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  1. Pfizer, Moderna, or... lemme guess... J&J? Probably some Russian knock off that gives you lupus, hairy nipples, and diarrhea...
  2. Exactly. And these bozos have the genius idea of going bigger. They have advanced genetic technology. Go small. Make a coronavirus. I hear that works wonders for paralyzing a global superpower. Or infiltrate their political system. Distract the populace with BS domestic shenanigans and sow social division. Turn common against common. You might even get lucky and, through a combination of sheer luck and skillful subterfuge, acquire the sympathies of a leading politician. Then do your will through them. I hear that works equally well. 🤔
  3. Takers remind me of international terrorists in that they have a fair point and (usually) a just cause. But their methods and implementations are for crap. You don't fight a dominant hegemonic empire head on. That never works. You subvert it and dismantle it from the inside. You sow the seeds of division, discontent, disorder, and disruption. This takes patience, the likes of which I have no evidence for in Taker leadership. The extreme social imbalance within Shaper society is already prime for this. Watch your enemy break itself apart far behind the front lines.
  4. "look at a creation and assert my will onto it" Sounds like a felony.
  5. Advance West to Rising. Talk to Barzhal. I believe that will do it.
  6. It's your big shaper energy. Everyone knows how large and in-charge you are.
  7. 😮‍💨😠 Not sure why this bothers me so much. I guess it's because I'm a fan of the QW games. The Tormentor was one of the best SW games I've played. That people can't, or won't see that just irks me. I want a full QW3 dammit. Lemme go gather the coins from my couch for the kickstarter...
  8. Yess!!! See this is what I'm talking about. Feel the hate run through you, young Skywalker...
  9. I had 16 points in it (inc. bonuses) and was barely touched in Benerii-Uss. Try as they might, almost nothing landed. There are also not as many enemy MT attacks as I initially presumed. Most attacks are ST. I'm a big fan.
  10. Really? That's a bummer. I really enjoy the Queen's Wish series and was hoping for a full QW3 release sometime in the next few years. The multiple reputation scales and the 'legacy' implementation of carrying character data over to future sequels makes it second only to Avernum in my opinion. Oh well.
  11. I'm with Generumlover on this. While I get the rationale on why Intellect boosts the effectiveness/duration/whatevs of Weapon Shaping magical effects, it seems pretty dumb. It really does seem like the game is providing guardians some abilities that only get better if you pump a skill that only agents realistically pump. It would be like if Firebolt's damage only got better by pumping Missile Weapons or something. Yes, a firebolt is a missile, just like chain lightning is a spell. But would we really expect agents to pump MW to make Firebolt better when it is nigh useless to them otherwise? My solution would be one of simple semantics. Instead of "Chain Lightning" (which has elemental magic connotations), I would change it to something like "Deflective Strike" or "Barbed Projectile." That way, it would keep the effect, lose the elemental reference, and gain a mechanical/weapon tinkering or physical skill effect. Voila - improved by Strength (or Agility), or Combat Skills instead of Intellect.
  12. For a shaper, I'd say it's better than the Deadeye Cloak. The -10% armor for creations is... sorta worth the +2 in Agility for them. The question I have is, why doesn't it show the cost of these items when you hover over them? Is this an Overrun thing?
  13. Don't you guys know anything? Everyone and everything in the Drypeaks deserves the scouring wrath of the Shaper Council. You are that wrath. Kill them all and let god sort them out. It's the only way.
  14. I understand that few people want to play a "pure" shaper/agent/guardian. I was not encouraging that necessarily; I apologize if that was how it read. Like you stated, there is usually a degree of primary/secondary specialization. Hybrids. Mostly this, but a little of that. All I'm saying is, it benefits to have your primary focus consistent with your chosen class. You gave an example of a guardian with a shaping focus, which is perplexing to me because it just seems needlessly inefficient. If a player wants to specialize in shaping, that's fine, but do yourself a solid and do so as a shaper, not a guardian. I just can't think of a reason to do otherwise. See what I mean?
  15. I think the consensus is that the more high-powered creations you have, the stronger your character will be, regardless of class. My question is, why choose a guardian (or agent) at all if you're going to focus on Shaping Skills as opposed to Combat Skills (or Magic Skills for agents)? Just be a shaper and take advantage of those super cheap Shaping Skills if you're going to focus on creations.
  16. Agreed. I'm nearing the conclusion of my third run. I have now played each of the three classes and tried "classic" builds focusing on skills and items more specifically geared towards the class. What I've found is that Shapers are strongest by a mile, mostly due to being able to maximize lots of firepower from multiple sources. Really varied and strong firepower. Personally, I believe getting access to the highest levels of spells and creations so early in the game is a mistake. There exists a moderate paywall, but it is very manageable for purchasing level one spells of the highest order even around level 9 or 10 if you save up (or just get a certain cloak). I've found that I don't know much about tiers 2 & 3 creations or mid-level spells like Essence Lances as a result, because I've not really ever needed to get them. I just jumped directly from level 1 to level 4 spells/creations each game. On normal difficulty, that's when your hardships end and the rest of the game is downhill. This game is still totally rad. I don't think I have played a game completely through three times in a month that I can remember. That's very telling on its quality.
  17. I don't know the canon answer to this. However, I would assume they wouldn't 'forge fertility into their creations simply for the fact that they want to control the variables for reproduction to create ideal products/subjects. They wouldn't want horny drakons going out and getting all freaky deaky at will in some sleazy drakon motel, for example. This would not produce "ideal products/subjects" necessarily. For evidence, just see... Oh, all of human society since forever, including your inlaws. Case closed on "ideal subjects." Also, sweaty drakon sex is presumably the grossest act imaginable and would likely be avoided even by the most depraved, villainous Taker. Ew.
  18. Okay, so we're back to Overloaded Drayks being the ultimate murder machines despite being tier 3, less cost, etc. Currently there is little practical reason for anyone to tech any further than that except for cosmetic or RP reasons. It's bizarre this is even a discussion. Tier 4 is more expensive and ultimately worse than tier 3 (for fire shaping). In a finished release version. Let that sink in. I'm curious why these extremely obvious balance issues weren't sorted in beta testing. I can't imagine anyone intentionally making higher tier creations worse than those in lower tiers, all things considered. It doesn't seem to be the case with magic shaping tiers, and likely (?) not the case with melee shaping tiers (honestly, Idk since melee is the only tier I've not explored). How has a serious oversight (presumably) persisted this long without some kind of necessary buff or nerf?
  19. You might be referring to me. Was the post "Agent Woes"? If so, did you go on to read the entire thread? I did a lot of personal growth in that thread. Today, I'm a reformed man. No longer do I believe in the woes of (higher level) agents. It's true: solo agents relatively struggle early on, until Essence Shield is available. Once an agent gets ES, the game becomes many degrees easier and there is little that will really threaten. I wouldn't say the easiness is comparable to a shaper, however. At least, not yet. IMO, agents don't get comparable to shapers in terms of raw power until levels 17-19. By then, you will only need three spells: Essence Shield Mass Energize, and either Airshock or Essence Purge. You won't need anything else. And you will wreck face. From a considerable distance, too. No, agents need neither boost nor buff to thrive.
  20. Look, if both will get the job done, then I'm taking the option I can reasonably brag about every time. Nobody will be impressed by a group of Drayks. Drakons, on the other hand, will get you chicks. Chicks, man.
  21. Do you mean subpar for the cost? Or outright subpar? Because if we take essence cost out of the equation, there is no way a drayk would be able to go toe-to-toe with a Drakon. Why would you regret it? Because you'd have less Drakons than you would have had Drayks? The outcome would likely be the same.
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