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  1. The Gem puzzle in the Deep Towers took me hours to figure out! @TheUmbra's second clue above was a big help.
  2. I would recommend playing the first game first. They are both great, but the first one is a bit more traditional in its approach, and more accessible. I think the second game works best as a sort of counterpoint to the first game. The story, is darker, more complex, and your decisions are more challenging in QW2. Technically, the game engines are almost identical. A few things are more polished in QW2, but you're not getting any kind of major advance in gameplay.
  3. I have been playing Jeff's games since Exile 1, and I think Queen's Wish 1 and 2 are incredible. Don't be deceived by the apparent simplicity of these games. They are the work of a master game designer. Once you play for a while, you realize Jeff took out all of the annoying stuff in RPGs, and distilled these games to the best parts. Every spell or weapon has a purpose. Every dungeon is well thought out and cleverly constructed. Yes, there are limited types of monsters, but they are all interesting and challenging in their own way. There is just the right amount of dialogue, and it is generally clear which NPCs you need to talk to pay attention to. And miraculously he got rid of all the pixel-hunting quests, secret doors, random deathtraps, and other tedious obstacles you find in most RPGs. Yes, there is a ton of combat, but, for the most part, it is strategic and fun. Finally, these games work great on an iPhone. Perfect for a commute or long plane trip. I should add, the stories are great! I feel like I'm reading a good fantasy novel when I play these games. I get completely immersed in the world, and the needs of the characters. There is nothing "on rails" either. The worlds are very open-ended, and the player always feels like they can go in any direction they want, (until perhaps the endgame). I definitely would not call these games a step backwards. I actually consider them a step forward toward creating games that are more artful and impactful, rather than the endless grind of most RPGs.
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