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I apologize in advance

Men are from Slars

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This is my fault, but you can also blame Lilith for not discouraging me enough.


Exile: A New Hope

Exile II: The Empire Strikes Back

Exile III: Return of the Magi


Avernum 4: The Black Shade Menace

Avernum 5: Attack of the Generic Soldiers

Avernum 6: Revenge of the Slith


Aside from the bizarre appropriateness of the 4th and 6th titles, I note that the general relative opinions of each game and movie also correlate pretty decently. (See, again, A4.) Plus, both original trilogies received an updated rerelease before the second trilogy was released.

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I'll suggest Sidious as Garzahd, due to the backstory. Gladwell is a pretty fresh arrival.


Obi Wan as Erika, due to powers, role, and sacrificial death.


Vader as... well, thinking about his breathing, maybe he should be Sss-Thsss.


EDIT: Actually, if Vader is Sss-Thsss, Sidious could be Grah-Hoth. Hmm.

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