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  1. Yes, I already said this. However, "more power than anyone else" does not mean he can do anything he wants or has no checks whatsoever on his power. The Codex specifically states he has limits on his power, and those limits are what he can get away with without pushback from the Council. Heck, you yourself wrote that you believe the reason he can't amass more power because it would cause a civil war--while that isn't said anywhere in the game, that would DEFINITELY be a legitimate and serious check on his power. Canonically speaking, Hanvar's Council legally has authority over Avadon. They use
  2. Ooh, that does sound awesome! Thank you very much for the advice
  3. Hello! I'm currently on a SW game binge and trying to decide what to start next. I've played the original Exile games, Nethergate, Avernum 1-6, and most of Avadon. Should I pick up the newest game or dive into the Geneforge series next? I'm more interested in good stories, characters and world-building than gameplay, though that's always a plus. Thank you for any advice!
  4. Thanks again for all of the replies! I've really enjoyed reading what everyone has to say. You're assigning a LOT more power to Redbeard than the game ever indicates he actually has. It's easy to do because Redbeard is this larger-than-life character, both in-universe and in the player's imagination. If he actually had the power you suggest though, he would have exercised it in A2 when he desperately need funds and manpower to quash Dheless. Instead, he had to secretly divert funds to build Fort Foresight. A willingness to fund Avadon and turn a blind eye when necessary are no
  5. Everyone, thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I'm really happy to see so many different perspectives There's a lot to reply to, so I hope no one minds if I quote the parts I'm replying to: The Codex, probably the most neutral and unbiased source in the entire game, states that "He (Redbeard) has an uncanny ability to recognize the limits of his power." Redbeard is indisputably the most powerful man in Lynaeus before being driven out, but he never had completely unchecked power. I'm still not seeing any evidence that he deserves most of the blame for the Farl
  6. Thank you for replying to my topic! Much appreciated! Deciding to murder someone because of something they *might* do doesn't strike me as a very compelling argument, though. Not to mention that Hanvar's Council did have meaningful leverage over Redbeard the whole time (they control the purse strings). It's true that Redbeard did pull shenanigans to get some Council members favorable to Avadon, but I can't remember anything in the game indicating that any of the problems with Hanvar's Council (namely, the infighting and refusal to respond to Tawon's aggression) actually stems from
  7. I'm in the middle of A3 now, and I'm honestly surprised at just how weak the case is for killing Redbeard. This seems to be a major theme in the series, yet it never comes across to me as an option I should realistically consider. Am I missing something? The Wayfarer is unconvincing The Wayfarer's quests are all intended to weaken the Pact and motivate you to oppose Redbeard. The problem is that what he largely exposes is the player's own corruption. Following his quests means stealing privileged information from your allies, framing an innocent man for treason, accusing an innocent
  8. I don't believe Avadon has any feature like that. You're probably remembering it from other SW games like the second Avernum trilogy
  9. Funnily enough, I am also playing through A3 as a Sorceress named Aurelia. I was also glad to see Khalida and Nathalie again, at least until the former sprung her quest on me. I thought Dedrik's quest took the cake for height of stupidity, but she seriously wants to murder a camp of friendly NPCs, whose crimes are basically being poor and sick of a messed up, neverending war, for the sole purpose of pissing off Redbeard. I really wish there was an option to talk some sense into your companions sometimes.
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to write that out, Ess-Eschas! Your solution worked perfectly! I think you're right that I went straight to Khemeria and that's what caused the problem. Thank you for the help, and the kind welcome I bought and played all the Exile games waaay back when, then recently got a hankering to play them again. So I picked up the big SW bundle on Steam, binged Avernum 1-6, and now I'm working on the Avadon series.
  11. I already tried talking to Jenell back at Avadon, and the quest is still there. I also tried talking to Runner Faiga, and went looking for Vid, but he and his band were gone. I combed through Jarlswood and went through both of the buildings again with Jenell, but I just can't get this quest to finally clear. It's driving me a little bonkers, haha. How would I go about finding the quest number and using a script?
  12. I have a quest, Jenell's Message, that is stuck in my log and won't go away even though I defeated the shaman at the end. No one I talk to has anything to say about the quest and I can't figure out how to complete it. Is there any other way I can remove it from my quest log? Thank you very much for any help.
  13. Where do I turn in the quest "Jenell's Message"? I've beaten the shaman, but it's still stuck in my quest log. Thank you for any help!
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