Mail (25% armor, +1 Strength, +5% to melee damage) -- E door [L2 at TU1, L1 at TU3, TU4] - icy runestone, blessing crystal, after Rebels at Kirik-Tor after getting Corruption Bits part 2 -- W spore ghouls (quest location) - Ghoul Bits (special item), elixir of health -- CSW spore ghouls (quest location) - Ghoul Bits (special item), scroll: frozen bolts, wand of lightning -- CN spore ghouls (quest location) - Ghoul Bits (special item) - charmed ogre statue -- E spore ghouls (quest location) - Ghoul Bits (special item) - gold necklace after getting A Corrupted Trophy quest Inside Main Entrance -- Mage's Staff, body - steel breastplate -- W crate opens passage to east - body - lock picks, scroll: speed burst -- body (quest location) - Devin's Armband (special item) -- Shaman Fravra - Runeweave Gloves (6% armor, +15% to blessings/curses you cause) after getting Worst of Them quest for Egmon dungeon in southwest appears -- southeast room - chest - scroll: inferno bolts -- northeast room - pail opens nothing -- north room - plate boots -- west skulls - ruby -- W stairs down -- Egmon the Reaver - Wyldrylm Honor Band (4% armor, +1 Strength, +3% to melee damage), potion of speed? -- SW steel shield (32% armor) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avadon: The Black Fortress (solo mission) Interlude - The Black Fortress Avadon Dungeons - Catacombs N Acting Keeper Protus - meet and greet N Stairs up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avadon Dungeon - Honor Guard level - stairs up (north) and down (south) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avadon Dungeon - Record Storage Level Acting Keeper Protus - meet and gripe E stairs down E gate with stairs up to the north N desk - scroll: lightning N jar - lockpicks W stairs up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avadon Dungeon - Deep Cells NW stairs down to Record Storage Level NW cabinet - potion of health SW stairs up to Cells NE stairs up to Cells N bloodthirst bat nest - gold ring E Fnargnarg (wretch) (quest location) - Enduring Breastplate (26% armor, +1 Endurance) E wooden chest - 75c, elixir of health SE wooden chest - pulsing runestone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avadon Dungeon - Cells SW stairs down to Deep Cells SW pail opens wall to east - hidden switch to bypass some roaming monsters W fire lizard nest - amethyst SW potion of speed NW blessing crystal N - wooden chest [L3 at TU0, TU2] - iron breastplate, steel breastplate, steel halberd N stairs down to Deep Cells east side NE 81c SE stairs up to Main Level -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avadon Dungeon - Main Level Envoy Brasula - QUEST - Despair in the Dark - Brasula Letter (special item) -- deliver letter - nothing -- kill raiders - 400 XP at level 24 -- more letters - 400 XP at level 22 Eye Mamora - QUEST - Dungeon Cleanup -- kill wretches - 100c, Scarab of Warfare (+1 Strength, +1 Dexterity), 400 XP at level 15 -- infernal Pynkkna - 250c, Lucky Horseshoe (Charm: +5% less time for abilities to recharge, +3% Hostile Effect Resistance), 400 XP at level 17 SE Deep Cells stairway SE cell [Prison key] - Imre SE door [L9 at TU0, L1 at TU4 or Prison key] - altar room E Codex - Sack of Avadon S Envoy Brasula S desk - ruby SW door - stairs up into Avadon W Eye Mamora CSE nest - 8c, lockpicks CE wand of lightning C Zhethron's Lair - infernal Pynkkna (quest location) - Pendant of Power (+2 Strength) NW door [Prison key] - wooden chest - 44c NW door - metal chest - curling brew NW door [L2 at TU0, TU1] - plate boots, wooden chest - 33c, emerald runestone, scroll: inferno bolts NW gate to prisoner area opens if you ask Eye Mamora about Eye Laria N ogre seer - icy runestone, wooden box - gold ring, rejuvenation elixir N Codex - End of the Black Age NW Privileged Chambers -- body - fine chain mail, elixir of battle -- body - 33c, body - Prison key -- body - scroll: group heal E crate - steel razordisk E Quennel - no loot *sob* - 25c E Codex - Report - Acting Keeper Protus, jar - opens wall to northwest - rejuvenation elixir, blessed runestone NE Eye Laria (quest location) N Eternal Prisoner - kill - Specter’s Totem (Charm: +5% to critical hit chance, +4% to missile damage) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avadon Heart Callan QUEST - Erratic Constructs -- find cause in West Hall -- see Smith Duman to open east gate -- go to forge to destroy special item -- report to Callan - 300c, Nature's Scarab (+15% to healing, Icy Lance - cold magic missile), 400 XP at level 15 Report about the Hands - 50 XP at level 15 for each Hand reported Report about actions -- 50 XP at level 15 for each incident in Khemeria and Wyldrylm -- 50 XP at level 20 for Warborn -- 50 XP at level 25 for Tawon, Redbeard is infected by Corruption Envoy Dirran QUEST - The Envoy - lock of Redbeard's hair Eye Tamsin - QUEST - Library Bounties - report libraries -- library at Zhethron's Keep - 150c, icy runestone, 200 XP at level 15 -- library at Svar's Peninsula - 150c, pulsing runestone, 200 XP at level 15 -- library at Temple of Vesula - 150c, golden runestone. 