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  1. Yes it's not the ones in Gnass (They are my bros). You have to access these maps by going through some sub-sub-terranean tunnels. The first encounter you have is with some sliths conducting a ritual sacrifice when you emerge from the tunnels (This area and the map to the north: http://ironycentral.com/harehunter/Avernum4/Maps/M67_SlithLands.html). I appreciate that this game is quite old now. I am late to the party.
  2. Hello, is the slith 'fort' that is located roughly north of the castle area the subject of an assigned subquest in the game, or is it simply a place where you go in and kill a bunch of sliths in an unsolicited fashion? I feel like most of the quests in the area I have accomplished. Thanks for your input, Cinoo
  3. Is there any long-term consequence in the game to reporting the location of the spiders to the Sage in the Abyss? I personally hate spiders anyway, so I might just reveal their location. I've already done the Chitrach quest for the spiders so I am not sure if they are useful anymore.
  4. Ah yes I see now I am able to take a bit of a round-about route. It would be nice if I could destroy a few for the XP but I really am getting destroyed by these things haha. I may need to complete a few more quests. Merci.
  5. Am I supposed to be killing these pylons as I make my way through the western wastes outside of Fort Remote? They are utterly destroying me, so I am not sure if the idea is to sneak past them or not. All the best, Cinoo
  6. To add some detail for those playing this looking for information on this topic, I have done a few quest related things in Dharmon and as for the main storyline I need to go to Fort Remote after talking to the king. my levels are 16, 14, 16 and 16 so I may be just squeaking by most of these quests. I took some time to do a ton of side quests in the eastern gallery before this.
  7. Okay so I am doing many jobs and mini quests and I think this is helping me acquire enough experience and items that should help. My characters are much stronger. I think I went way too soon.
  8. Yes I basically didn't do anything on the Job Board. I think that I am used to Exile 3 where I sort of ignored that in favour of the bigger storyline elements and it worked out fine. I may have to give some of these jobs a shot; I did think I was advancing quickly. I actually did give some mage skill to my priest but that was my only character which was very diversified.
  9. In retrospect, the priest spells would have been a good idea. At this point, I am not sure when I will be adding in that factor as skill points are quite few and far between. Yes I am playing A4, I neglected to mention. I'll try taking out the pylons one by one from a sheltered line of sight, that's a good strategy. I actually completed the entire cave and managed to survive in the final battle with 1 pylon left, but, it took a lot of tries so I have the sense that my team is quite weak. I've decided to go around killing stuff elsewhere to increase my levels a little bit.
  10. Hello everyone, I cleared out Mortrax's cave except the final vahnatai boss. I am wondering what a typical level is like at this point, as my characters are 5 3 5 5 (and I made some bad stats choices on some of them too) and it seems pretty difficult to actually beat this battle. Is it possible to just jump at tasks right away like this, or is it expected for me to grind it out a little bit to gain strength before advancing through the quests? Or is my fighting strategy just bad. Cinoo
  11. Hello: Are there false walls in Avernum 4 akin to the exile series (1-3) wherein one could pass through false walls which acted in a way such that permitted passage similar to a gangway? I've just started playing Avernum 4 and it hasn't been readily apparent to me as to whether these exist and operate in such a similar fashion in this installment of the series. Many thanks, Cinoo
  12. Much sad. That's okay. I will just run on my win partition.
  13. Hello, Have Avernum 4 , 5, 6 ever been released as a version that is playable using a Linux-OS? Good day, Cinoo
  14. Update: I finished the game today. I guess all my grinding paid off as the final dungeon, aka the keep, was quite easy. Finally, its been decades since first playing the exile series as a kid. Note, once you go to Tinraya it's pretty much a one way trip to the end, so have everything you need. get energy potions from that random outdoors shop near wainscotting.
  15. Oh nice I see, I thought all the circles were alchemical ingredients I didn't even notice the difference between the ones with or outwith dots.
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