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  1. Fort Emergence - After completing plague quest Mazumdar opens to spell books after completing plague quest - level 3 — sage lore trait and Vahnatai Lore don't count to arcane lore needed -- right spell book [6] - Move Mountains -- left spell book [6] - Spray Acid Portal Fortress Need Walner's help to dechiper - Library scroll - Mage: Call Beast [5] Ghikra Capture Soul [VL 1, AL 12] Simulacrum [VL 3. AL 12] Erika's Tower (after defeating a plague) Ward of Thoughts [20] Tower of Magi Arcane Summon [12 or less], Dark Thoughts Below Agate Tower Pool of Ice [9] Slime Pit spell book [6] - Daze Inn of Blades Arion - QUEST - Get Metal Lumps - unlocks room to spell book - Slow Storm Port Mayor Runkle - QUEST - Destroy Undead for Storm Port - see Dana - go to home northwest corner north room under bed - Minor Heal [9?] Lair of Vahkohs spell book [10] - Protection Squiggus Gremlin chest [12] Lair of the Ursagi spell book - Cloak of Curses [9] Shayder - Anama member - Anama Temple -- stands - southwest - Call the Storm, Summon Shade, Ward of Thoughts, Curse the Land, Move Mountains - northwest - Minor Heal, Curing, Smite, Protection, War Blessing - northeast - Unshackle Mind, Heal, Rain of Curses, Mass Heal, Mass Curing - southeast - Divine Fire Shayder War Blessing [7] Shayder Sewers Bolt of Fire [7] Spiral Crypt Minor Summons [11 or less] Kneece - Purgatos room - Haste [9 or less] - Lair of Drakos - Cloak of the Arcane [15] Filth Factory Blink [9 or less] Sharamik Sharamik Scroll quest reward spell book [?] - Dispel Barrier level 1 Starcap Hunt Down Zang quest reward - Cloak of Bolts House on the Hill Pool of Fire [9 or less] Troglo Temple Pool of Corruption [11 or less] Under Castle Troglo Heal [12 or less] Adobe Hut Hermit - Ritual of Sanctication level 1 Lorelei - Library reward for Giant plague - Domination [?] - Hawke's Manse - Cloak of Blades [10] Grindstone Caverns Rain of Curses [?] Chasm of Screams Mass Curing [14] Monastery of Madness L1 Gymnastics [11] - no Sage Lore Trait Monastery of Madness L2 Curse the Land [15] Northeast Valorim NE by Orb - tunnel - need item for song - harp - Ward of Elements [14] NW Temple of Divine Lucre (quest location) - 5000c for Return Life, Divine Retribution, Divine Restoration -- -1 reputation, Blessing of Lucre (+2% damage) Gale Library -- spell book - Bless the Land [12] -- stand - Bolt of Fire [9 or less] Pit of the Wrym Divine Retribution [15 or less] Torria Sanctification Ritual [12] Maddok Island Summon Shade [17] - no sage Lore Trait Tower of Zkal Summon Shade Moon Library of Moon stand [4] - level 1 - Call the Storm, Move Mountains, Divine Fire stand [4] - level 1 - Bolt of Fire, Daze, Haste, Pool of Fire quest reward - Divine Restoration [15 some VL] Lair of Khoth Domination level 1 [11 or less] Dispel Barrier level 3 [12] Divine Retribution level 1 [11 or less] Defiled Crypt Arcane Summon [14]
  2. You can buy the fake Anama rings to get upstairs just for that spell.
  3. You leave the Anama and relearn the spell. Some places have walls that can be removed with Move Mountains. But for the most part you just can't get into them.
  4. It's still helpful for any party to rapidly gain levels to make game play easier. If you kill him for Starcap's quest, then you gain access to a level 3 mage spell.
  5. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Isaac Asimov started off as a short story writer. Some stories like the Foundation Series were originally published in magazines as novellas that were collected in novels as reprints. I don't think the intent was to originally write a novel, but to get published to make money and only later reprint it as a novel when he became more successful. Later on Asimov decided to fill in gaps between his earlier works and merge series into a large coherent universe that led to really bad novels.
  6. The 4 giant clans are different areas in the middle cavern.
  7. +1 level to Blademaster and Spellcraft.
