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  1. Thank you for the quick response.
  2. I am having a heck of time finishing both quests that require you to go into the fungus farm. Is there a trick to getting thru it, or is there a way to kill the monsters rather than them never dying? Thanks.
  3. I'm not very optimal so I do every side quest in order to strengthen/level up for the main quests.
  4. I'm having a hard time there as well, hopefully someone can help us out
  5. I can`t seem to find Sixus in his tower. I`ve looked at his map and see I have to switch certain switches certain ways but have only found 2 switches. I`ve tried them in various patterns, can`t get any further. No matter tho, I think I screwed myself up. I teleported to Erika`s Tower and can`t get past the 2nd `test`, can`t get thru the frozen section. No matter if I zigzag so the monsters don`t pop up, or plow thru, I can`t get to the end fast enough, the gate keeps closing. Of course I saved right before then, and my old save is really old, I hope I don`t have to back to it. Thanks in
  6. How strange for you. I just did this part this afternoon - I killed the Vahnatai in the barracks who ambushed me, then it was clear sailing from then on in. Maybe you're just unlikable? Lol, kidding, obviously. Perhaps your second time around, it was a few lone wolves who you missed the first time in the barracks. I don't know, interesting I hope someone can help you out.
  7. That's where I got the gauntlets that she's wearing, but even taking them off is giving the same effect. Do I have to sell them to be done with it? I don't know about Uranium, I don't think I have that yet. Thanks for your responses, glad I'm not the only one having this problem.
  8. As the topic title says, my mage is being hit randomly by acid. Whether it be out and about or in a town, it's a little odd to me. It *might* have something to do with the pressing of buttons in the Brigand Madhouse (??), I didn't figure it out to finish it. She got a new pair of greaves (pirate sounding name, I can't remember..pyrrra___), but I took them off her and she still randomly gets hit. I have spoken with a mage in the Tower of Magi and was told I don't have a dread curse. Any ideas? Sorry for not being so specific, lol, I play and do read and make notes, but haven't made any no
  9. I have the same question as madrigan, so no, you're not dense, unless both of us are All the other Spiderweb games that I've played have been either gifted to me, or purchased thru cheaper sites...this time around with Crystal Souls, I wish to buy via this site. I want what I pay to go solely to Jeff, no middle man.
  10. I, too, am a huge fan of Spiderweb games. Avadon 1 & 2 are two of the few RPG games that I've played thru to completion. At home, I'm playing Avernum 6 and at work, I'm replaying Avernum Escape from the Pit. I'm really looking forward to Crystal Souls, should be fun
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