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Avadon 1 FAQ - Spoilers mostly hidden


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Avadon: The Black Fortress



Frequently Asked Questions

(with maps!)



General Questions


What’s with these locks that are “too complicated to be picked”?



These locks usually require a key, though they may occasionally be unlocked for you by an NPC. Keys may be found, given to you by NPCs, or dropped by enemies when they die. They do not appear in your regular inventory, but can be found in your quest journal under “Special Items”. Once found, they are impossible to lose and will be used automatically when you try to open the corresponding door(s).



I’ve completed a quest. Now what?



Most quests require you to report back to the person who gave them to you (except for some of the Wayfarer’s quests). That person then may or may not give you another quest. Some people find the main line quests confusing, because after reporting to a quest-giver in the area, they still see the quest in the journal. For all main line quests, you must also report back to Miranda or Redbeard in order to progress to the next step.


If ever in doubt, open your quest journal and select the name of the quest. A description of the quest (including the name of the person who gave it to you) will appear on the right side of the box. You may also get a hint about how or where to claim your reward, if any.




The person who gave me a quest has disappeared!



No quest-givers disappear, though many of them do wander widely. And Miranda moves to her office after the tutorial, but her new location is clearly marked on your in-game map.


If you can’t find someone, chances are they’ve just wandered away temporarily. Stay in the area where you first met them, and wait. Hold down the Shift key to see the names of all the nearby NPCs—some of them are fairly nondescript.


If the person you're looking for happens to be a librarian, make sure you're in the main library on the ground floor.



How do I get past those runed doors?



You can’t until about halfway through the game. Talk to Eye Leira in the main Avadon library (on the ground floor) after you finish your second major mission in Khemeria:

("Hunting the Wizard")

Assuming you've also completed her previous quest ("Clear the Stacks"), she’ll give you a new quest, along with something to get you past those runes.



How do I get access to new zones?



Generally by talking to people. Ask them questions; explore all of your conversational options.

Sometimes you have to physically cross a zone at least once to get to the next one. Specific zones will be handled below.



How do I get back to Avadon?



Remember where you first appeared in the Kva? That little alcove with the stone pillar in it, southwest of Goldcrag? That pillar is the pylon that will teleport you back. Just click on it. You will get the choice to go, or to stay and just be recharged.


There will be a pylon in each major area you visit.



I can't find [insert object or place].



A really helpful feature of the game is the full zone map that you get when you hold down the Tab key (or, if you're using a tablet, when you tap "Enlarge" in the corner of the mini-map). If you look at it, you will notice that areas you've explored have been shaded in. This helps you identify areas you haven't been to yet. Most things can be found simply by exploring thoroughly.


Sometimes someone gives you a quest that opens up an area which was previously unavailable within a zone you've already explored. In those cases, the map will also then show the new opening in the trees or whatever.



I can't defeat [insert enemy].



This FAQ is not intended as a strategy guide, though it includes some advice for those fights that can be beaten with a very specific tactic.


In general, it's helpful to bear in mind two things:


1. Optional fights are harder. Often, you are given the opportunity to avoid a fight by letting someone go, or just not starting it. These are optional extra challenges, and you can expect them to be hard. Very hard, some of them. In some cases you can come back at a higher level.


2. This may seem obvious, but read the text - in dialog boxes, and in the messages at the top of the screen. This will often contain vital clues, or strong hints. If the text suggests that it would be a good idea to flee, for example, this is not a casual suggestion - it's probably your best bet. You may choose to stay and fight, but you can expect it to be a challenge. Other dialogs will give you hints about your enemy's potential vulnerabilities. Holding down the shift key to see the names of all the creatures can be helpful, too. Like all Spiderweb RPGs, Avadon is essentially text-based; skimming is likely to get you into trouble.


If you're still stuck, search the forum for similar questions, or start a new thread. Spiderwebbers are always happy to help. Or if you don't mind risking some spoilers, check out the annotated maps. Many of them have tips for some of the tougher fights, like Shunacha or the Sorceress Shade.





Avadon & Environs


WARNING! Maps contain spoilers!


