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Redbeard's snail-like sense of honor...


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So, Chabon escapes from his captors. You see him escape. Mamora says a noob like you is never gonna be able to deal with him; come back later. You come back later and blow up all his turrets and kill all the raving prisoners. Mamora says you ain't yet got the skills to take on that bad boy himself; come back later. You come back MUCH later. Mamora says yeah, you might even survive, go dice him up.


You go down and fight Chabon. Redbeard intervenes and tells you that when the chamber of the tombs of the Keepers is violated, honor DEMANDS that he deal with the perpetrator himself.


Chabon was down in that chamber for like 2 months before you showed up to fight him there. Did Redbeard have a lot of toe lice to clean out?

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