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  1. I realize it's been a few months, but Celts couldn't wear armour. Like not even leather. "Young Celtic warriors didn't wear body armour," the game would say. Armour use was for shields, helms, etc.
  2. Yeah, clawbugs (especially plated ones) are definitely tougher than Battle Alphas. Or Battle Betas. Honestly, if the clawbug defaulted to a slightly higher level I think I might focus on them as the best creation choice. They're NASTY.
  3. As I recall you can still do some of it, but the Ascended questline has an area that is hostile until you do part of the questline. That said, if you haven't killed anyone with a name you're probably OK. I'd say you're best off being somewhere where your creations are two or three levels higher than the enemy. And Clawbugs are tough little bastards.
  4. There are some other Sholai guards that might be able to. Might. Otherwise...yeah. It was a tough fight even at a higher level for me. As a rule, there's always SOMEWHERE you can go that you can fight stuff semi-effectively. The northern wastes are, despite their fearsome reputation, relatively easy to clear in a way that eastern areas are not (I mean, be cautious. But you may be surprised). Just don't kill any weird bunkers full of bandit serviles.
  5. The most recent one. As I recall knockback wasn't a thing in the others. I really should recall that. I mean, I have them installed still. And would argue that if Avernum 1 had a quest list it'd be the superior game.* *For the curious: 1 is better than EFTP, 2 is better than Crystal Souls, but Ruined World is better than 3, for all that I miss the horses.
  6. I would note that I went back and respecced my end-of-game Guardian, ploughing all my Shaping points into Fire and seeing what the Drayks were like. The answer: not as much tougher as they would need to be. Plus, people on a first playthrough are going to want to unlock every creature (if only to see what works for them). So even knowing what to do the second time through is still not ideal. It's one thing to need a partial playthrough to figure things out. But if the late-game gets too hard too fast, that's a much bigger investment gone. I was play
  7. See, I figure the Shaper should be "swarm of powerful creations" while the Guardian is "one or two powerful creations, plus you're tough yourself." I tended to have two creatures with an occasional third swapped in when useful (a cryoa and fyora with occasional artila/clawbug, then a drayk and cryodrayk with occasional whatever). The drayk and cryodrayk tended to be good for fewer combats before returning to town than the cryoa and fyora had been, and required a lot more attention and reloading to keep alive, even against lower-level enemies. It was disappointing. I'd honestly have kept us
  8. Some thoughts. My two favourite Spiderweb games are probably Nethergate (either version, really) and Queen's Wish. This is very close to those in how much I liked it. It's a good game, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But overall, I found the game unusually difficult in ways that undercut its themes - I often felt way less powerful than the enemies I was facing, even ones that were much lower level than me - I was fighting more enemies, any one of whom was individually as or more dangerous than any of my units individually. To do this effectively, I basically had to treat my creature
  9. I am currently fighting L14 Cryodrakes with a L18 drake and cryodrake. Their stats are maxed. They are hasted. The enemy Cryodrakes go first. This is just weird.
  10. I did (which is why I mentioned the enemy ones being lower level). My Drayks/Cryodrayks are higher level. Often by several levels. Yet they go second, every time. And I mean EVERY time.
  11. Am I the only one deeply irked by the bit where my maxed out Cryodrake has lower agility than lower-level enemy Cryodrakes, so always goes after tham and is often frosted in the face for his troubles?
  12. This one still has the shocks. I think the direction the figures on the pylons are moving may also vary depending on which pylon is next.
  13. It's 5% each time you visit, correct? As opposed to 5% the first time the area loads or something horrific like that...
  14. Ilona, the accented gate guard in the new Avernum 3 (I don't remember if she's in the original Avernum 3 or in Exile 3, though I'd bet not Exile 3) is the name of his Hungarian immigrant mother-in-law.
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