In the early areas, all "treasure" is noted if it has any utility, even if it has no sale value. Later maps will be less inclusive. The first two maps linked to below function as a sort of a walk-through of the tutorial if you look at them closely.


Avadon Main Level

Avadon Dungeons

Redbeard's Tower




How do I escape from the dungeon in the tutorial? The doors are locked.



Quiria drops the key when she dies.



How do I find Quennel/unlock the door to his cell?



Quennel is in one of the cells in the southernmost section of the dungeon (see map), but you won’t find him there until after you’ve cleared the dungeon, left, and returned. You don’t need to unlock the door; you can talk to him through the window. Hint: Sweet reason is less effective than bullying.



How do I get the key to the Secure Cells?



Hand Callan will give it to you eventually. Every so often, ask her if she needs help.



Where is Spiridon?



He’s the armed prisoner in the Secure Cells (see map). He’s the only human in there, and he’s in the only cell that has a door rather than a gate. You can't confront him unless you have the quest.



I have the “Clear the Stacks” quest, but I can’t find the stacks.



There is a door in the north wall of the main library (see map), the one on the ground floor of Avadon, where you find Leira. She unlocks it after you take the quest. Beyond it you will find the stairs to the stacks.



Where the heck is Abi?



He loiters in the northwest garden, not far from Jenell.



Where is Fabron?



In the upstairs library, in Redbeard’s tower.



Where is Brasula?



In the sitting area of the guest quarters, right near the stairs that descend from the dining room.



I met Eye Leira at the beginning of the game, but now she’s disappeared.



No, that was Heart Jarvina in the upstairs library. She does disappear for some reason, but we don’t have to care. You can’t meet Leira in the main library until you get access to the Castle Vebeaux portal.



One of my companions has hared off on his/her own, and I don’t know what to do next.



Check his or her quarters for a clue. Nathalie and Sevilin have their quarters near yours; Shima and Jenell are billeted in the guest quarters below the kitchens.




The Kva


Goldcrag - Note that not all areas will be accessible right away.



I have a quest to get Blue Ore in the Jhereth Deeps, but I can't seem to go there.



Yes, Berak may give you that quest before you can go there. Don't worry, you'll get there eventually.




Kva Lands


Where is Berak's Caravan?



Slightly north of Tartam's Tannery. Look for a secret door switch in a small cave.



How do I fulfill the "Deal with Tartam" Quest?



Tell him who you are and offer to help him. He will give you the quest, "Neray the Smuggler". Fulfilling that one will also satisfy Abi.



Where are the Dire Wolves?



In the northeast. See the map above.



Where is Nightshade?



You have to go through a tunnel to get to him. The entrance is near the southern edge of the zone; see the map if you can't find it.




Zhethron's Aerie


How do I get through the gate to the dragon?



Once you've cleared out the wretches and reported back to Harissa, the doors to the gate controls will be unlocked.



How do I get Ahmed's Libram out of the dragon's library?



There's a secret door switch in the west wall of the library which opens an alternate exit. This route is extremely dangerous at the level you're likely to be when you find it, so it might be wise to see if you can clear the way before you actually steal the book.



How do I get access to the records room to find out Ryozo's intentions?



There's a back entrance. You can get access to it either the hard way (via the alternate exit from the library) or the easy way: Get the fire lizard quest from Keeper Ilhan. He will then open the gate in the northeast corner of Zhethron's lair, allowing you to explore back there. Be aware that the back door is guarded.



Where is Keeper Ilhan?



He wanders the area just east of the westernmost cow pen. He looks like any other worker, so hold down the Shift key to see the characters' names.



Can I get into the third treasure chest in Zhethron's lair?



Yes, if you have 15 lock-picks to spare. The theory is that there was going to be a third quest from Thara, but players were hitting the level cap too early, so it was dropped.



How do I get to the treasure in the middle of the lava pool?



You don't. That's just there to taunt you.




Wretch Warrens


Where is Neray?



The first time you meet her will be in the Wretch Warrens. She's lurking with two other smugglers in a surface-level cave near the center of the southernmost part of the zone (see map). She will flee, leaving you to deal with her compatriots. That's OK, you'll catch up with her later.