  8. Blue treasure chests with nearby switches are to bless items to improve armor and/or damage. You can use them two times except for the one in the Portal Fortress that is only one time. To check group totals for arcane lore and others you need to look at the individual ability pages for each party member (the magic page) and add them up. If you do it when you aren't leveling up it will also show the bonuses from items as a plus number outside the circle.
  9. You don't learn level 3 unless you have used a trainer. What you get is a level in the spell and if it's the first time, then you get only level 1 use. It become level 3 when you use the trainer for 2 levels. Some places have spell books that give only level 1 and you need to go elsewhere for level 3.
  10. Trainer costs depend upon the game. The new ones cost the same for level 1 and 2, but older games had higher costs for level 2.
  11. Version 1.0.2 is now supposed to have some place where you can sell Aranea Fangs.
  12. 1. a. Call up the spell menu and move your cursor over the specific spells to read their descriptions. Most attack spells get bonus damage. Call Beast has summoned monster getting bonus effects like War Blessing for a few rounds. 1. b. Depending on the game you can do it in any order and some spells aren't worth getting the extra levels. Older versions of the First Avernum Trilogy required you to train in the first level before you could get extra levels from the spell book. Early Geneforge games required you to get the first two levels from a trainer, otherwise when you got the level from a book or canister then you couldn't go back to a trainer. 2. Battle Skills like Parry and some other skills like Arcane Lore have trainers, but if you use them before the cap at 10, then you can't use skill points to reach the maximum of 12. Some like Arcane Lore it's better to use the trainers since you don't need the maximum. 5. The Strategy Central topics have links to topics that list the maximum values of Arcane Lore, Cave (Nature) Lore, and Tool Use. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. You don't want to get attacked by the fluffy turtles trying to get at it.
  13. Job Board delivery items aren't always seen in every game and sometimes more than one person wants them.
  14. It teaches you an important life lesson. Don't push a button just because it's there.
  15. Yes. It's in the east side where the mages work. Ask around the nearby mage.
  16. Mage Spells Bolt of Fire - Shayder Sewers, Gale Library Call Beast - Portal Fortress Cloak of Curses - Lair of the Ursagi Daze - Slime Pit Haste - Kneece Pool of Fire - House on the Hill Slow - Inn of Blades - Reward for Arion Icy Rain - Tower of Magi - Reward for Slime Plague Acid Spray - Fort Emergence Cloak of Bolts - Starcap reward in Sharamik Minor Summons - Spiral Crypt Lightning Spray - Tower of Magi - Reward for Roach Plague Blink - Filth Factory Pool of Ice - Below Agate Tower Capture Soul - Ghikra Simulacrum - Ghikra Cloak of Blades - Lorelei - Hawke's Manse Dispel Barrier - Khoth's Library Summon Aid - Tower of Zkal Pool of Corruption - Troglo Temple Howl of Terror - Rakshasa Lair Fireblast - Tower of Magi - Reward for Troglo/Giant Plague Arcane Summon - Tower of Magi, Defiled Crypt Cloak of the Arcane - Kneece - Lair of Drakos Arcane Blow -Tower of Magi - Reward for Golem Plague Priest Rituals Minor Heal - Storm Port - Reward for Destroy Undead for Storm Port Curing - 1st Stone Pillar Ring Smite - 2nd Stone Pillar Ring Protection - Lair of Vahkohs War Blessing - Shayder through the Sewers Call the Storm - Northpoint Lighthouse Summon Shade- Cairns on Maddox Island Ward of Thoughts - Erika's Tower Curse the Land - Monastery of Madness L2 Move Mountains - Fort Emergence Unshackle Mind - 3rd Stone Pillar Ring Heal - Below Catle Troglo Rain of Curses - Grindstone Caverns Mass Heal - Squiggus Mass Cureing - Chasm of Screams Ward of Steel - 4th Stone Pillar Ring Divine Fire - Anama Temple Domination - Lorelei Library Bless the Land - Gale Library Sanctification Ritual - Torria Ward of Elements - Northeast Valorim by Orb in tunnel Return Life - Temple of Divine Lucre, 5th Stone Pillar Ring Divine Retribution -Temple of Divine Lucre, Pit of the Wyrm Divine Restoration - Temple of Divine Lucre, Library of Moon Divine Host - Blackcrag Fortress
