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  1. It isn't a bug, bug a deliberate decision by the game designer. A bit of pain to have to go so far to get back.
  2. When you can't use mental magic effectively, you need to slowly move into the area to draw them off into melee. That area unfortunately will swarm you so you need to position yourself with the terrain and make it so most don't have line of sight on you. You may have to retreat a few times to avoid getting too many at once especially the magic attackers.
  3. It depends upon the game and operating system where the saved folder is stored. The oldest games lets you store them wherever you wanted. But most of the games in the last few years have the path specified and in the case of Geneforge 4 stored inside the game folder. I never tried to find the code line that specifies the path, so I can't help you. It maybe hard coded into the game.
  4. No other way but fighting through. You can avoid some fights with monsters by minimizing exploration.
  5. Return Life needs a Balm of Life potion and in some cases you may not have been high enough level if the character was dust.
  6. Did you go and follow him past a magical barrier? I remember it being a long hunt to finally kill him.
  7. It's taken several games to get it fixed this much. The AI used to come up with some convoluted paths to move characters in melee that caused you to waste a turn. Eventually you get a feel for how far away you are and move yourself in small steps instead of relying on the AI.
  8. This is one of the hardest fights in what should be an easy area. I forgot most of what I did to win this one, but I do remember getting rid of the priest so he can't keep healing them is very important. There's nothing like seeing all your hard work damaging them almost to dead go away in a single action. Keeping your party mostly away from them except fighters in key. You might waste consumable potions to protect squishy characters. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your remaining sanity at the door. The little you have left from trying this fight.
  9. Enduring Barrier can still give a pretty big boost to health that can keep a character alive through several hits in one round. You can only start a character with Priest or Mage spells up to level 6, but those make a big difference over default characters.
  10. You might have talked to the wrong Vahnatai or missed the right dialogue option, there are three of them. You need to keep trying until you get the message about them consulting maps to tell you how to get inside. The one about Erika is on the west and I think you need the one on the east opposite the one you talk to.
  11. There are beasts that appear away from her that shield her from attacks that you need to kill repeatedly since she makes more of them. You want range attacks since you won't be near Lady Antje when you take care of her beasts.
  12. Carsta'arl can be found by exploring and lots of fighting with his minions. It's not a straight path with I believe you having to change levels a few times. Nathalie's message is in the chamber where you first fought the drake. It's been awhile since I played that game.
  13. Avadon starts out as pest control and the pests just get larger as you progress.
  14. Slarty didn't put an explicit question in the poll, but some players will only play either Geneforge or Avernum/Exile.
  15. I have a car, but avoid driving because of all the accident aftermaths I've seen. Two were cars rear ended leaving parking lots because the driver behind them was watching traffic and not the car ahead of him/her. A car made a right turn over a sidewalk and ten feet of gravel into a sound barrier wall. Another car was struck, knocked over a sidewalk, a ten foot drainage ditch, and then into a sound barrier wall. Then there was the guy waiting to be an accident as he was writing on a clip board using his steering wheel for a desk top. It may be newer players only come here to post when they have a problem with a game and decide they want to continue instead of playing another game.
  16. Wait until a new game gets released. There isn't much to talk about otherwise although BoA has some interest.
  17. Just finished Ton Holt's The Management Style of the Supreme Beings. I thought it was funny and a great book. However those with strong beliefs in religion, Santa Claus, and/or Star Wars maybe offended and even think it's blasphemous. Do not let your boss see this book as you definitely don't want any of management ideas adopted where he thinks he's a supreme being and you are the minion that gets to do all his work and yours. You may not catch all the religious, pop cultural, and historical references, but consider them an educational opportunity.
  18. Almost every term could be applied to Donald Trump except possibly Mexican and drug runner. He's admitted to groping women and entering dressing rooms of beauty pageants with naked underage girls in them. His family claimed to be from Sweden instead of Germany.
  19. I prefer a new game since remakes tend to have less new material than previous remakes. It's more the game engine update and combat mechanics. Best remake feature is the junk bag so we don't have to make dozens of trips to haul items.
  20. Jeff on Geneforge remake in his Twitter feed on April 29, "Yes, in a couple years hopefully." Just changing the number of action points per round and those needed for a combat action to GF5 will completely change the game. It will make everything move farther in a round across the zone.
  21. He hasn't started beta testing so no date. However in the past he's started beta testing in July/August for release in late November. He used to like catching customers before they had spent their money on end of the year shopping.
  22. When using cryoas against cold immune monsters, they aren't immune to their melee physical attack. They will die faster, but they work until you transitioned to your current creations. More creations tend to work better than a few powerful ones, so you might add some more later when you have the essence.
  23. Marvel did two seasons of the TV series, "Agent Carter," that failed to get decent ratings. They failed with "Elektra" starring Jennifer Garner after having her in "Daredevil" movie. Marvel is less risk inclined than WB with DC films. After all DC did "Catwoman" with Halle Berry because Michelle Pfeiffer did so well in "Batman Return" but it was poor writing and flopped. They gave up after the planned TV series pilot was so poorly done.
  24. What isn't mention in GF4 is that tier 1 and 2 creations will be extremely susceptible to mental attacks that leave them stunned or terrified in the last part of the game. Creations that also have a range attack are usually better.
  25. Leveling up creations makes a big difference some games, because then they are near the same level as what you are fighting. New creations in the late game are usually below the monsters' levels so they won't hit as well or have the health to stay around. All the games are meant to be playable as a Shaper, but Jeff's tweaking of the games make certain Shaping classes better in each game.