Note that she does not appear if you don't have "Neray the Smuggler" from Tartam.



Where are Thara's papers?



In a desk on the main floor of the Warrens, in a room with a fire and incense, somewhat north of the trophy room. (see map).



I fought my way back to the surface, but I can't seem to escape the Warrens.



You have to confront Onghror before you can leave. To get to him, you need a key from High Shaman Dvola in the shrine west of the trophy room. Then go to the locked doors three rooms directly north from the trophy hall. Head north and west from there.



Jhereth Deeps - locations of Blue Ore are marked


Where is Neray, again?



She next appears in the Jhereth Deeps, on your second mission to the Kva, but only if you've already met her in the Wretch Warrens. Look for her in a cave somewhat south of Zephyrine's lair.

Note that if you haven't followed this quest line correctly, neither she nor the trapdoor leading into her lair will be present here.



The map shows a trapdoor in the Jhereth Deeps, where no trapdoor is. What gives?



See the answer to the previous question.



I didn't get the Blue Ore quest until after doing this area, and now I can't get back into part of the Ogres' lair.



You can't get into the extreme south-eastern section of the lair because of a closed gate, but there are six pieces of ore to be found elsewhere, and you only need five for the quest. If you can't get into the central part of the ogres' lair because it's blocked by water, you have an old version of the game. Updating will solve your problem.



OK, so where's the blue ore now?



Every underground area in the Deeps has some. Look for stone pillars like this, that highlight when you mouse over them. Click on them to collect the ore. You only need to find five, and there are seven in all. If you still can't find it, the exact locations are marked on the map, above. pillar.png



Is this where I'm supposed to get the Titan's War Club?



No, you'll find that in the Titan Peaks.




White Plains (Sevilin's Quest)


How do I find Cahil in the mine?



Follow the maps in this thread. They show the most direct route (not necessarily the most lucrative, but you can always explore afterward).


Or, follow the instructions on this map.


Oh, and bring your lock-picking character and lots of picks.







Dhorl Stead


No-one will talk to me, and they won't let me into the castle. What now?



You will not be getting into the castle this trip. However, it is necessary that you go over there and make Moritz'Kri refuse to let you in. After that you can go back into town and get better results. But before you enter a building, make sure that Hunter Salom and his band of soldiers are not camped in the middle of town. If they are, no-one in town will help you, no matter what. Just wait for them to leave.



How do I get to the Dhorla Woods? I have quests there, but I can't seem to go anywhere from Dhorl Stead.



First, see the answer to the above question and follow the instructions. Then, you have to confide the purpose of your visit in either Runner Kellen or Runner Faiga. It's OK, you were only ordered not to reveal it to anyone official. Tell one (or both, doesn't matter) of them why you're there, and ask them where to find the Beast. When one of them tells you, the location will appear on your travel map.


Note: If, against instructions, you have told Salom or Moritz'Kri the real purpose of your visit, Kellen will not help you no matter what. Faiga still will.



Is that the Corrupted Circle in the northern part of the zone?



No, the one you want is in the Dhorla woods, the next zone north. If you can't figure out how to get there, see the question above.




Dhorla Woods


Where is Shavon?



He's camped in the center of the southern part of the zone. Just a little to the right of where you entered.



Shavon ran ahead and disappeared. Where is he?



He probably got eaten. If you go back to an earlier save and try again, it might be a good idea to clear the way to the gong before telling Shavon that you're ready to go. He's not very bright. If you prefer not to do that, you should still be able to collect the reward for killing the basilisk.



Where is the Widow of Bones?



The well-guarded entrance to her lair is in the extreme southeast corner of the zone. Don't feel bad if you can't handle the guards yet; they're tough.



The Beast's Woods


Where is the Beast's lair?



The entrance to it is in the northeast section of the zone. To get to it, find the three trapdoors in the maze of trees east of Liese's place. The middle one will take you there.



Where is the ogre Skulltaker?



He's underground. You can get to him via the north or the south trapdoor in the maze of trees east of Liese's place.