200 XP at level 21 -- enough libraries - Vibrating Scarab (Berserk Leap, 200 XP at level 26 Avadon Stores SW stairs down to Avadon Dungeon SW door [L7 at TU0, L1 at TU4 or Avadon key] - composite bow, Howling Lance (+15% to melee damage, +2 to Path of the Berserker) SW door [TU0] - middle metal box - lovely crystals (5), west metal box - useless junk - unless Erratic Construct quest location - Chaotic Stone (special item) SW door [L3 at TU0, TU2 or Avadon key] - scroll: speed burst, wooden box - 8c, icy runestone W Entry Hall - Heart Callan opens after meeting Heart Callan S Guest Quarters -- North Guest Bedroom [L2 at TU0, TU1 or Avadon key] - charmed ogre statue, cabinet - 62c -- South Guest Bedroom [L12 at TU0, L2 at TU4 or Avadon key] - steel broadsword (steal), wooden chest - potion of speed (steal), curing brew -- stairs up to Tower of Trials -- Smith Duman - Merchant - additional items after The Warborn quest -- Enchantment Anvil -- east gate (opens for Erratic Construct quest) ---- runestone forge, lockpicks ---- stairs down to forge - titansteel razordisk, jar - emerald, wooden chest - amethyst, ruby, emerald, runestone of purity SW door [Avadon key] - metal chest [L1 at TU4 or Prison key] - Calling Scarab (Magnetic Pull) C - Stairs up to Redbeard's Chambers CE Training Hall Hand Kaede - Trainer - 1500c per type - damage improves by 2% -- melee accurate - True Arm -- melee powerful - Deadly Arm -- missiles accurate - True Eye -- missiles powerful - Deadly Eye -- spell damage - Spellfire -- healing effective - Healing Craft -- blessings and curses effective - Blessings cabinet - potion of healing door [Prison key] - wand of calling NW Kitchen and Dining Hall NW Stairs to Cellar - blocked CNW Stairs to Guest Quarters - blocked NW Dining Hall - Envoy Dirran NE Garden -- jar - blessed runestone, wooden crate - potion of health, rejuvenation potion CNE Avadon Library -- Eye Tamsin -- Codex - Report - Miranda, Codex - The Third Age -- door [unlocks after talking to Eye Tasmin] - to Library Tower -- wooden box - scroll: inferno bolts N Northern Portal to Kellem Wilds - closed S Southern Portal to Svorgald - closed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Library Tower Stairs up Level 1 C stairs down to Avadon Library NE desk - 10c, scroll: lightning SW stairs up to Level 2 west side SE stairs up to Level 2 east side SE Codex - catalogue lists Warborn intelligence location (quest location) E middle crate (quest location) - Warborn Maps (special item) Ghostly Librarian - scroll: group heal Level 2 SW stairs down to Level 1 west side C north gate room - wooden chest - scroll: inferno bolts C south gate room - wooden chest [L99 at TU0 or Avadon key] - gold necklace SE stairs down to Level 1 east side -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tower of Trials Level 1 NW crate - elixir of health North gate opens after Trial Level 2 NW body - Avadon key NE Dragon's Claw (rare item), nest - 26c, recuperation crystal, Rage Totem (Charm: +2% to parry, +2% to riposte) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Redbeard's Chambers Main Level Overseer Levent - QUEST - Overseer in Exile -- give Redbeard's reply and get Goldcrag key -- 200XP at level 16 -- gold vault - 400XP at level 19 - if half of treasury Radiant Choker (+8% Hostile Effects Resistance) Lord Svarl - QUEST - Lord Svarl -- go to Lord Deathskull outside Zhethron's Keep - Sharpshooter's Mantle (6% armor, +10% to missile damage), 400XP at level 16 after The Warborn quest -- Warborn Arena cleared - Scarab of Pure Clarity (Group Cure - 2 hostile effects), 400 XP at level 24 W stairs down CNW - Training Area -- steel broadsword (3) (steal), steel halberd (2) (steal) -- wooden chest - elixir of health (steal), rejuvenation elixir (steal) C Acting Keeper Protus C Codex - The Beraza Woods, Codex - The Contested Lands SE -- Portal to The Kva -- stairs down (north) to Avadon's Dungeons - Record Storage Level - east of gate -- stairs down (south) to Main Level CSW east of Guest Rooms S door [Avadon key] -- ruby, emerald, lockpick -- sacks - incantor's runestone, -- wooden chest - curing brew. elixir of battle S Tower Library -- Codex - Holklanda, Codex - Kellemderiel -- scroll: speed burst (steal), wooden chest - scroll: group heal (steal) SW stairs up after The Black Fortress quest