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  1. Well, in case you just need it clear and concise: #1 Must talk to farmer Dragan a little to the north, conversation option 4. If there are only 3 conversation options, make sure you have the quest, and do anything what might be required for that option 4 because it is necessary #2 key is on a goblin body in northern mine west of Dharmon, once you've spoken to Dragan about the quest. Any luck so far, pilgrim? 😊
  2. Back before the new millennium I actually skipped the whole khazi politics and took simply to the slaughtering way of things when it comes to troglo. The reaction was kind of amusing, but I guess it worked. I recommend going the arguably more normal way though, so you don't miss stuff. Or at least do that first, as said before. There indeed is nothing of interest right behind Erika in-game, you're just not supposed to get there. So I've been told many times. I guess it is up to our imagination. Or rather beyond it... Ooh, freshly removed sanity in this jar by the door!
  3. Happy to hear you got past the mirrors. Always once you DO get the mirrors right and can move ahead normally again, there is at least a thrill of satisfaction as reward.
  4. Huh. I guess you really don't want to slack off. I believe one really has to optimize their stats and stuff to make it on Torment, that's why I always settle with Hard. That way I can be a bit funky with my choices, and even get away with total mistakes. To each their own, and I do admire your dedication! I hope you do get all the way through something, why not ALL SW games on Torment one day - the forums with their experienced members may help with that!
  5. How do I manage to fight a gazillion chitrachs with my sanity intact? JK, I had a very good time during that game also.
  6. We sure need bees. I hope they will survive and flourish.
  7. Hail to the mighty Solberg! Thanks for putting money in for Queen's Wish. Thanks to people like you, the kickstarted worked out really well from all I reckon. Solberg as a lorry driver. Why not, why not. With Cheeseball in the handkerchief compartment and spells on the go!
  8. Lost cause it is. They hates ya forever, I've been told. Same thing happened to me and permanently ruined my cloth/herb courier career. Stupid bigot countryside militia. They don't know what they're missing out there. Occasional message about you feeling weird and paranoid. Nothing more to my knowledge
  9. I don't think I ever went this deep into it but do think that it gives depth and substance to include these kind of questions in the games. Makes you think, wonder, care, get involved, makes this world more real and alive. The poor buggers are sent to this miserable and dangerous existence that will presumably make their lives short, painful and with little to expect, sometimes for things that shouldn't even be punished at all by any semi-modern human standards and rights. Yet they fight on, find hope, use what they have, use their stealth, disguise and resourcefulness when they don't have th
  10. Great! No telling how this will turn out and what all will come out of this. I'm not sure how that sounded, but it's a good thing! Way to go! Interesting context... I wonder what Freud & C:o would say about mother complexes and such... what happened to the king etc? Look forward to finding out! Recommended a scroll of absolution to a friend... and made a post on my blog. Good luck
  11. I think it was a stupid barbarian (naked fighter tank) and some sort of hapless healer I think, 2 guy party. Didn't get far but tried this a couple of ties with a little tweaking. At least it was fun and different!
  12. This could make a return in some new game, you know. Have a sword that you wield that shoots icy rain or whatever, put the icy rain in your quick use slot. When there's 0 charges left it's still usable as a sword, and then you could go and re-charge it to a sage or somebody. I'd love that!
  13. Oh! That is it! Why didn't I look to the east of Ghikra at all? It's right there! Must've been unconcentrated / ignorant at some point, there probably was a clue or something too. Much thanks for the efficient troubleshooting! Now to proceed
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