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  1. Many thanks to Randomizer and Edgwyn for helping out a newbie (me), I am really appreciative of their kindness!
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome!! have been picking up everything, but from what I understand, most items found are there for flavor and player-interest. So, if those items do not have a particular use, and have no real monetary value, they are not worth picking up? I am a bit surprised that the designers put in things that are worthless, but in my opinion it does add some personality. I am also stuck with the first enemy in the dungeon under the castle. The guy I am fighting - Ghroz - is tearing right through me and my companion. I know I am new to this game, and I have a couple potions and healing patches, should I be using them in this battle or is there something I am missing? Please help!
  3. Hey everyone!! I am new to Avadon, and so far it's been pretty fun! I have a question though.... as I explore the first castle and the dungeons underneath, I have found a TON of items to be picked up. That said, how do I know what to pick up and what not to? My main character's inventory is cluttered with both helpful and seemingly unhelpful items. I understand the need to pick up gear and potions, but what about rope, sticks, spoons, etc? Should I leave the more ambiguous items where I found them? Thanks so much!!
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