advances to get flask Level 1 of Tower S stairs down to Redbeard’s Chamber Main Level N stairs up to Level 2 —blessed sandals, steel helm Level 2 of Tower N stairs down to Level 1 S stairs up to Level 3 Level 3 of Tower S stairs down to Level 2 W planter opens northeast area - charmed titan statue E Rod of the Deep Woods (+5% to magical damage, +25% to Poison and Acid Resistance, +1 to Focus Mastery) N bedroom — northeast metal chest - nothing useful — south metal chest - Redbeard’s flask (quest location) (special item) — other containers - loot -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Kva Chapter 3 - The Warborn Zhethron's Keep Commander Wallace - QUEST - Wallace's Errands -- Titan Gorm - Truestroke Broadsword (+12% to melee damage, +40% to hit chance), 400 XP at level 18 -- Records in Goldcrag - Scarab of Tenacity (+1 Strength, +1 Endurance), 400 XP at level 21 Zhethron - QUEST - The Great Dragon -- remove traps in north tower - 200c, wand of lightning, 400 XP at level 18 -- Sea Vaults in Svar's Peninsula - Scarab of Subtlety (+1 Dexterity, +1 Intellignce), 400 XP at level 20 after The Cornered Prey advances to getting an Invitation -- Warborn Arena - 500c, Hedge Witch Satchel (Charm: +5% to healing, +5% to blessings/curses you cause) , 400 XP at level 21 Eye Laria - QUEST - Zhethron's Hoard - scroll: freezing bolts, scroll: speed burst, shard of the phoenix, 400 XP at level 19 Grenra - QUEST - The Titan's Bounty - Djalnar in Svar's Peninsula - 300c, Unerring Glaive (+50% Mind Effects Resistance, +3% to evade attacks), 400 XP at level 19 SE lizard nest - elixir of health, ruby E lizard nest - lockpicks, runestone of purity S 46c S Redbeard's Camp (quest location) E High Lord Deathskull camp (quest location) -- kill Deathskull - Breastplate of the Tower (30% armor, +15% less time for abilities to recharge, +3% to parry), elixir of battle -- wand of calling (NY), metal chest - 316c (NY), platinum ring (NY) NE Gankrong camp -- kill Gankrong - charmed titan statue, Enchanted Pantaloons (6% armor, +15% to blessings/curses you cause, +1 Intelligence) -- metal chest - elixir of battle (NY), wand of venom (NY), 154c (NY) CN lockpicks NW Titan Camp Titan Hall -- Grenra -- Gorm (quest location) - Soldier's Helm (7% armor, +1 Strength) ---- loot - 115c, ruby, metal chest [TU3 or less] - 128c, deep runestone, gold necklace N spider area - enchanter widows - wand of lightning, titan steel javelin, gold ring (2), barrel - rejuvenation elixir SW abandoned South Tower - 6c, wooden box - amethyst, charmed ogre statue SW Fort Zhethron SW gate - Commander Wallace (quest location) C North Tower (quest location) Level 1 stairs up Level 2 rune (quest location), wooden chest - emerald, -- door [L1 at TU3 and TU4] - wooden chest - Pitted Greaves (16% armor, +1 Strength, +5% to riposte) -- jar - opens wall to south - wand of lightning Inside Fort Zhethron E Main Entrance -- Codex - The Titan Peaks NE Hand Camp - lockpicks NE portal to Avadon NE bale of hay open passage to north - Redbeard's Quarters -- desk - amethyst, elixir of speed -- metal box - (quest location) - Redbeard's Hair (special item) -- jar - opens passage to southeast - Breastplate of the Anvil (35% armor, +5% to melee damage, +5% to critical hit chance) N Keeper's Hall - Redbeard -- Codex - The Kva NW Magical Storage - Dheless Crystal NW Dining Hall - Commander Wallace W Quartermaster - Craftmaster Pynchon - Merchant - sells finer goods after Goldcrag mission NW - Enchantment Anvil, metal chest [L4 at TU1, L2 at TU3, L1 at TU4] - emerald runestone, battle runestone, 32c, gold bar W Zhethron -- stairs down SW Eye's Hall -cabinet - 22c, scroll: group heal, Codex - Dragons -- stairs down Lower Level N stairs up W elixir of battle CW Zhethron's hoard (quest location) - jar - 157c, jar - 93c, composite bow, mage's staff SE stairs up SE lizard nest - 6c, deep runestone NE Library -- Codex - Wretch Lands -- door [L2 at TU1. L1 at TU3, TU4] - wooden chest [L2 at TU3, L1 at TU4] - scroll: resurrection, ruby -- Library index (quest locaten) -- body - Sheltering Buckler (22% armor, +5% to riposte, +10% to healing) C drake nest - 75c, blessing crystal CE Drake Ghyssathyss - drake skin, scroll: resurrection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goldcrag SW Pact Camp -- Trainer Herve - retrainer to adjust character builds -- wooden box - lock picks -- Trader Cardea - Merchant - can get lowered from Expensive to Slightly Expensive Scout Kita -- Pact Hall - Commander Ellice -- lockpicks, barrel - battle runestone -- trapdoor - ladder up east of camp W metal box [L2 at TU3, L1 at TU4] - rejuvenation elixir, potion of health W body - 38c NW Titan Camp Goldcrag Inn -- E Barkeeper Gytta - Shadow