Moritz'Kri fled the throne room and now I can't find him.



Talk to Carsta'Arl and he will open the gates to the wizard's part of the castle. Then go to the southwest ring (Moritz'Kri's workshop). Circle around to the stairs and descend. You'll find him below.



OK, I found him and he got away again. Now where is he?



Why don't you ask Carsta'Arl?



How do I get to Carsta'Arl (third mission to Khemeria)? All the gates are shut.



If you haven't yet confronted him in his throne room, go do that. Then you have to kill his wife, unfortunately. She's in her grove in the northwest ring of the castle.



Lady Antje is

completely invulnerable. How do I defeat her?




You feel that a new, powerful presence has entered the grove, but you aren't sure where.
There's a wolf-shaped Spirit of the Woods hiding behind the trees in the southeastern part of the grove. Not to be confused with the wolves she summons near her. Have one or two characters make their way over there and kill it. Once it's dead, Antje can be damaged again.





Where's Theresia? All the paths are blocked.



Jenell is really good at spotting hidden paths. With her in your party, walk around the perimeter of the accessible areas. She will reveal the true paths as you come to them. If all else fails, the pink arrows on the map above show the correct route.



OK, I found the Shaman's hall, but the door is barred. What now?



You can get access to the Shaman's Hall via a tunnel from the Warrior's Hall next door. The trapdoor is easy to miss, so its location is marked on the map.



Do I have to spare the warriors?



You can do as you like with the first group of warriors, the ones led by Hunter Merten. But if you want Jenell to stay loyal and help you in the final fight, you have to spare the ones in the shaman's hall.





Where do I find Orian?



If this is the first mission, "Follow Orian", you'll find him in the Beraza Pits area. If it's the second one, he's in the Bandit Roads.



I have a quest to find Hand Gavin. What area is he in?



Don't worry about finding Gavin. You'll meet him in due time.



How do I get to the Beraza Pits?



Cross the Beraza Woods and exit the zone to the west. You only have to do this once to open the zone.



How do I get to the Bandit Roads?



That area will become accessible on your second mission to Kellemderiel ("Back to Vebeaux", after Monitor Shigaz tells you about it. Until then, don't worry about it.



Castle Vebeaux


For more info, see "End-game Questions"


I'm supposed to meet Shigaz. Where is he?



If this is your first or second mission to Vebeaux, you'll find Shigaz west of the throne room (see map). If this is your third trip, he's down below the trapdoor south of the throne room. Before you go down there, make sure you've done all the quests you plan to do, and get all your best gear on every character, because it's a one-way trip from there to the end of the game.



Beraza Woods


Where is the smugglers' tunnel for the "Vebeaux Tunnel" quest?



In the settled part of the Beraza Woods, immediately west of the castle. Look for a farmhouse full of unfriendly people. Below it, you'll find a short tunnel. To fulfill the quest, you'll need to spot the secret door switch on the wall. A light source can help with this; failing that, the switches are marked with red dots on the inset map linked to above. Press the switch, pass through, and deal with what you find there.



Help! The Sorceress Shade is impossible to beat!



That's possible, depending on your level and the difficulty you're playing on. She's quite beatable on Torment by about level 19 or so. If you've been skipping side quests, it might be a good idea to go back and do some before trying to complete this one.


For specific tips, look here, or here.




Beraza Pits


I've been following Orian around - is something supposed to happen?



Yes. You have to catch him doing something suspicious. Orian makes a continual circuit around his three campsites, which form a triangle roughly around the center of the zone. The eastern site is the important one. What you have to do is spy on him from a safe distance at any one of his sites, until you see this message at the bottom of the screen:

The wandering woodsman stops at this camp. He doesn't notice you standing nearby. He looks around the camp for something. Not seeing it, he prepares to move on.

Then you have to spy on him again at the eastern site to catch him. It's crucial, however, that he doesn't spot you at any point in between. If you see a message about him noticing you or being nervous, you have to start again.


