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  1. Ah ok, so there are no important NPCs to trade with at say, the Front Gate? Or Guarded Bridge? Etc.
  2. Any list of areas/people that are unique to the Taker questline? IE: Places where it's fine to take out Takers/Sholai prior to picking a faction?
  3. Thanks! I fed him and indeed the option to force him off is still there, I suppose the leadership required may be slightly higher.
  4. Fair enough, the Control Three is not linked to any sects as far as I know aside from the Takers. Takers want it shut off, servile in the warren wants it turned on, but I don't believe that Obeyers or Awakened get involved. I just want to know if I can reactivate him now to get access to the rest of the warren and if I so choose come back later to deactivate, or if I bar myself from that Taker quest if I do so.
  5. Can I restore Control Three and later do the quest to take him out? I guess the same goes with the other restore quests, is it possible to repair the Mind for the XP, then later perform the other quest? For munchkins.
  6. Is there any way to find any of the actual monsters in the bounty? Just about everyone except for the end baddies are dead in my world and wandering the map for 20+ days doesn't bring anything back.
  7. To not start another thread, where is the Wand achievement? I'm not sure if I remember a Wand artifact in the first game.
  8. Any way to have an accompanying list of dungeons with Level 3 Move Mountains/Dispel Barrier areas?
  9. For the record I'm not powergaming; I was just wondering if I could get away with Rebel and Shaper win credit for Illya if I did it that way.
  10. I guess it's settled then, I'll just go whole hog Rebel route, then next time whole hog Shaper. I had been under the impression that killing Shaftoe and Eliza gets them out of the Illya.
  11. Hm, I guess if I wanted to go for a moderate route I could kill Moseh (allowing the rebels to not be bottled in) and maybe give the papers to the Shapers. When I played years ago fencing wasn't that big of a deal, but for some reason this time the Shaper rhetoric is coming off too much sounding like Emperor Palpatine promising to restore peace, prosperity, and order to the galaxy.
  12. Agh, maybe I will just stick with ultra Hardline rebel. They aren't mad or anything , but I just feel like kind of an ass.
  13. Nice! Only asking so I can have some quests open past the Monarch chapter. I'm playing hardline rebel, but at the same time don't want to completely shut off the Shaper side. Edit: So I repaired Moseh and offed the other two psychopaths, but from the dialogue with Pirik... are the rebels still trapped in the province or what?
  14. Sure, but does it satisfy both parties?
  15. It's been asked before but I'm not 100% clear. So, can I get credit from both rebels AND shapers if I fix Moseh... then go back and kill Eliza/Shaftoe?
  16. As a pro-Shaper, what to do with this guy? Am I supposed to kill him or leave him alone? Since there is no specific quest to axe him, I didn't attack, but is there any reward for offing him?
  17. Unfortunately you seem to be right. In the meantime, I used this http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/13129-geneforge-2-editor-updated/ editor from the forum in the fashion of ones for later Geneforge games to modify the points in a given skill if reading a book barred me from getting a point in it. Lame, yes, but really the only way I can think of to circumvent the training garbage. Now, the great debate on whether or not to use canisters... Unfortunately this editor does not include the run fast option that some of the later ones I remember do (for futur
  18. Hm, is there either a cheat setting on number of "points trained" (with regards to canisters/rewards/books) in the same setting of the canisters used cheat, or any idea on the config setting between 2 and the later games that counts it differently?
  19. Thanks a lot! I'm assuming Redbeard is beatable without the optional dirty tricks, I'd feel cheap if I did it with them (as long as it's not as tedious as the fight in Avadon 1). Edit: He was. Weird how the more satisfying ending was minus Redbeard.
  20. Nice, how about Envoy Dirran? I'm trying to setup an ending where I can fight Redbeard but at the same time keep Avadon strong... just not sure how to do that.
  21. So properly finishing Nathalie's loyalty and getting the Library quest finished are mutually exclusive?
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