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Found 3 results

  1. I'm in the middle of A3 now, and I'm honestly surprised at just how weak the case is for killing Redbeard. This seems to be a major theme in the series, yet it never comes across to me as an option I should realistically consider. Am I missing something? The Wayfarer is unconvincing The Wayfarer's quests are all intended to weaken the Pact and motivate you to oppose Redbeard. The problem is that what he largely exposes is the player's own corruption. Following his quests means stealing privileged information from your allies, framing an innocent man for treason, accusing an innocent
  2. After the second fight with Miranda and after escaping, I don't know how to continue the game. I've tried to find Redbeard and to report to him, but he is missing from the throne room and from the keep. Where I can find him, or what should I do to proceed further?
  3. I can't believe it. I got so hyped with the ending of Avadon 2 when Redbeard decided to head to Fort Foresight HIMSELF. I thought he would fight Dheless's army, but he didn't even lift a finger to fight the Tawon force. I was so ready to aid him and my fellow Avadon defenders. He just... left his men to die. Also, I wouldn't have mind a defense at the Black Fortress either but it was left to text. The biggest fight I had was the one at Kostina's fort. I really hope there are more big fights in Avadon 3. I think one of the problems of big fights is the lag? Or something to do with the pr
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