You can just wait for him twice at the eastern site, though you will have to scramble to stay out of his way; it's easier to wait for him just north of the northwestern site and then follow him to the eastern one. In any case, after you catch him and he takes off, enter the clearing to see what he was up to.


Note that once he leaves this area, he will not return. If you want to find him again, you'll have to look elsewhere. If you're stuck, see "Where do I find Orian?" above.



How do I kill the drake?



You don't, not now. Concentrate on damaging one puppet at a time; meanwhile keep an eye on the glowing pillars and stay on the opposite side of the room from whichever ones are glowing red.



Trail of the Drake (Nathalie's Quest) -- Warning, the Drake's Lair is spoiler-heavy!


How do I get past the infinite stairs?



You only have to keep descending until you see the message “That’s odd. You are sure that you have been in this corridor before...” At that point you can return to the main floor and exit the building the way you came in. As you step away from the building, someone in your party will hear a scream coming from the northwest. Head that way—new paths will be open to you.



I can’t figure out this circle riddle.



Not surprising. Extraneous commas will mess you up like that. What you actually have to do is very simple:


Go west and continue clockwise all the way around the circuit, until you’re back in the circle where you started. Then reverse direction and go counter-clockwise all the way back. A new passage will appear in front of you.


If at any point you've gone wrong, you'll see a message at the bottom of the screen saying "You feel an icy sensation..." In that case, start again.



Is this where I get the Drake Egg?



No, you'll find that below the Bandit Roads.



Bandit Roads


Where are the Hidden Ogres?



In the northeast corner of the zone. Look for a secret door switch near some trash.



Where is Herenus?



He's hiding in the seemingly abandoned tower in the northwest. You have to thoroughly search each level in turn. "Searching" in this instance means walking your characters all over the floor until you trigger a dialog about sensing someone nearby.



Where is the Drake Egg?



Under the drake, of course. Well, specifically, in its nest.


Which you will find underground, in a cave near the bandit hideout. You probably want to wait and come back with reinforcements before taking her on - she's way tougher than the bandit leader.



End-Game Questions



Beraza Deep Woods


I can't beat the

soldiers and basilisks.

What am I doing wrong?



You're fighting them. While I generally avoid giving tactical advice in this FAQ, in this case I will make an exception: Run away. And hide.


While it is possible to beat them, it is intended as an optional extra challenge, and is therefore very hard. When Jeff gives you strong hints about what you should do ("The western path looks very tempting..." sort of thing), it's wise to pay attention. Flee the initial group; you may have to sacrifice a pet to keep them busy, or even leave a warrior behind to be "killed". As long as at least one character makes it to Tayce, you can exit combat mode and resurrect everybody.


The rest of the troops in that area aren't quite as tough, but they'll pile on if they see you, and you may need all of your resources for the coming fights. Fortunately, it's easy to avoid the patrols: Watch them from the trees, then dash across the bridge or road as soon as they have their backs to you and are moving away. Just stay out of their line of sight, and also avoid their camp.



Castle Vebeaux: Endgame


The gate to

the pylon is closed and there seems to be an infinite supply of soldiers. How do I get to the back entrance?




You have to confront the Duke. Go to his throne room (approach it from the west to avoid the respawning soldiers) and proceed from there. Gates will open for you as you go.



What's with the empty box?



The note with the reference to Dheless will appear in one of two places--whichever you find first. The other will be empty.



I've dealt with the


but I still can't find the exit.



Follow the pink arrows on the map. You can open two of the gates with the nearby wheels; the other two should open when Gryfyn is gone.





How do I kill





You don't. Sorry about that. :(



How do I kill





Yeah, you really don't want to do that.


It's not that Redbeard will kill you, it's just that it will take you so long to kill him that you'll wish you were dead.


Seriously, this fight is not fun; it's widely regarded as the worst-designed boss fight in Spiderweb history. There is a long discussion to that effect here. It's a miserable way to end an otherwise very enjoyable game. You will be much happier taking the loyalist ending, trust me.


However, if you really must, the distilled version of that thread is as follows:


Don't even attempt it if you don't have at least 3 of your companions with you. It's also not a good idea if your main character happens to be a shaman.