Mask (6% armor, +5% chance to evade, +5% Hostile Effects Resistance) -- NW Monarch Lyacos (quest location) - Pendant of Endurance (+2 Endurance), Titansteel Halberd (+10% to critical hit chance) -- charmed titan statue (NY) -- NW wooden box [L1 at TU3 and TU4] - elixir of speed (NY), ruby (NY), scroll: inferno bolts (NY) -- SW cabinet - wand of lightning (NY) -- C wooden box - 30c (NY), elixir of health (NY) C Trading Hall -- body - 10c -- planter - opens door to metal chest - charmed ogre statue, emerald -- SW door [TU4] - wooden box - titansteel razor disk -- middle door [Goldcrag key] - trapdoor - storeroom - junk - open crate opens passage north - Nightblade Helm (9% armor, +5% melee damage) ---- paper trail (quest location) C body - 6c CE body - titansteel javelin, scroll: inferno bolts CSW body - 10c CNE crate - elixir of health C Goldcrag City Hall (quest location) -- desk - scroll: group heal -- west Records door [TU4] (quest location clue to go west) -- east Low Chambers [Goldcrag key] - stairs down -- Lower Level -- C stairs up -- S wheel opens gate to north - jar opens wall to north - bale of hay opens wall to north - metal chest - shard of the phoenix, deep runestone -- S Goldcrag Treasury door [Goldcrag key] -- gold bar -- Outer Area (quest location) - west chest -135c, east chest - diamond, Rod of the Elder Oak (+5% magical damage, +25% Curse Resistance, +25% Mind Effects Resistance. +3 Nature Mastery) -- Inner Area - vault sentinel - assault crystal, shard of the phoenix, metal chest [L2 at TU4] - Enchanted Nugget (rare item) SE Ogre Camp -- Seer Wernstrum - rejuvenation potion, Enchanter's Bracelets (+8% to magical damage) -- S Overseer Bloodwave (quest location) - titan steel chain mail (30% armor), Veneth's Spear (+15% to melee damage, +1 action points) -- S wooden chest - 92c (NY), metal box - 74c (NY), scroll: freezing bolts, elixir of battle (NY) -- Storage Building - nest - curing brew, 7c, sacks - lock picks NE Wretch Camp -- 25c -- Shaman Tyushla - elixir of health -- Headman Glunk - blessing crystal -- Duchess Garvavrak (quest location) - titansteel spear, Assault Guard (30% armor, +20% to vitality recovery, +10% less time for abilities to recharge) -- Deadeye Drotyha - Deadeye Belt (7% armor, +10% to missile damage, +10% less time for abilities to recharge) -- wooden chest [L1 at TU3 and TU4] - scroll: lightning (NY), 20c (NY), battle runestone (NY), assault crystal (NY) -- wooden chest - 5c (NY) CN Old Barracks -- wooden box - 80c -- icy bones - Rune-Etched Buckler (22% armor, +20% to blessings/curses you cause), emerald -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Svar's Peninsula S Refuge (quest location) - Speaker Thorla -- west Refuge Citizen Hall - wooden box - rejuvenation potion, 8c, wooden chest - 26c -- north Refuge Citizen Hall - wooden box [TU4] - 28c, blessing crystal SE Warrior's Hall - Speaker Lorenz - shard of the phoenix, Vitality Totem (Charm: +3% less time for abilities to recharge, +2% to blessings/curses you cause) -- metal chest - 113c amethyst, emerald, dragon skin -- wooden box - 75c, wooden box - 10c -- planter - hidden switch opens room behind the door -- door [L1 at TU3 and TU4] - metal chest [L2 at TU3, L1 at TU4] - 21c, Titansteel-Woven Pants (10% armor, +5% to Hostile Effects Resistance) SE Warehouse - wooden chest [L1 at TU3 and TU4] - gold bar, runestone of purity, signs near north side opens trapdoor -- lower level - bale of hay open north - metal chest (quest location) - Shadowwalker's Blade (shadow walker only) E Ogre Settlement (quest location) -- Seer Thathula - Sentient Eyestalk (Charm: +5% to magical damage) -- gate room - wooden chest [L1 at TU3 and TU4] - elixir of health, rejuvenation elixir -- Tinkermage Hebius - Tinkermage Shortblade (+10% to critical hit chance, +2 Blade Training, +2 Tool Craft), lock picks -- Djalnar (quest location) - golden runestone, Titan's Gauntlets (6% armor, +12% to melee damage) NE Sea Vaults (quest location) -- C ogres - curing brew, wooden chest - 91c, lockpicks, ladder up to Ogre caves - door to Ogre Settlement -- SW 5c -- SE Shambling Mound (quest location) - Deepfang Boots (7% armor, +25% to Poison and Acid resistance, +5% to critical hit chance) -- 6c, curing brew, charmed ogre statue, body - amethyst (2) -- ladder up west of Ogre Settlement area - pail opens wall N rats nest - 93c, lock picks, scroll: inferno bolts, scroll: freezing bolts NW Spiral Entrance (quest location) after reaching Fort Foresight -- pass through to north side to entrance to stairs down guarded by Halia's Shade -- Warded Defenders - ruby, emerald, lovely crystal, amethyst Level 1 SW stairs up -- cabinet - scroll: inferno bolts -- NW and \NE stairs down -- N