  17. You can only loot some bodies between the barriers if you have a piercing crystal and it isn't significant loot.
  18. WEAPONS all damages are adjusted to a starting character with no weapon skills and/or stats that help the weapon type: melee @ 2 strength and no weapons skills missile @ 2 dexterity and no weapon skills Abbreviations: res. resistance HER hostile effects resistance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Melee Punch [damage d4 (1-4) per level] Code: Stick 6-24 Dagger Class [damage d3 (1-3) per level] Code: Crude dagger 5-15Iron dagger 7-21Shielding knife 7-21 6% armorHeavy iron cleaver 9-27 +1 strengthVampiric knife 10-30 6% armor, -1strength, -1 dexterity, +3 endurance Gleaming Blade [damage d4 (1-4) per level] Code: Fine steel dagger 15-60 weakness curse (2 turns, 50% chance) Sword Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level] Code: Crude shortsword 10-40Bronze shortsword 11-44 Iron shortsword 12-48Steel shortsword 14-56Singing rapier 13-52 +2 Quick Action, +1 BlademasterNephil warblade 17-68 +1 Str, +1 Dex. +10% fatigue recoveryRadiant shortblade 23-92 +15% energy res., +2% chance to hitDiscipline blade 10-40 +30% faster fatigue recovery, +2 melee weapons, +3 to pole weapons Broadsword Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level] +5% to hit chance, 10% chance to cleave (d3 instead of d4 for nearby target) Code: Crude broadsword 12-48Bronze broadsword 14-56 Iron broadsword 16-64Steel broadsword 19-76Demonslayer 19-76 extra damage to demons, 6% armor, +15% fire, energy, and cold res.Spectral Falchion 16-64 +8 blademaster, +4% HERGhostly blade 17-68 +6% melee damage protection, +6% HER, slow for 2 turns (50%) Vahnatai Blade Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level] Code: Waveblade 21-84 +8% to hit chance Venomous blade 24-106 (10+24d4) +8 to hit chance, +12% poison and acid res. Frozen Blade [damage d3 (1-3) per level] cold damage Code: Frozen blade 22-58 (10+12d3) +10% cold res., +3% to hit chance, weakness curse for 2 turns (30% chance) Oozing Sword [damage d3 (1-3) per level] Code: Oozing sword 24-74 (10+20d4) +10% acid res., +3% to hit chance, 14-28 acid for 2 turns (50% chance) Flaming Sword [damage d4 (1-4) per level] Code: Flaming Sword 20-80 (10+20d4) +10% fire res., +3% to hit chance, fire damage 25-65 (5+20d3) Spear Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level] - two-handed Code: crude spear 12-48bronze spear 14-56iron spear 17-61steel spear 20-80lava-fired spear 14-56 +5% fire res., +5% to critical hit chance, +3% to magical damageslith spear 14-56 +2% to hit chancefine slith spear 17-68 +2% to hit chanceslith warspear 20-80 +10% fire res.slith bloodspear 20-80 +6% to critical hit chanceSmite 14-56 +15% cold res., +1 action points, +5% to critical hit chanceSpear of the Fens 6-24 +10% acid and curse res., +3% riposte Halberd class [damage d4 (1-4) per level] 10% chance to cleave (d3 instead of d4) Code: regular cleaveCrude halberd 20-50 (10+10d4) 15-35 (5+10d3)Bronze halberd 22-58 (10+12d4) 17-62 (5+12d3)Iron halberd 25-70 (10+15d4) 20-50 (5+15d3)Molten halberd 25-70 (10+15d4) 20-50 (5+15d3) +2 gymnasticsSteel halberd 28-82 (10+18d4) 23-56 (5+18d3)Chaotic halberd 35-110 (10+25d4) 30-80 (5+25d3) ensnaring for 2 turns (50%) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Missile Bow Class [damage d3 (1-3) per level] Code: Crude bow 9-27Cavewood bow 12-36Lemonwood bow 14-52Yew bow 17-51Ever-rotting bow 13-39 acid 11-22 for 2 turns (50% chance)Bow of Storms 14-42 lightning for 2 turns (50%)First Expedition bow 22-66 +2 quick action, +3 bows, +2% HERPossessed bow 24-62 (5+19d3) Heartstriker bow - attack does critical damage 50%)Bow of the Deep Woods 22-66 +10% mind effects res., +5% to healing Longbow Class [damage d3 (1-3) per level] +5% to hit chance Code: Crude longbow 11-33Cavewood longbow 15-45Lemonwood longbow 18-54Yew longbow 22-66Farsight longbow 18-54 +5% missile damage, +10% faster fatigue recoverySage's longbow 14-42 +5% to hit chance, +5% magical damage, +5% to blessings/curses you cause Javelin Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level] Code: Crude javelin 4-16Iron javelin 6-24Steel javelin 10-40 Razordisk Class [damage d4 (1-4) per level] Code: Razordisk 13-52Fine Razordisk 17-68
