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  1. So you are creating a scenario bigger than some of Jeff's games? I can't wait. I'm looking forward to it and started over creating parties running through Jeff's scenarios so I can play Bahs and Exodus. It's been years since I've looked at BoA and it takes a while to get used to the differences from more recent games.
  2. Jeff likes vague answers to some questions. Open ended leaves it up to the player to decide.
  3. The problem might be that Apple changed the developer tools that work with recent operating systems and there might be an incompatibility problem.
  4. It depends upon difficulty level and playing style. Higher DEX and END means lower chance of being hit by a damage type of 2.5% per point which makes more of a difference on normal difficulty. By the end almost everything will hit you except for a few minor fights. If you are dying in a single round then extra END might help you just survive. If you like missile attacks, then extra DEX helps with damage.
  5. You have to fight the guards and leader, but not the god to reach the invitation. The invitation is upstairs past several groups. The god is a separate quest.
  6. Some boss monsters get automatic extra scripted attacks on harder difficulties even when stunned. One thing is out wait his immunities to some damage types that are scripted to occur when the dragon reaches certain damage levels. It isn't easy and usually requires raising dead characters in combat. I like to have a sorcerer in the party since with focus mastery you get recharged and take less damage by magical attacks. Then keep a blademaster with high armor and health next to the dragon to take most attacks. Everything else hugs the walls to survive. Summon monsters also help as a distraction.
  7. Some boss fights like the Freehold are insanely long and hard unless you find a trick in how Jeff scripted the fight. Even then I remember it taking a long time on torment difficulty. Newer games are going to be worse since boss monsters get extra abilities on harder difficulties.
  8. The empty container bug is a file corruption bug that only happens in new unexplored zones and hasn't been seen in Geneforge games. There is the too many items in a zone that causes some items to disappear as Slarty said so having more than 200 is risky. So putting some in another zone will help. It's possible in Geneforge 1 and 2 to drain merchants of all coins to buy your items. Also depending upon the faction and if you joined it, the prices will change.
  9. 1. No, you have to fight. 2. Scripted for him to escape. I don't know if you can do enough damage even on casual level.
  10. All quests have a party level where you get that amount of experience. If you can do the quest at a lower level then you get more and at a higher level you will get less. The Goldcrag Warborn alliance with a faction means less fighting later on in the Warborn Arena. However it also means less loot in Goldcrag and the Arena. It also changes the ending text slightly.
  11. 1. Have you bought everything you want from him? I think the quest giver only wants him to submit and not be killed. 2. from Strategy Central the skills are listed if you scroll down.
  12. 1. No, they and their loot never reappear. You just avoid combat. 2. You get 4 levels instead of 1 effect at 7 and above for skills. This happens for 9+. 3. No.
  13. Is it because the stave/staff is a two-handed weapon and you have a shield equipped?
  14. Experience is for quest, locations in later games, killing things, disarming traps and opening locked containers. However in later games there is less experience as your level rises above the level of what you do. So killing a harder monster when you are at a lower level will give you more experience than killing a weaker monster. You might find that you get no experience when your level is significantly higher. I think you get experience as you kill the monster, but it's been a while since I looked. You can check your character before and after. Unconscious/dead characters miss out on experience and also can't get spells from spell books. It also lowers the party's nature/cave lore that helps you avoid some encounters with low level monsters. I haven't checked recently, but it used to be that you didn't get experience for charmed monsters and hostile terrain effects killing monsters. It makes a little difference overall in the game, but if you are near leveling up. There is a small random factor in awarding experience so if you save before and reload you might get a few points more or less. I saw this once when I had to reload from before a quest reward. It's some kind of round off error. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. We get experience for collecting enough.
  15. But you are playing it wrong. That's what I keep effectively telling Jeff when I beta test and I'm fighting a wimpy boss monster that I wasn't supposed to have killed at that point. If you can kill it off without taking much damage, then you are right no matter what the designer or other players think.
  16. You see the same types of puzzles to win a boss fight in Jeff's games. The difference is that he has more beta testers with different playing styles to try them so some of them will complain about certain scripted fights. I've had fights stretch for an hour where I didn't figure out what he expected a player to do to win. Other fights get solved by brute force hack and slash in ways Jeff didn't plan. Become a beta tester and see how the fights change as Jeff goes and changes them to prevent certain approaches. "No, you can't use a damage immune summon to distract the boss monster," what Jeff must be thinking as he revised the fight. With all the different scenario creators in BoA, you can't expect to play them the same way. It took me a few tries to figure out when to use resources to finish Frostbite after making in most of the way through and running out. Creators have their own ideas on how to play or what they want players to do.
  17. I grew up when Wizardry and Ultima series first started. All the games were pretty much grind your character up until you reached the final battle. If you wanted something else there were text games like Crowther and Wood's Adventure where you had some puzzles on how to get past certain areas. Might and Magic 1 and 2 made a slightly more role playing game of the grinding. But it was years before you got something like table top RPGs. I never got to play Ultima IV so that's still on my list. As a historical note, Ultima I used to require booting up on DOS 1.0 to play, so between having to get out the floppy disk for that and the grinding, I never got to the end.
  18. With a 4 person party it's usually about 2 levels per 10% XP difference by the endgame.
  19. If I remember the XP allocation there is a slight increase with fewer characters as well as a random factor of a few points. Save before turning in a quest and each time a point or two difference will occur for the same character. You don't need more in mage and priest spell levels than to get to cast the highest spell which is either 17 or 18 depending upon the game. Plus there is no such thing as too much mana for a few fights. Jeff was pretty good about adjusting XP per level to keep parties from leveling up too quickly for his later games. Because of the requirements that you had to complete missions before getting to the next area, he kept the level needed for the next area on normal difficulty pretty much what an average player would need. If you did everything you would only be a few levels higher.
  20. It may take awhile for someone that has used that version to tell you a solution. It probably is a GOG version problem since if affects 3 different scenarios. It could be file corruption, bur with so many different scenarios in would have to be major damage to where they are stored. The usual solution is to delete and download a new version. But you might want to wait a day in case someone has seen this problem. I've played Frostbite with no problems but that was the old PowerPC version from Spiderweb for a Mac.
  21. From what I remembered of beta testing, you are about the point where the second round testers started to quit as they thought the beta was too hard. There are some harder areas ahead just because as you near the reptile captured town there are infinitely spawning monsters. You can get defeated there just because you run out of spell energy and consumable items fighting a never ending stream of monsters, Slarty is right that as you get experienced with a game and its style you have an easier time. Locks and traps go away because you know to raise the skill and there is a limit for all but the reward ones with ridiculously high needs in the 90s.
  22. It gives a new meaning to failing the final exam.
  23. Consider Shaper testing a way to weed out the incompetents and weaklings. Sleeping through classes might earn you a much longer nap in the dirt. In GF2 when you get to Drypeak there is mention of Shaped plants growing out of control. So much for trial and error as a Shaping methodology. The secretaries were holding a small party for one PhD who was leaving a few days later. As the defense dragged on they sent other graduates to find out why it wasn't over. One professor on the committee had fallen asleep and when woken up said since it wasn't his area of interest he had no reason to stay awake. There were questions on how many had read the whole dissertation besides the student and his advisor. Also with modern word processors whether the student still needed to read what he wrote as the program formatted in as he typed.
  24. Does this mean you're making him your archenemy?
  25. Nice to see you getting back to the "trilogy" after all this time. Kind of like Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's trilogy. It just keeps going in different directions. I need to dig out my old BoA parties and finally play these.