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  1. Okay, where's the option to select a different sign? I tried putting up signs on my first two buildings, but I got the smith sign on both of them.
  2. I'm considering whether to go for the Voyager of the Night medal. Does sharing your dreams with the Nisse give them any combat advantages in the final battles?
  3. She'd probably be even more so if they hadn't stolen her orb. That's one thing that I would have liked in the denouement -- if your PC finds her orb, and brings it back, that adds to her 'impressed' level.
  4. My first run I did southern Vol first, then became alarmed at how my Quicksilver upkeep from a mere two Apothecaries exceeded my production, and so went on to the Ahriel second. On my second run, I pretty much did Ukat, then Vol, then Ahriel.
  5. Two things I don't like about it: The lack of personality in your companions, a real step back from the way things were in Avadon. That said, I understand that managing your relationships with the various NPCs is hard enough, and that adding that level of writing would make the entire thing that much more complex. The limited inventory, which I suspect led to me missing out on a lot of cool items because I just couldn't carry them all. Everything else is great fun (though the last battle with the Nisse had me tearing my hair out) and I'm definitely looking forward to the
  6. So I've cleaned up Murkhala and the Ashen Foundry, but now I'm being told to go look around Murkhala for something. Where, exactly am I supposed to look? I've already fought the Hidden Prince, and I can't find any other enigmas there. Edit: Nevermind, I found it.
  7. Finished my third playthrough (loyalist/sycophant) last night, and again I got the "You never see Nathalie again. You hear stories and rumors, but you never learn for sure where her quest for knowledge and power takes her." ending after I sent her away before the final confrontation, even though I A. told Nathalie that I wouldn't tell anyone about the library and B. didn't tell anyone about the library.
  8. I'm not sure about that. My first successful playthrough was as a RedBeard loyalist who earned the loyalty of all my companions anyway, and after I sent Nathalie after her books after telling the librarian about them and never mentioning the fact that I'd done so to her, Nathalie was never seen nor heard from again.
  9. Okay, how exactly am I supposed to make a pact with the Ogres here? Every time I approach the sentries they become hostile and that turns their boss hostile as well. How do I approach him in a calm mood so I can get that "Making Bad Choices" medal.
  10. "textplot" in the Scripts directory.
  11. You're mistaken, there were no tinkermages in Avadon 1.
  12. My head canon is that when they asked, he promptly replied 'Over my dead body.' ... well ... he got his wish.
  13. 1. Only the armored figure is a Hand, the baby and the woman are both citizens of the Pact being sheltered from the horror of the Outlands by the Hand of Avadon. It's a propaganda image, how Avadon would like to present itself. 2. Nope. Possibly as set-up for something that will feature in the next game. 3. It's never elaborated on. (My headcanon is that that Hand Esmee, the Hand who gives you the Eye Dymas questline, is the PC from the previous game. She made the fatal mistake of letting Duke Gryfyn walk away to avoid a difficult fight and get back to Avadon in one piece, and then lyi
  14. Here's a possible sequence of events: 1) The scout is captured legitimately; the PC is ordered to travel to Avadon. 2) The scout is held for some time in the trapped lair; the PC travels to Avadon. 3) The PC returns from Avadon and spies inside Rockridge Keep discover that the PC has become a Hand; they inform Konstina. 4) Konstina immediately pulls the scout out of the lair ("rescuing") and starts to work brainwashing him/her for the sake of a planned subversion of a Hand of Avadon.
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