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  1. Solberg death in Avernum 6. Erika's death in 3. Finally reaching the geneforge at the end of the first game. All end game quests of the first Avernum games were really epic, like escaping to the surface, assassinating the Emperor, and defeating a world ending demon.
  2. My hope is that Jeff will grace us with the return of the GIFTS in the next game, this time with real voice acting. Brrrr... I just get the shivers thinking about it.
  3. To me, E3 seemed the biggest. It had the same square footage as A3, but a much smaller screen. Everything seemed so far from each other when I had to go past several screen to get between cities. In the Avernum remakes (especially the newer ones), with the larger screen, everything feels much closer. And in the second Avernum Triolgy, everything seemed very compacted. What appeared to be several miles in the earlier games, in A4 the distance between Dharmon and Blosk seems to be about fifteen feet. I don't know if that makes the game shorter, but it certainly feels smaller.
  4. I don't know if anybody noticed, but the Avadon 3 trailer is out. Doesn't look that much different gameplay wise, but looks nice. Here's hoping it'll be a great game.
  5. Goodness, you work fast. Thanks for all the summaries.
  6. Well, in game it's not a face palm. It wasn't established yet that there was only one continent. But yeah that was a big recon on Jeffs part in the later games.
  7. I usually have about 12 Leadership, as I like to have all game-play options available to me.Luckily, it can be bought, as well as Mechanics and Luck. They're really the only things worth spending your money on, bar a few exceptional cases. Geneforge 1 seems to have a lack of good places to spend money on. Later games I usually spend my money on spell, creations, or trainers but Geneforge 1 only has the three I mentioned. I usually end the game with 30 Luck with not a skill point spent in it, although I'm not really sure how much good it does. It seems to raise armor and resistance stats but I
  8. Eh, that's little disappointing. Thanks for clarifying everything.
  9. I imagine it'd go something like this: Persuade Trajkov to dismiss his creatures (to make fleeing easier) give him the bad gauntlets, let him proceed toward the Geneforge room, rush ahead of him (the door will open before he gets there), throw the real gauntlets in (or use the control key), and run out of there as fast as possible. Maybe you could hit him with Terror as he walks to the Geneforge to gain some more time. Although, I got to say, I can't imagine anyone either using or destroying the Geneforge and running away! I'm also a little curious about 1a's ending. Trajkov would still ha
  10. I'm a little confused how you get ending 2c. How do you destroy the Geneforge without killing Trajkov? The only way to open the door to the Geneforge is to either kill him or hand over either of the gloves in which case he uses them (and either dies or becomes all powerful depending on which one you gave). I wouldn't think destroying the Geneforge after he uses it would accomplish anything. Maybe it's possible to race ahead of him, destroy the Geneforge, and get out of there before you kill him?
  11. This is exactly what I meant. I liked the happy Obeyer ending but I'm sad when I play it because I know what really happens to them in the end. Btw, I think the Obeyer ending is happier for the Obeyers than the Awakened ending is for the awakened.
  12. Yeah, the I always felt really bad for the Obeyers. They waited all these years (200 hundred I think) for their masters, the Shapers to come, only to get squashed by the Shapers first. It's all the more heartbreaking that they really really believed they would come and make everything right. Truth be told, even though I prefer aligning with the awakened, I think the Obeyer ending touched my heart more. I would actually pay to have someone wipe my mind so I could re-enjoy Geneforge 1 like it should be, a game about a mysterious island full of lost history, warring factions, and of course fo
  13. I'm not sure how mechanics works in G1, but there is the infinte X living tool in the area past Pentil, somewhere near the bottom of the screen, that pretty much renders mechanics moot excluding a few places.
  14. Well yeah, of course cliches can be poorly used. I certainly do not find every book that has a dragon in it to be necessarily good book. Dragons can indeed be written blandly, especially since they're so popular that everyone wants to use them in their stories. It's just that when I see a Dragon in a book, it grabs my attention. I think it goes without saying that with every cliche, some people people with love it and some will hate it. You can't make everybody happy.
  15. Despite how adorable the intro pics make them out to be, I can't help but imagine what a giant fire hazard a pet Fyora would be. Good luck getting yourself a lease with that thing around.
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