Halia's Shade - Silken Shroud (6% armor, +10% less time for abilities to recharge) Level 2 NW and NE stairs up SW body - curing brew SE door [L1 at TU4] - cabinet - scroll: freezing bolts, cabinet - potion of speed, 8c, open crate opens door in key locked room to south SE south door [key] - jar opens passage to north - wooden box - wand of corruption SE wooden box - battle runestone SE east door [key] C Halia's Shade - wand of corruption, golden runestone - opens gate Library Core (quest location) -- metal chest - Staff of the Sorcerer (+5% to magical damage, +2 Lightning Wind, +2 Ward Mastery, +5% to parry), scroll: speed burst -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warborn Arena W Pact Camp - Commander Ellice NW Wretch Witch Doctor - charmed ogre statue NW Hidden Entrance shown by Scout Kita to Arena -- Overseer Threvnar - Beastmaster Jerkin (20% armor, +2 Beast Focus, +2 Call Wolf) NE Ogre Camp -- Seer Drealth - glowing runestone E Titans - elixir of health, lockpicks -- trapdoor - below to exercise area Palisades E 27c E Trophykeeper Xunai - charmed titan statue, blessing crystal SE buildings -- wooden box [L1 at TU3 and TU4] - elixir of health, 91c -- east building -- west building ---- Crusher Bandal - scroll: resurrection, Scimitar of Subtlety (+12% melee damage, +10% less time for abilities to recharge, +10% to vitality recovery) ---- titan beast keeper - Spellweaver's Shoes (8% armor, +5% magical damage, +10% to healing) ---- wooden box - 32c, scroll: group heal S Stairs down Lower Level SW stairs up to south side of area S Sapper Sever - Greenspirit Band (4% armor, +15% to healing) SE Wretch ambush - 6c SE Wretch Camp - wooden box [L2 at TU3, L1 at TU4] - 40c, elixir of battle, runestone of purity -- Gumgulchap - elixir of battle, blessing crystal -- salamander nest - scroll: freezing bolts E exercise area -- cabinet - elixir of health CSE Trophy Hall -- Teller Korion - potion of disguise -- Keeper Dustwalker - nothing -- Fangcarver Ungha - nothing -- skulls - pulsing runestone -- metal chest - Sage's Bow (+1 Intelligence) CW Stairs up to Front Gate area - Commander's Hall (3 elite titans there if you go up before Golath) NW Audience Chamber -- High Chief Golath - Dreadnought Breastplate (38% armor, +2 Strength, +8% melee damage protection), Avenger's Greaves (14% armor, +5% Hostile Effects Resistance, +5% melee damage) -- Embral - dragon skin -- Charynya - blessing crystal NW stairs up Main Level CNW stairs down -- Training Hall CN gate - wooden box - rejuvenation elixir -- door [key - opens later after Dheless] - 48c, lock picks, wooden box - elixir of speed, icy runestone C Arena Entrance -- Dheless (quest location) -- trapdoor - below - cabinet - curing brew - west to Filth Shaft and Deep Pit stairs down - lock picks, mushrooms opens passage to west - jar of gold powder (rare item) CW Commander's Hall -- metal chest [L2 at TU3, L1 at TU4] - Shield of Recovery (28% armor, +20% to healing, +1 Endurance) -- stairs down CW main gate - metal box - wand of calling -- barrel outside gate - lock picks C Guest Hall Below Filth Shaft - Deep Pit Level 2 SW stairs up W amethyst NE stairs down Level 3 chained incubus - Pendant of Nimbleness (+2 Dexterity) (quest location) The Great Dragon quest final part -- Zhethron's Sentinels - ruby, diamond -- Zhethron - Dragon's Fang (Charm: +6% melee damage), Broadsword of the Tower (+30% to Mind Effect Resistance, +30% Curse Resistance) After The Warborn Quest Lord Svarl's 2nd Quest - northwest trapdoor - previously blocked by rubble -- W Blighted Chieftan (quest location) - Sniper's Boots (9% armor, +15% to missile damage) -- W metal chest - 88c -- C nest scroll: speed burst -- NW nest - lock picks -- SE nest - elixir of battle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tawon and Beraza Woods -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fort Foresight Chapter 4 - The Tawon Eye Leora - QUEST - Peace in Beraza -- locate camps - Archer's Gloves (6% armor, +12% to missile damage), 400 XP at level 27 -- move them out - Timewalk Scarab (Battle Frenzy - 4 turns), avoiding killing for each camp - 200c, 400 XP at level 29 Monitor Peridot - QUEST - Spies on the River - 150c, Bow of the Tower (+20% Mind Effect Resistance, +20% Curse Resistance), 400 XP at level 27 Hand Taroc - QUEST - Another Initiation - abandoned shed in Temple of Velusa, 400 XP at level 27 Healer Hahn - QUEST - Atonement -- Healing Secrets from Temple of Velusa - 400 XP at level 27 -- Fight Velusa - Pulsating Scarab (Earthshatter - energy damage, stun, knock back) -- challenge Velusa - 400 XP at level 27, kill Velusa - 400 XP at level 29 after reporting an Invitation to Redbeard, Torch tells you that Dirran