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Dream Mechanics [Spoilers]


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I've been resting in the various Nisse Refuges and I got my first Room 2 dream. I'm interested in getting more dreams, since the one I got lowers my theft percentage and I would like to get the achievement for dreaming. That said, I don't know what mechanics control how often you can rest at a Refuge and I don't know if the special dreams are unique or not. Does anyone know the system behind these?

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16 hours ago, Randomizer said:

You need to spend some time away from trying to dream before you can use another room and I never found out the time interval.


Since you mentioned this, Randomizer, here's a helpful tip I stumbled across.


Once you've found all three Refuges, it's actually very easy to get all the dreams quickly by making use of the Nisse's teleporters. Start by dreaming in one of the Refuges, then use the teleporters to cycle through each Refuge, dreaming at each in turn. You'll pick up your money from Haven after every two nights, so as long as you're making a moderate amount of money, you can keep going indefinitely.


Whilst this doesn't happen absolutely 100% of the time, almost every time you return to a Refuge after dreaming at the other two, a new slot for dreams will have opened up. If it hasn't, just skip it in the cycle and move on to the next one!


16 hours ago, Simulated Knave said:

Also, I never got Room 1 in the Ahriel refuge at all on my last playthrough.


I know that this hasn't been mentioned in this thread at this point. However, to avoid any confusion, there are more than three level 1 dreams. There are quite a few, in fact. Which one you get is random, and not linked to any particular Refuge!

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2 hours ago, Mechalibur said:

There doesn't appear to be an interval of time that needs to pass - the only restriction seems to be that you can't sleep in the same place twice.


It's possible that this behaviour has changed now but, at least in the testing run, there were a very few rare occasions where this didn't work for me. For some reason, the connections of dreams I was having would sometimes mean that a Refuge wouldn't offer me a repeat dream after visiting and dreaming in the other two. At least at that stage, there was some other external timer or event flag at play.


This happened rarely enough to not really be a problem – maybe one time in ten – and you can always just move on to another Refuge. Still, I thought it was worth mentioning, just in case this is still a feature, and someone ends up getting confused!

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Hello txmimi,


You're experiencing dreams in this way because of your earlier exploration of dreams – the link to how you travelled to them is coincidental. To clarify this, here's a little more information on how dreams work:



In each Refuge, you can always get a level 1 dream. Each Refuge also comes with a level 2 dream, which gives you a reward. You can only get a level 2 dream once in each Refuge. Finally, once per game, and only once, you can get a level 3 dream. This can happen in any Refuge.


Since you've already received the level 3 dream, and you've already seen two of the three level 2 dreams, it might appear that you're now only getting level 1 dreams. That's almost true! You've got one level 2 dream left to find! If you focus on the one Refuge you've not yet experienced a level 2 dream in, you should be able to receive it after a few attempts. If you can't remember which Refuges you've gotten your level 2 dreams in, let me know which of the Nisse dream bonuses you've received – I can figure out which one you're missing from that!


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I like how it's not just a small mention in the ending slides, but also



A lot of the dialogue in the Nisse Tower changes. For example, you get this from Sutter:

Prince(ss): "What do you mean 'Am I real?'"
Sutter: "Something about you has changed. Something is ... missing. You have lost something. I don't understand it."


When you talk to Sharyn in the Nisse Tower, it becomes clear that the same thing happened to her. They captured a piece of her soul and kept it with them.


Prince(ss): "But ... I bought Nisse dreams too."
Sharyn: "I sense a wound in you. It fills me with fear. You have ... no. It will do no good to discuss it. We must focus on other things."


Monica Therese has a bottle with you if you lose your soul to the Dreams. She sends it up to the Watchers at the top, who straight up tell you what you were missing.


Watchers: They all look at the bottle. "First, know that we hold a part of your soul. Given up by you freely. We took it, and we own a part of you." 

Prince(ss): "What does this mean?"

Watchers: "It means you are at our mercy. We will always own a part of you. We can sense you. We can curse you. You are ours."

Prince(ss): "I will do anything to get that back."
Watchers: "No. You will never find it. That part of you is gone forever, lost in dreams."

And just for reference, here's the extra ending text if you lose your soul: 

"You come to think of Sacramentum only rarely. Sometimes, though, you have dreams. Dreams of a piece of you, somewhere, lost in a strange world of eternal celebration."
"Try as you might to remember the details, you forget these dreams moments after you wake up. You eventually convince yourself that they aren't important. But the dreams never cease."


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