  19. WE'VE LOST

    From Jeff back in February: "We will remaster the Geneforge games, starting in 18 months or so. The story and gameplay will be mostly the same, but I have a lot of cool ideas for the creation system. I will be giving the Geneforge engine a lot of tweaks to make gameplay more varied and interesting. I was never happy with how leveling up and training creations worked. I want players to feel free to change their creations around to match given situations and not be stuck with a few fixed creations the whole game. I want you to be able to customize your creations in more satisfying and significant ways. The base storyline and the main elements of the game that people loves will stay the same."
  20. New Geneforge 5 Character Editor

    I haven't tried it but from reading the script, the editor activates when you reach the place in the zone where you can touch the conduit. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It really helps. Ask the nice guys in the white coats that gave me this nice jacket with the long sleeves that laces up in back.
  21. It's in the west end of the south chamber. There are three of them opening on each large filth pit.
  22. AL is the total Arcane Lore in the party including the sage lore trait to understand the spell book. Mage AL 3 Bolt of Fire - Nephilim Fortress Upper Floor 4 Call Beast - Brigand Fort 5 Cloak of Curses - Cotra when reputation is Well-Liked 8 Daze - Foul Cavern 7 Haste - Tower of Magi 4 Slow - Lair of Athron - Athron 5 Icy Rain - Bandit Lair 10 Spray Acid - Almaria - living statue 7 Cloak of Bolts - Sulfur Caves 7 Minor Summon - Ogre Cave 7 Lighting Spray - Gremlin Cave 8 Blink - Hidden Island Tower 8 Cloak of Blades - Southern Abyss quest reward from Zavlek 8 Dispel Barrier - Lair of Khoth 5 Summon Aid - Hidden Aranea Lair - Aranea Cave 9 Howl of Terror - Bahssikava Deeps 10 Fireblast - Stagnant Tunnels 11 Arcane Summon - The Castle - Destroy Grah-Hoth reward 11 Cloak of the Arcane - Erika's Tower - Escape the Underworld quest reward 12 Arcane Blow - Erika''s Tower -Kill Hawthorne reward Priest AL 3 Minor Heal - Nephilim Fortress Upper Floor 5 Curing - Underground Fort 5 Smite - Hidden Tower 0 Protection - Tower of Magi - quest reward 6 War Blessing - Swamp City 7 Call the Storm - Fort Avernum 7 Summon Shade - Dharmon - quest reward 8 Ward of Thoughts - Crypt of Drath Level 3 8 Unshackle Mind - Formello - quest reward 8 Heal - Ancient Crypt 7 Mass Healing - Leith's quest reward at Shaynee's Bazaar 7 Mass Curing - Slith Fortress 9 Steelward - Bat Cave 8 Divine Fire - Slith Castle Upper Level 10 Domination - Swamp Temple Upper Level 10 Ward of Elements - Freehold of Kyass 10 Return Life - Gremlin's Gold 11 Divine Retribution - The Castle - Destroy Grah-Hoth reward 11 Divine Restoration - Erika's Tower - Escape the Underworld quest reward 12 Divine Host - Erika's Tower - Kill Hawthorne reward Lower level spell books Stagnant Tunnels First 7 Mage spells - AL 8 without sage lore and one level of mage spells First 7 Priest spells - AL 8 without sage lore and one level of priest spells West of Fort Remote Dispel Barrier (level 1) - AL 8
  23. There is only one teleporter that takes you to a useful place. The one in the northwest of all of them, but it takes several hidden switches and monster fighting to reach it. Most of the others take you to the entrance or back to area west of the level's center.
