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  1. Would Cyan be better or worse? I like to keep my txt of a blue when I can. By the way, it's very unfortunate that I have to invest in skills I don't want just to invest in the skills that I do want. This was decided on for difficulty purposes, I take it?
  2. Thanks. I was wondering why my google search brought me here when I did't find it the first time I checked.
  3. Where is Theresia (after finding Jennel)?
  4. This is a great game with a great feel. I like the music. Never heard anything like it before. And now for some questions. Other than dialogue and combat, is there any reason to choose one companion over another? What can I do with all the stuff I find (rope, wine, skulls, broken swords, etc)? Can I sell items that don't have a value? If I leave items in a chest, barrel, or dresser, how long will they remain there?
  5. What caused humanity to do the same (witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, etc)?
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