is northeast of the Fort at Dirty Camp Envoy Dirran - QUEST - The Envoy -- Lie about no hair - 400 XP at level 26 -- 400 XP at level 26, turn in hair - Wizard's Loop (5% armor, 8% magical damage) -- refuse 200 XP at level 26 SW - Tawon infiltrators in camp - (quest location) -- Tawoan Infiltrator (sorcerer) - Hedge Witch Wand (Int 10, +5% magical damage, +1 Strength, +2 Intelligence, +5% parry) -- wooden box - lockpicks W - wooden box [L2 at TU3 and TU4] - 116c, elixir of battle, incantor's runestone W - Doors -- jar opens passage to west - gold bar, elixir of speed, emerald runestone, metal chest {L2 at TU4] - Bonecleaver Shield (30% armor, +1 Strength, +10% to critical hit chance) E Road Camp (quest location) -- wooden box - curing brew (NY) NE Dirty Camp - wooden box - 8c -- Dirran - potion of disguise (2) N Hand Panos (tinkermage) - lockpicks -- Hand Ima (shadow walker) - Resilient Mesh (25% armor, +7% to Hostile Effect Resistance) -- Eye Rance (sorcerer) - Spellweaver Sash (5% armor, +5% to magical damage, +5% to healing) NW Shadow stalker nest - 10c, scroll: freezing bolts, rejuvenation elixir NW To Sinkhole - leads to closed gate C Fort Foresight - gates on north side of river -- NE Hand's Hall ---- Guest Quarters ---- SW wooden box - rejuvenation elixir ---- SE Eye Gable - can get past sealed gate in Sinkhole, Codex - Tawoan Empire ---- Stesha - Merchant ---- Enchantment Anvil ---- stairs down -- SE Guest Quarters ---- Hand Taroe - Spy's Loop (4% armor, +1 Intelligence, +10% to vitality recovery) -- SW Commander's Hall ---- Eye Leora ---- Codex - Dharam, scroll: group heal ---- stairs down -- NW Training Hall ---- Monitor Peridot - ---- cabinet - potion of health ---- stairs down Lower Level Stairs up at NE, NW, and SW E Hand Hahn - Merchant C elixir of speed SW cabinet - curing brew, 75c SW entrance to Keeper's Hall SW Secure Storage Chamber - Dheless Crystal SE Redbeard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Far Beraza Woods Monitor Semra - QUEST - The Cursed Beasts -- kill one - Fancy Tool Belt - (Tinkermage only - 10% armor, +1 Tool Craft, +1 Armor Craft), 200 XP at level 27 -- kill all three - Shaman's Staff (+5% to magical damage, +5 to Aura of the Grove, +2 Poison Mist, +5% to parry), 400 XP at level 27 NW Cursed Beasts (quest location) - cursed basilisk - animal skin -- wooden crate - 5c, nest - Runed Steel Mesh (25% armor, +25% to blessings/curse you cause) NW abandoned lumber yard -- east entrance - wooden crate - glowing runestone -- south entrance - desk - lock picks, button opens wall to west to door ---- spectral archer - Bracers of the Hawk (6% armor, +1Dexterity, +25% to hit chance) ---- crate - elixir of health ---- Duke Gryfyn Camp ---- Duke Gryfyn - Necklace of Vitality (+8% melee damage protection +15% to healing), wand of corruption ---- note from Duke Gryfyn, wooden box - that would be telling the surprise SE New Woodhome west side of east building - Crafter Rafe - Merchant, Drake skin crafter for 300c - info about Duke Gryfyn -- one skin - Battle Shelter (28% armor, +1 Dexterity, +5% to Hostile Effect Resistance) -- two skins - Enchantment Cloak (7% armor, +5% to magical damage, +10% to blessings/curses you cause) -- three skins - Wanderer's Jerkin (20% armor, +10% less time for abilities to recharge, +5% to parry, +!0% to blessings/curses you cause) -- south door [L1 at TU4 and TU4] - cabinet - 6c (NY), wooden box - scroll: freezing bolts west building - Dax -- wooden box - 9c - door [beraza key] - metal chest - pulsing runestone, elixir of battle - outside barrel - lock pick C Monitor Semra patrolling road SW -- body - 34c, blessing crystal, deep runestone -- trapdoor - stairs up to back door to Kellen Camp Building -- cabinet - 6c, scroll: lightening, scroll: freezing bolts, elixir of health, jar - elixir of health -- east building ---- door [L1 at TU3 and TU4] - wooden box - elixir of speed, runestone of purity -- Cursed Beasts (quest location) entered from the east - cursed wolf ---- Shadowwalker's Lance (Shadowwalker only - +15% to melee damage, +2 Shattering Blow, +2 Shadowwalker's Focus), 30c, diamond ---- door [beraza key] - metal chest - scroll: resurrection, scroll: inferno bolts -- Peace in Beraza (quest location) - Kellen Camp south of river -- door - Cultist Naf - elixir of speed ---- door [L2 at TU3, L1 at TU4] - door - planter opens passage to north - wand of corruption, door - path to outdoor trapdoor ------ E ladder up to New Woodhome west building - demand bribe from Dax - Beraza key ------ N nest - Iron Meteor (rare item) ---- trapdoor in Cultist area - stairs up to west ------ door outside - crate - potion of speed, Adele (quest location) - Beraza key, Kellem Silk Robe (Sorcerer