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  1. I'll try that. . . thanks.
  2. I'm trying to get through Kantre's Realm and having nothing but trouble. I have the hintbook, so I know generally what I'm supposed to do. When I talk to the brain, I don't have enough leadership or whatever to get it to cooperate. I can still get the key from the box, but the exit is full of constantly respawning monsters. It's exhausting and frustrating. So I'm stuck. . . I've tried continual fighting, but it's never over. Tips? P. S. This game is truly driving me nuts. I'm really wanting to finish it, but so far (on casual difficulty) it just doesn't seem to be worth it.
  3. Finally got through! Thanks!
  4. I'm in the dock ruins trying to get through the locked doors onto the eastern dock to fetch the key that the sholai wants. The guide says to flip the switches in the north and south guard posts to open those last doors. I've flipped them every way I can think of, but the doors don't budge. What's the trick here?
  5. Ok I'll give it a go. . . thanks
  6. It's time to meet the Takers, but I can't get through either of the routes into Kasgz. The southern route is too tough for my characters and apparently I don't have enough leadership to persuade the person at the northern gate to let me in to see the leader. I've cleared every area that is manageable, trying to get to a point to train my shaper. Any ideas other than straight up cheating?
  7. How do you use the spore baton to defuse the mines? I can't equip it, so I can't use it as a weapon.
  8. Ok thanks. . . I'll search for it.
  9. My map doesn't show the Thorny Woods. I've been to east pentil and the toms and pentil woods, but don't have a thorny woods.
  10. Where do I find the hidden rebels that Brickall in Pentil wants killed?
  11. Good info, thanks! I've been puzzled too about the training of my shaper, so I need to look for the skill of essence mastery. Thanks!
  12. Please help me understand how essence works. I know that when you start you have x amount of essence. Then you use it to make creations and to strengthen them. As I understand the game text, the only way to get more essence is to absorb all your creations. This doesn't make sense to me. As the shaper's skills and knowledge increase, surely there's a way for the total available essence to also increase? I never played any of the other geneforge games, and I admit I still don't really get the overall concept, but I'm giving it a go with this newest game.
  13. Great list of tips! Thanks!!
  14. Helpful tips. . . thanks so much! I'll keep plugging along with the demo.
  15. I haven't played the original Geneforge games, partly because the times I tried them, I just simply didn't get what was going on, what to do, and how to do it. I really want to give this new version a real try, so I'm working on the demo, but am finding lots of gameplay questions that are basic to the point of being embarrassing.. . . so forgive this very green noob. How do I equip the rod things that throw thorns at foes? I was able to equip the javelins, but not the rods. Do I keep food only in my pack, not in the inventory list on the screen? And how do I eat the food? Do the created creatures need to eat? How do they get food? Is there a place for my main character to rest and recover health and essence? When I went into the ruins looking for the brain guy, I saw a tip that said I could go back to the village to rest when I got weak and tired. So I went back to the village, but nothing happened different in the character. I have loved all the Avernum and Avadon games and have played and replayed them multiple times. I found the gameplay for them pretty intuitive, and am frustrated that I've struggled so with Geneforge. If anyone has additional tips for me, I'd appreciate them too! Thanks!!
  16. Well I decided to be more decisive in my damage of my possessed team member, and that was the ticket. So your reminder of that key element really helped! Thanks!
  17. Yes, and that's what I've been doing for about 25 minutes. I'm thinking it shouldn't take this long.
  18. I realize Avernum 5 is a super old game and no one may monitor this site or keep up with the games or not. . . but here goes: I'm replaying it and am in the last stages of Soultaker's Pit. I understand that it's a tough fight, but I think something has gone glitchy with my game. I know you have to fight multiple skeletal warriors that possess your players one a time for a number of rounds. That's supposed to be followed by shades prior to fighting the Soultaker itself. I have fought the warriors for 25 minutes without getting to the next stage, and I'm wondering if that's how it's supposed to be or if my old game is acting up. Thanks.
  19. I finished the trek through the defiled crypt, with all the Vahnati ghosts and finished everything but reading the pedestal scroll. It required more Vahnati lore than I had at the time. So now I have enough lore, and when I return to the crypt, I can't get the room open where the pedestal is. I did it once before, but don't remember how I did it. I've retraced all the route from the first time, but still it won't open. Do you have to do it all the first time through?
  20. I'm working through a replay of A3RW and remember there's some kind of time line to be able to finish the game. Would someone remind me how long do I have and also where do I see where I am in the time line? Thanks!
  21. No I haven't gotten the message about parts collected. The journal says to slay it and take the body to Ilsa in Pergies, and I've def gone to her. I'm afraid the time is close to running out, too. I'll try the killing idea you suggested. Thanks!
  22. I'm trying to complete the courier job of slaying a zombie and taking its body to a woman in Pergies. I've killed several zombies, but when I go see her, she doesn't acknowledge or accept it. What am I missing?
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