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  1. Which weapon would have better stats in practice? I'm not sure how to qualify the 'bonus'. I've also added a flaming quality to a steel halberd, so how do you think they compare?
  2. Maybe the big man himself can weigh in on this. I used shockwave to grind for my magic casters in Exile 2 and was sad that I can't do it in Exile 3 haha.
  3. Right, you mentioned that earlier my mistake, I misread your post. I'm still a little shaken up about this spell, it's really rattled me to the core. And yeah now I can use shockwave for instance, in holding pens on hostile creatures.
  4. This is some hard-hitting journalism here fellows. I am surprised that no-one was aware of this after Exile 3 existing for more than 2 decades.
  5. Good idea. I tried this and it turns out that my shockwave caused no damage through either walls or fire barriers, even with a townsperson on the immediate other side of a wall. That's sad, that spell was awesome! Haha. maybe it was too good.
  6. Pretty close. Within 5 spaces for sure the second time. Probably between 4-6 the first time.
  7. I tried using it in the Troglo Temple to kill various enemies while I was holed up in a small corner, and I also tried using it in a similar scenario in one of the destroyed towns in Footracer, with a fire barrier in the doorway of an otherwise intact building. The only damage coming up was to my own party.
  8. Alright, I have found a few things I'll keep poking around to see what else I can find. I'm definitely not ready yet for the keep, I need to level my weaker characters a bit first. Thanks.
  9. Does this spell not penetrate doors/walls/magic barriers? I am trying to cast this and it's not showing any damage incurred by enemies, only my own part. I remember in playing Exile 2 that it was a great spell and also good for me to gain experience on my mages.
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm now able to get into Footracer. What should be the first thing I do? My party is relatively strong and the beasts aren't that tough to battle. Merci for the advice
  11. Jammer. I need Jeff Vogel to use some leet skills to teleport me into some out of bounds areas just to have a look around. Well, I have to go back to the empress now so...
  12. Okay, I ended up going around indiscernibly killing in the castle so that's settled. Is there any way to access the rest of Blackcrag fortress? I'm able to get to the throne room and no further.
  13. Yes I was referring to the <<Living quarters area>> so I suppose this is impossible then. As for Castle Troglo okay, I just found a giants map to some barrier tunnel if I understand it right so I assume that is how I access the castle? I mean, I've already done the kill the Khazi portion of Castle Troglo but wasn't able to explore it any more than that small area.
  14. Okay, I guess i need to find another key for her place then. Also I need to go back to the giants. Thanks.
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