After the fight begins, two statues along the north wall will disappear, giving you access to two secret door switches. Pressing them will open up two rooms to the south. In those rooms, golem-like "soul jars" will appear when Redbeard summons them—up to 4 at any given time. You want to keep that number down, because the more of them there are, the less damage you can do to Redbeard. If all 4 are present, he's completely invulnerable.


The soul jars are immune to magic damage (hence nullifying the Shaman's main attack), and have a permanent Blade Shield, which makes it a bad idea to engage them in melee. So your options are pretty much missiles and fire. Basically, you have to position characters in both rooms to stay on top of that, and also try to whittle away at Redbeard in between. Who will not be standing idly by, of course.


You should be prepared for a long and tiresome slog, with frequent need for curing of mental effects. For a very nice summary of a successful strategy, see this post by AlphaDuck. Of course, to use the same strategy, you would have to have done all the companion quests, have a shadowwalker as your main character, and have built your characters with this fight in mind.


You Have Been Warned.



NOTE: In the unlikely event that the map site (keepersofavadon.com) goes down, you can access a backup at http://nikkis-nook.h...Maps/index.html, generously hosted by Nikki (generously hosted by Niemand). Thanks guys!

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Carsta'Arl is in Oghrym'Tor, the fortress northeast of Dhorl Stead. You got to meet Moritz'Kri outside, but you don't get in until later.


Can you give the exact dialogue that you get while talking to them? Are you sure you're talking to them while Hunter Salom is no longer in Dhorl Stead?


—Alorael, who doesn't think this is a very plausible bug. If you think it really is a script error, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but it's really probably something that you aren't triggering quite right.

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runner faiga-

1-"Why do you live out here?

2-I am in need of information.


Those are the only two dialogs i get and when i pick one, they connect with each other and have no relative info to the beast or the woods.


That is faiga, kellen cant work because i told moritzkri. I really hope that i dont have to start over as ive never beaten the game but did get close.

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A. When you pick #2, do you see this reply?


She looks down. _I would help you. There is nothing to be gained by resisting Avadon. However, it would be better if you went to Lord Carsta'Arl. He would be annoyed if I was presumptuous enough to deal with you before he saw you.


B. If so, do you then have this option?


I have been to Oghrym'Tor. I was turned away at the gates.


If the answer to A is yes and the answer to B is no, then you have to go to the castle gates and talk to Moritz'Kri, the old mage that is standing there. Demand to be let into the castle. After he refuses, return to Faiga and try again.


If the answer to the A is no, please tell me what she does say.

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Welcome to the boards, Cloudseer!



Originally Posted By: Cloudseer

I am a bit lost with the Hunt the Wizard quest. Can you tell me where to look to find the Wizard and maybe who it is?






It's Moritz'Kri, and you should start looking at the castle in Khemeria. They'll let you in this time.


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We ask that you keep your text to the standard black on Spiderweb. It's just one of our customs to keep the color quotient down.


I don't think the decision was really made for balance. It was just what the designer thought was best. It's quite possible that the tree won't work that way in the sequels; it's been a source of frustration for many people, and it's also not the way that the Avernum skill tree works.


—Alorael, who at least hopes for a change. The current system also really limits end-game builds. But that may be part of the point. One of Jeff's goals is to keep players from hurting themselves with terrible builds.

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I seem to be stuck somewhere in the middle of that first dragon quest arc.

It sort of seems strange, but I still have the report to the dragon, and do everything he says quest.

I have, and i cleared out the wretches (the ones in their fortress), found the scouts, and gotten the papers. I killed some lizards, explored the entire dragon cave basement thingy (talking to both the surprisingly cordial daemon and second dragon). I got the book for that sorceress.

Right now, all I have, in addition to the aiding Z-dragon is the blue ore quest, and I cannot find anyone else who wants to give me a quest to continue.


Everything is like, "come back later, I am sure to have things for you to do then."


I did encounter that spy guy at the entrance of the dragon area (in the previous area). And I think he gave me a quest when I agreed to do spy for him, but I do not see any quest for that now, and I never met him again, as far as I remember.

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