only - 12% armor, +1 Intelligence, +2 Ward Mastery, +2 Focus Mastery) ------ stairs up - charmed titan statue, wooden box - 40c, door [beraza key] - metal chest - rejuvenation elixir, assault crystal, emerald, drake skin NE Shadow stalker nest - Lightning Javelin Cave - Cursed Beasts (quest location) - cursed bones - Firefang Blade (+10% to critical hit chance, +10% Fire Resistance. +10% to vitality recovery) -- body - 30c Construct of Chains - emerald -- Peace in Beraza (quest location) - Hideout - Holklandan Camp -- body - golden runestone -- Fudo - guards path to camp (quest location) - Shadowwalker's Mesh (Shadowwalker only - 28% armor, +1 Dexterity, +2 Blade Training, +2 Lightning Discipline) ---- wooden box [TU4] - Searing Razordisk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Temple of Velusa NW Barn -- north door [TU4] - pulsing runestone, gold bar -- south door [L2 at TU3 and TU4] - lightning javelin NW Abandoned Shed (quest location) -- open crate opens to north - trapdoor - trap - Malignant Lord - Infernal's Halberd (+20% melee damage, +10% to vitality recovery, +10% to blessings/curses you cause, +10% less time for abilities to recharge) -- metal chest - 73c, diamond, glowing runestone NW barrel - incantor's runestone SW Pilgrim Camp - Ruso - Pact informant NE Hospital -- NW entrance - wooden chest - [L2 at TU3, L1 at TU4] - elixir of battle, potion of speed E Raider's Camp (quest location) - Jura - Incantor's Bow (+5% to magical damage,+15% to blessings/curses you cause) -- Dervish Hjaira - elixir of health, rejuvenation elixir -- wooden chest - potion of health (NY), 62c (NY), lock picks (NY) Grove of the Sacred Beasts E Sacred Skyscout nest - lock picks, deep runestone E body - Searing Razordisk E Sacred Hound nest - curing brew, scroll: freezing bolts, rejuvenation elixir SE trapdoor to Tawoan Undertaker level 1 -- SE stairs down -- NE stairs down -- E ladder up level 2 -- SE stairs up -- E barrel - Corrupted Broadsword (+12% melee damage, +2 Strength, +20% Acid Resistance, -1 Intelligence) -- NE stairs up -- W sarcophagus - golden runestone Temple S Greeter Getha NE Library N Servant Quarters - cabinet - 62c, jar opens passage to east to stairs down, cabinet - 7c NW Protector Ravilla quarters SE door [L1 at TU3 and TU4] - cabinet - blessing crystal, scroll: group heal SE door [L2 at TU3 and TU4] - metal chest - 116c, elixir of health, icy runestone C Protector Verginia - Blessings - 2000c - Evasive Wrap (7% armor, +4% to evade, +10% Hostile Effect Resistance) -- warded from elements - Protection (+2% resistance to fire, cold, energy) -- missiles more effective - Hunter's Eye (2 levels more missile damage) -- blades more effective - Hunter's Blade (2 levels more melee damage) -- skin protected from blades - Ironskin (+2% melee damage resistance) -- mind to be protected - Strong Mind (+8% mental resistance) SW door [L2 at TU3 and TU4] - metal box - wand of lightning, pulsing runestone (steal) C Velusa - Velusa's Shelter (Blademaster only - 30% armor, +1 Strength, +5% to parry, +1 Path of the Berserker), Velusa's Totem (Charm: +3% to evade, +4% to healing) Temple lower level NW stairs up NE Apothecary Archives -- Drake Kristylyn - drake skin, Bracelet of Opportunity (+10% less time for abilities to recharge, +5% to riposte), scroll: inferno bolts -- with pen, ink, and paper - get Healing Secrets from Codex (quest location) SE stairs up to Hospital southwest area S door [Velusa key] - cabinet - shard of the phoenix C door [TU4] - infernal stone - diamond, amethyst, blessing crystal - stairs up to Library and stairs up -- stairs up to level 2, stairs down to wooden chest - curing brew, planter opens passage to east to main temple -- SW desk - emerald, SE desk - scroll: resurrection -- S rune marked book shelves (quest location) Protectors Shrine --38c level 2 west door [Velusa key] -- bedroom - metal chest - platinum ring -- scroll: speed burst, wooden box - Ravilla's Invitation (quest location, special item) SE Protector Ravilla - Velusa key, Tawon Robe (12% armor, +7% to magical damage), Protector's Band (5% armor, +10% to critical hit chance) N room [Velusa key] - Titansteel Girdle (10% armor, +5% to Hostile Effect Resistance,10% to vitality recovery), metal chest - 336c -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Antitia Ruins (solo mission) S Otho - Invitation contact - gives directions -- stairs down to crypt Crypt SE wooden box - scroll: group heal SW sarcophagus - scroll: speed burst NW Lightning Javelin NW Titansteel Shortsword NW wooden box - scroll: lightning CBE Searing Razordisk NE sarcophagus - Titan's Longbow (+1 Strength) N stairs up - exit NW Other side from Crypt W cabinet - rejuvenation elixir, elixir