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  1. Genegorge 4: Unable to save game

    Prefs file is usually buried in the Library folder.
  2. Level Caps?

    200 XP and at that level sometimes even less.' You can beat the end at lower levels even on torment difficulty.
  3. What have you been reading recently?

    Berkeley Breathed's has in print, A New Hope: Episode XI and A Brand New Spanking Day reproduced from his Facebook page after 25 years Opus, Bill the Cat, Milo Bloom, Blinkey, Oliver Wendell Jones, Steve Dallas and Cutter John are back to mock the Internet, Trump, and Star Wars. Because if you can't mock them, than who can you mock.
  4. Level Caps?

    You won't say that after a few hours of circling the map to gather herb ingredients to make wisdom crystals or knowledge brews to level up. Besides you don't really need to do it to win the game.
  5. Level Caps?

    After level 30, skill points come every 5 levels.
  6. Do you have the Orb of Thralni? It's been a while since I did that area, but if the cavern is in the extreme northwest part of the Avernum map, then you are in the right area.
  7. You need to use the Tower of Magi Portal to reach it. Well Fort adjacent.
  8. Getting into gated areas

    There is a wheel past the door to the east of where you fought the aged drake. My mistake that it was a wheel and not a lever.
  9. Getting into gated areas

    Look for levers to open them mostly in the north part of the lower level. The lever in the north opens the west gate. The east gate is open from the south side as a short cut to get out.
  10. Level Caps?

    You can finish the game in the mid 40s depending upon the difficulty level. Even as a single character party you can finish on torment difficulty in the 50s. The BoA remake won't happen until it gets released as open source.
  11. Level Caps?

    Level cap is 65, not that most players will see it. It will probably be the same in the Avernum 3 remake.
  12. It's been a while but the gate should reopen if you use the original lever that opened it the first time. I can't remember if you have a fixed number of turns to make it through so you have to get at least one character past the gate to keep it open. I don't have the game out to check what the code is to make it open.
  13. G4 Barrier Bros

    Khur dies if he is there, otherwise your character loses stat points instead.
  14. Avadon 3 low resolution/hard to read/view

    Default resolution on my computer is 1440x900. Are you playing in windowed mode or full screen? You can change that in the game preference menu.
  15. What have you been eating recently?

    How about religiously.
  16. G4 Barrier Bros

    Yes, but it's harder to kill them after fixing Moseh. You need to fix/kill Moseh to get into the next area.
  17. Huzzah! I'm *almost* Dr. Triumph!

    Congratulations and it's all down hill from here. Don't be disappointed if the committee doesn't stay awake during your defense.
  18. Geneforge 3 Lankan

    No real reward other than you can loot in peace. However it isn't an easy fight. Jeff really didn't write the game so there are easy resolutions.
  19. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    The Abyss was under Empire control so it got left off the map.
  20. My Sorceress - Hands on hips, Foot tapping

    Your base attack is always going to be fire. Upgrading to a different rod or staff just means more damage and some defensive bonuses. To do cold attack you need to raise your skill to 6 to get the option of a cold attack. Or when you get higher level spell abilities you get more different attack types. However they all require cool down periods. Raising dexterity, especially in Avadon 1 means better chance of evading some attacks and being more effective with a bow. However later in the game, most monsters are highly resistant to physical damage.
  21. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    Jeff said he hopes to do the remake in two years. *sniggers at the thought*
  22. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    Some users have it set up to automatically send them an email when they get a PM.
  23. Leveling Intelligence

    About halfway through the game, there is an NPC you can talk to that lets you retrain your characters. You can reassign all your points if you aren't happy with the way you built them. It resets the character to level 1, but you now have all the points you gained that can be added. Shaman is funny it that one of the best spells is based off Dexterity instead of Intelligence. Intelligence is still important, but it depends upon whether you want to emphasize attack spells or summoning animals to help you fight. Endurance is more important because a Shaman has the worst armor and resistances of any class. So even with the most health points, you take more damage.
  24. Leveling Intelligence

    Intelligence gives the to hit for spells. It also increases the damage level. Upgrading from an apprentice rod to a better rod or staff also increases the damage level. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Rational thought only interferes with your understanding.