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Avadon 1 FAQ - Spoilers mostly hidden


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I can't get into the wizard's tower. Quests that I have: Hunting the Wizard; History Scrolls, Titan's War Club, The Stolen Totem, and Hunt Down Orian. I was told that the way into the tower of Moritz'Kri would be open for me, but it is not. What else do I need to do to get in the tower?


Also Hunt Down Orian - second quest - where can I find him to kill him?


Titan's War Club: how can I find this? There are no additional areas opened for me. Berak says "in the hills to the south." What area does he mean? I have searched all over Goldcrag.


Hopefully there is still someone on this site that can answer me :)

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Hunting the Wizard requires visiting another place first. See his "boss" in an earlier zone first. Then you can get into Tower of Moritz'Kri.


Some quests are given long before the needed zone is available.


Hunt Down Orian continues the next time you get a major quest at Castle V.


Titan's War Club has a new zone open the next time you get a quest to The Kva that has it.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Quests are more understandable. :)

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Hey guys, my first post here. I am wondering about Without a Scratch achievement. If I play solo and my PC is killed and I have to restart from the last save, is this achievement void for that run or not?


In general, I don't think achievements for not doing things or not having things happen count anything that you undid by reloading to a previous save.

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Query, the option to train for 3000 gold at various trainers. Forget where the first one was, but it seemed a melee training option, and the second in the castle from Questa seems a more magic training.


what is it training me in? i seem to be missing where it lists this ability it gives me, or does it even? as well to get his option from her you have to do a rebellious seeming option of giving her the goo.

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Here's what you get. The fighting options from the first trainer improve damage for everyone in the party. The magical options from the second trainer are increased protection from certain attacks.


The Beast's Woods:


trains (after killing the Shadow Beast) - 3000c each

- hunter's eye (missiles do +2 levels of damage)

- hunter's blade (melee does +2 levels of damage)


Castle Vebeaux

Incantatrix Questa - cs - 3000c each

- Ward of the Hollandan (2% melee damage resistance)

- Cunning of the Kellem (+8%to mental resistance)

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Hi there 😀
I forgot many things about Avadon 1 and now I am stucked with the second series of Duke's quests. To be precise I am supposed to meet Shigaz again in Berada Woods and to defeat some "well established bandits" there. But I can't find Shigaz there or in Beraza Pitts. I found some bandits underground but no Shigaz. What am I missing?

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41 minutes ago, ladyonthemoon said:

Well, I'm done playing this game. I cannot kill that drake in that cave where he has stolen the mind of these three soldiers. I play on casual and I cannot kill that drake. So, it's game over for me. I bought the three games, I guess Jeff will have good use of the money.

That is a scripted fight where you need to attack the mind controlled soldiers several times. It isn't something you get the first time you do it. 

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Congratulations on maps, FAQs and information; after trying the game (normal) without reading them, I tried to kill Redbeard and I gave up going on and I studied everything thoroughly. I saw that I had not found many things, so I started following your maps.
I'm almost at the end again but I can't solve 2 quests "A Dragon's Tooth" by Alfans and "Stara Stead Raiders" by Runner Keller.
Can anyone tell me how to do it?
I am Italian and I can read English enough but to write it I am not very good so I used the google translator for this post. Sorry if there are errors.

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2 hours ago, sweetd said:

Do the locksmith and lock charm stack? I don't see anyone mentioning this.

Only for the same character. The game uses the highest total on a character.


So if you have a PC that doesn't get a lock picking ability you might want to swap the charm for solo missions.

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11 minutes ago, Randomizer said:

It worked for me.



In the part about Jereth Deeps in the hidden text about where is the blue ore now? is the text that tells that you have to find the pillars and at the end of that text is a link to a picture "pillar.png".


This picture was first shown to me embedded in the text as a ukrainian flag and now I see no picture but the link to pillar.png


which leads to an imagesite showing no fitting image. I suspect the link is broken and the site simply shows an ukrainian flag instead of broken links.

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On 7/18/2011 at 11:53 PM, Jerakeen said:

Jhereth Deeps - locations of Blue Ore are marked

The link with the image of the pillar does appear to be broken to me.  However, a few items above there is the link to the map that Jerakeen made of Jhereth Deeps that has all of the blue ore locations marked which should help anyone who is having difficulty with this quest.  Jerakeen has not been on here in several years so I doubt we are going to see a fix to that link.

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