of battle E Temple Temple N God's Hall - Ahala the God - Tawon Robe, scroll: resurrection SE body - wand of corruption, scroll: freeze bolts NE door - wooden chest - elixir of health E door to valley NE Valley W entrance back to temple Aelia take invitation and gives tour NW sacks - lockpicks NE door - wooden box - scroll: freezing bolts S wooden box - potion of speed SE Meeting Hall Meeting Hall NW Entrance Gauntlet SW Guest Rooms? SW Cell - planter open wall to south - jar opens passage to north to next room - elixir of speed, curing brew NE door [TU2] SE door [TU2] E door [TU2] NE Storage Tunnels SE Door - Final Meeting (quest location) - exit to outside SW Outside Valley -- Aelia - Spidersilk Tunic, Titansteel-Woven Pants -- Tinker Tanthlia -- Galen of Khemer -- Lightning Javelin (2), Searing Razordisk (2) SE building opens after fight starts -- jar opens to east - metal box [L7 at TU1, L3 at TU3 and TU4] - charmed titan statue, assault crystal -- metal chest [L10 at TU1, L5 at TU3, L4 at TU4] - scroll: resurrection E Dheless
  7. I think I left off the meat because it can be found in a nearby zone.
  8. Items to keep including for quests and potion crafting: Alchemy ingredients: -- healing herbs -- spiritual herbs -- energetic herbs -- graymold -- mandrake 3 picks 3 shovels 45 bars of iron 3 hammers 3 pincers 3 tongs 50 bags of meal 40 wine 1 Almarian wine all Aranea fangs all Magical Notes 30 ale Bag of Sugar 3 Meat shanks For item collection quests where the number isn't specified in the quest description if you have more of the items than needed to finish the quest in your inventory the NPC will usually still buy all of them before telling you that they don't need anymore the next time you return with that item. Ale is the only one where they never buy more than 30.
  9. Well some of the game mechanics of Exile came from D&D from the to hit system. The hard part is always game balance so it doesn't favor a class or the party becomes too powerful too quickly.
  10. Weekends are usually the worst time for replies.
  11. Zagat is also the name of a restaurant guide. Alexander Calder is an American sculptor known for creating the mobile. "To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there's no such thing as perfect."
  12. Most ordering is human supervised so delays can occur. Email is your best approach since they usually don't look at the forums.
  13. Go through your character's inventory. He's carrying an item that's causing it. When you get high enough level it doesn't bother you as much.
  14. Geneforge 1 remake is supposed to be in a few years according to a tweet from Jeff.
  15. You meet her another time in the next zone to the south with Zypherine when she flees down the trapdoor. If you missed seeing her in the south part of the Wretches zone then she won't appear in the other zone and there is no trapdoor. Just check all the south entrances in the Wretches zone first. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It helps to understand the scripts that control your game life.
  16. It probably won't happen until Jeff gets around to remaking it. So that would be at least 3 years from now. Also Jeff doesn't regularly read this forum so you are better off emailing him at support@spiderwebsoftware.com.
  17. Spridon is in his cell, but you might have the wrong one. Look in them all. The totem is in the north tower on the north side inner rooms in a container.
  18. I think she's gone if you leave the area. It doesn't make a big difference since she only gives some advice for getting past one of Erika's challenges to get inside. You do meet her again under her real name.
  19. Talk to Mairwen the fort's commander.
  20. Which game since the reward places to buy the spell are different? Avernum: Escape from the Pit has it in Fort Dranlon in the Eastern Gallery. Avernum: Crystal Souls has it in Fort Emerald in the Great Cave.
  21. I'm pretty sure you can move the boat along that river to the stairs down. There are a few places where you can fight things on the way.
  22. There are lots of hidden passages in the place so look for them starting in the entrance level. That's probably why you are missing some triangles. It's been too long since I've played to remember how to get downstairs.
  23. Potion of Disguise is a joke item used to gain an achievement medal, otherwise it has no useful purpose other than to sell.
  24. From beta testing Jeff has told me that once you get that error in a zone it will persist through out all remaining dialogue. It is usually caused by a punctuation mistake in the zone dialogue script.
  25. Trupo tells you that there is a lever hidden in the crate at the entrance of the mined area.