  24. Potions Portal Fortress Walner - alchemist - craft potions, helps read library scroll -- healing potion - 2 healing herbs — curing potion - 1 healing herb — speed potion - 1 each healing, spiritual, and energetic herbs — energy potion - 1 each healing, spiritual, and energetic herbs Lost Island Harmon - potion maker -- healing elixir - healing herb and graymold -- gray mold salve - gray mold and mandrake root Shayder Jed -- healing potion - 2 healing herbs -- curing potion - 1 healing herb -- protection potion - 1 healing and 1 spiritual herbs -- speed potion - 1 healing, energetic, and spiritual herbs -- energy potion - 1 healing, energetic, and spiritual herbs Fenris Port Kurtz scrolls - need paper and herbs: -- lightning - healing, spiritual, energetic -- domination - healing, spiritual, energetic -- healing - healing, spiritual, energetic -- sanctification - gray mold and healing, spiritual, energetic -- spellward - mandrake root and healing, spiritual, energetic Sharamik Grassi - alchemist -- healing elixir - healing herb and graymold -- curing elixir - healing herb and graymold -- armor elixir - healing, spiritual, and energetic herbs and gray mold Lorelei Carlos - potion for 50c and ingredients - healing elixir - healing herb and graymold - curing elixir - healing herb and graymold - armor elixir - healing, spiritual, and energetic herbs and graymold - speed elixir - spiritual and energetic herbs and mandrake root Gale Nantier - Alchemist -- potions for 50c and ingredients - healing elixir - healing herb and graymold - curing elixir - healing herb and graymold - armor elixir - healing, energetic, spiritual herbs and gray mold - speed elixir - spiritual and energetic herbs and mandrake root - energy elixir - spiritual and healing herbs and gray mold and mandrake root Items Silvar Temple of Divine Lucre - Kilborn - Ritual of Add Value (50c, focusing crystal) — iron broadsword - Fine Steel — steel spear - Fine Steel — iron greaves - Fine Steel — Blessed Boots - Fine leather (8% armor, -5% to hit) — Grounded Cloak - 2 Fine Leather (4% armor, 10% energy res) Farport Mrrhrr -- Steel breastplate - 2 fine steel, focusing crystal Golddale Burr (crafter) (200c and focusing crystal) -- Deadeye Cloak - 2 fine leather (4% armor. +1 Sharpshooter, +1 Sniper) -- Treated Leather - 3 fine leather (10% armor, +2% evade, +3% HER) -- Girdle of Endurance - 3 fine leather (2% armor, +1 Endurance) -- Warrior's Kilt - 5 fine leather Warrior's Kilt (4% armor, +1% to evade, -5% to hit, +10% faster fatigue recovery, +1 Blademaster Lennus Carmine - QUEST - Metal for Carmine - 1000c and lumps of metal - Radiant Soulblade (8% armor, +2 Dual Wielding, +2 Lethal Blow, +2 Gymnastics) Tevrono Tenuta Craft - 8 fine steel, 3 focusing crystals - Flaming Sword (+10% fire res, +`0% faster fatigue recovery, fire damage) - Caller's Bracers (9% armor, -5% to hit, +2 Spellcraft, +5% critical hit) - Seeking Gauntlets (10% armor, 5% critical hit) - with gazer eyestalk - Quickblade Plate (34% armor, +6% evade, -20% to hit, +5% riposte, +8% critical hit) Bremerton Craswell - craft - 500c, 7 fine leathers, 3 focusing crystals - Warrior's Cloak (5% armor. +1 Melee Weapons, +1 Pole Weapons, +3% melee damage protection, +2% melee damage) - Dervish Boots (8% armor, -5% to hit, +3% melee damage. +5% riposte) - Bandit's Cap (7% armor, -10% to hit, +1 Dual Wielding, +2% evade) - with gazer eye stalk and 2 more fine leathers - Dragonskin Gloves (8% armor, +2 Strength, +2 Quick Action, +5% melee damage)