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  1. Also, I think (it's been quite a while) he's sometimes hard to see and you can't get in - you have to speak through the bars. You might try moving the curser around in the proper cell to see if a dialogue comes up.
  2. There's no tinkers in one? Pretty sure that was added in Two. Looks like "Randomizer" assumed that in his answer, though.
  3. Bwah ha ha! I live to disappoint Redbeard! Actually, I shouldn't talk since I haven't played the game yet and it'll be a while as I am currently in the Divinity series with several games to go but I've developed an attitude. I thought he'd be gone for good and a bit disappointed that he returns - so much could have been done game wise without him - but Avalon III will be my first purchase after I am through and I'm sure I'll have as much fun as I did in the first two.
  4. Red face time: I'm always getting these two rather similar games confused: the game with the dice rolling I remembered wasn't a Spiderweb game at all - it was one of the Eschalon series.
  5. OK: the next newest from 1 would be "Escape from the Pit", then. That should be what I try.
  6. I tried Avernum1 after playing Avadon 1 and 2 and simply could not get into the game. I think it was just too dated for me. Looking forward to the remade series (second - there's a more recent third, right?).
  7. Thought Avadon II had some dice rolling - in the western port? Memory is not my friend, though so I easily could be wrong.
  8. Sounds like the enemy I tend to fight against and the reason for Avadon's prior fall.
  9. Can't believe they brought back Redbeard again; makes a mockery of the prior endings plus, I'm just tired of that old fool. So, what happened to the new bosses after he died/disappeared?
  10. I hesitate to say this because it is just a guess pulled from my butt and I haven't played the game in a while but I recall that on a few occasions, one had to talk to Redbeard to trigger an event and it often wasn't exactly clear. Is it what is happening with you? I don't know but it is simple to try.
  11. I think it's basically a way to make it easier to win.
  12. Hmmm, two crazy mages together, one male, one female. Now THAT could get interesting as they both like over kill. EDIT: Nathalie and what's his name from II
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