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Found 6 results

  1. I was exploring the Slith Cavern (north of the small island with the wandering pack of slithzerikai shamans) and Portage. I made my way to the laboratory in the northeastern corner of the cavern. There was an experiment that had gotten loose -- a Runewarded Infernal -- subdued by the slithzerikai chieftain, Darkcaller Nuassa and a handful of cronies. I managed to kill the Darkcaller, the chieftain, the warriors, and I managed to pick up the loot (including the Radiant Gauntlets), but with one character remaining alive I had to undertake a strategic retreat to the nearby Fort Dranlo
  2. If you like Geneforge the Avernum 1 remake should be right for you. I call it GA1, Geneforge Avernum 1 because it uses Geneforge 5 graphics and it is very simplified in some areas like food, rest and identification of items. Jeff altered the style of the game in ways that are good and bad. At least he kept the outdoor zones. I think it is quite good and well worth playing but if you are coming straight from A1 some of the changes could be unwelcome to you: No exploration spells like Light, Unlock Door or Far Sight. Can't cast spells while wandering outdoors?! In that case, don't end outdoor
  3. Finally, I've downloaded my copy of Avernum from Steam due to having a really bad internet connection and mostly due to our new house having no proper desks to play serious. I've made my build and it sucks, no I'm not going to change to casual because it's filthy, and I have a few questions. Does enemy level scale with me? Or not? I'm guessing it's the latter part because I get swamped by sliths everytime and I found some bats that I can smash to pulp without getting hit. If that's so, does anyone have a guide on what quest order is best to follow for maximum xp gain? Also, I've tr
  4. There are currently five possible new variants of Blades of Spiderweb games: Blades of Avadon 2 Blades of Avernum 6 Blades of Avernum - Escape from the Pit Blades of Geneforge 5 Blades of Nethergate: Resurrection For brevity's sake they will be known as: "Blades of Avadon", "Blades of Avernum 6", "Blades of Avernum - Escape", "Blades of Geneforge", "Blades of Nethergate". Avadon and Avernum 1 - EftP are easy to customize as they have a lot of stuff written into text files. First four games typically have single-Byte characters for text, that makes it easy to alter anything in the
  5. Not really, but is there some sort of resistances/weakness one should be aware of? Such as undead are resistant to cold but weak at fire damage. If so, I would love to know every single creature's weakness, if it exists that is. Bonus question: Is there an item that deals more damage to undead? Other than the legendary bastard sword artifact that we know of. Spoilers welcome. EDIT: As I suspected, adventurers need payment I'll give you a +1 to your post
  6. I'm having a problem that looks similar to what is described here: Blank screen for some games after Windows 7 rebuild With several key differences. It's only with AEFTP; Avadon etc. are working fine. And I'm on a Mac. And I didn't rebuild or change anything. There was a power failure while I was away from home for a few days—that's the only thing I can think of. When I got back and restarted, I found that my resolution had somehow changed itself to 800 x 600, so I changed it back to 1024 x 768. I open the application and get a black screen with just the message "out of range" an
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