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Queen's Wish Sucks


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I really dug the Avernum and Geneforge sereis, and I don't understand why Queen's Wish has to be much worse than those games.


The gameplay, story, combat, inventory, graphics, you name it, are all a huge step backwards.  Just about everhting is worse in this game then the other ones.


Am I the only one that feels this way?  I really like this developer and I hope they can get things back on track!

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Aw, I like Queen's Wish. It fixed a lot of issues I had with the Avernum remake/Avadon era of Spiderweb Software which was difficulty figuring out how to balance abilities. The Avernum remakes tried to balance it with an energy cost, but that really just ended up being "what level of tedium are you willing to accept to clear this dungeon?" since you could just exit to town whenever you were running low. There were also an extreme amount of potions doled out that pretty much ensured energy management was a non-issue and contributed to mages being significantly stronger than warriors could ever be. Battle disciplines tried to solve that, I think, but it turned out only a single one was ever useful in the late game (Adrenaline Rush) and mages could easily get access to it as well. Avadon tried to fix the issues by introducing ability cooldowns, but they were so long (10+ rounds) that you often only ended up casting any given ability once per encounter. Queen's Wish, by comparison, has a number of useful abilities that you have to manage properly to get through the dungeon. There's a decent of variety of effects, and I enjoy actually having to think about my energy management.


I also think it does a much better job with difficulty. Enemies hit a lot harder on torment difficulty and utilize more abilities, but they don't become bullet sponges like they do on torment for previous series. Resistances don't scale to ridiculous degrees where it becomes nearly impossible to hit with mental effects in the late game, and you can actually inspect enemy stats in combat with right click.


Story-wise, I'll agree it's not the strongest Spiderweb game, but I liked the premise and characters well enough. The sequel, on the other hand, I think was a great story, Queen's Wish 2 ranks near the top of Spiderweb stories for me with Geneforge 2.

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It's definitely a step further away from mainstream expectations for RPGs.  A step backwards, absolutely not.


It's also hard to argue whether or not it's a step backwards without any specifics to talk about.  What about the gameplay, combat, and inventory is worse to you?  I'm with Mechalibur on the combat balance points mentioned above.  It certainly has more depth than the very fun but wildly imbalanced mechanics of the original Geneforge games.  (And Mutagen came out after QW1.)


The graphics are... well, I don't think anyone completely loves them, but I do appreciate going back to a top-down perspective.  So that complaint I understand at least.  As for the stories... it's worth pointing out that the central Avernum stories (1-3) were written from 1994-1996, and Geneforge was written all in the early to mid oughts.  15-30 years of real life (!!) passed between those stories and Queen's Wish.  The world has changed, and so has the person writing them.

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Queen's Wish is a world view from a different perspective. Instead of Avernum/Exile from the perspective of the rebels and criminals dumped into exile, it's more like the Empire that dumps its enemies elsewhere to protect itself. It's also like 
Avadon in showing the more unsavory side to how a government stays in power and keeps things stable by striking deals to keep their power.


The combat system is different in the emphasis on completing a dungeon in one trip. You have to manage your resources to have enough for the final boss battle and not being able to leave and return to do each section with overwhelming force. It also got rid of the extra experience with redoing a section like in Exile.

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