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Found 13 results

  1. I'm in the middle of A3 now, and I'm honestly surprised at just how weak the case is for killing Redbeard. This seems to be a major theme in the series, yet it never comes across to me as an option I should realistically consider. Am I missing something? The Wayfarer is unconvincing The Wayfarer's quests are all intended to weaken the Pact and motivate you to oppose Redbeard. The problem is that what he largely exposes is the player's own corruption. Following his quests means stealing privileged information from your allies, framing an innocent man for treason, accusing an innocent
  2. First of all, I'm aware that similar threads exist but most of those are fairly old, and I'm not sure what the policy on necroing old threads is here. Anyway, I just want to share my thoughts and experiences with the Avadon series. To begin with, I thoroughly enjoyed all three games though my favorite was definitely the last one. Throughout the series, I played with a Shaman as my main character on normal difficulty. In all of the games, I tried not to use the same companions for every mission, but some missions and other events sometimes made that a difficult goal. Avadon: The Black F
  3. Why can Konstina leave the circle without harm yet I cannot despite the fact that the conversation beforehand transparently states that the restriction applied to both of us?
  4. So, I bought Avadon 1 on my Ipad and have enough money left to buy EITHER Avadon 2 or Avadon 3. Which one do people recommend and why? (And, is it better to play the games in sequence?)
  5. My Let's Play of Avadon 1 is done, and Avadon 3 is on the way... so now I begin my Let's Play of Avadon 2! Join me as I... well... I have no idea what is going to happen in this one. So let's learn and find out! And if you want to see my previous LP, you can find it here
  6. I've checked every email I received after purchasing and did not receive a Registration Key. I paid using Amazon payments, using the link from the official Spiderweb Software website. I sent an email to support@spiderwebsoftware.com 2 days ago and have not received an email in response. I realize you are a small company, likely with limited staff, but it sure would be nice to get this sorted out so I can play this game! Seller Order ID: XCQDTYP27CV4T Date of Charge: Sunday, June 19, 2016 Transaction ID: P01-0875352-7220486-C087106
  7. I feel like every single one of my encounters with the Wyldrylm so far in the game seems to involve the Wyldrylm person / people do whatever the stupidest possible thing is in that particular situation. How have they survived as long as they have? Were they this dumb in Avadon 1? "Hey, everybody, I'm Dedrik and I'm a noob like Garzhad. I got banished for supporting the Pact, but now to get unbanished I'm gonna go slaughter some Pact soldiers! La la la! Oh, maybe I shouldn't do that, nah, it's cool, let's keep it up! Oops, somehow I didn't realize killing a bunch of Pact soldiers actually
  8. Hello, I was wondering something about the medals (and achievements on Steam, consequently), especially about the "Die Less Next Time" one. Is it only the scrolls that I'm not supposed to use, or the simple fact that a character dies (and therefore automatically resurrects at the end of the fight) is taken into account for this medal? I'm currently doing a Torment playthrough and wanted to be sure to get all the medals at once, it settles much better with my perfectionism. Excuse the maybe obvious question, but only the scrolls seems kinda... easy to do? Thanks !
  9. In the southwest area of the Temple of Nolus zone, there's a locked door (identified on the map as Guarded Doorway). I have now, finally, finished Avadon 2, and I never did figure out how to get in there. Is it possible? What did I miss there?
  10. After I've completed Yoshiria's ransom quest, does it matter in any way if I then poke around the Grey Raptor base until I until I offend them, they attack, and I destroy them?
  11. After something approaching a year and half of distractions and major life disruptions and so forth, I'm going to try to get around to trying to play Avadon 2 again. I can't pick up where I left off because I had to completely wipe my hard drive at one point, so I'm starting fresh. I'm planning to play on Casual because my main goal is to experience the world and the story and to just actually make it to the game's end. So, the question in the thread title: if I'm only likely to play through this game once, is there one class am I going to have the most fun with (or even one that is so subpar
  12. Hi! I just went to Fort Foresight and found Timon, who gave me some quest. I really don't know what should I bring to him and where should I look for this stuff. And the most difficult part is there are no manuals and how-to's for this (sub?)mission.
  13. Trapped Lair map, mission with Sulla. So I wonder, what happens if I do press the button despite Sulla's attempts to stop me? I didn't see that button when I was on that mission, but managed to return later (with Sulla dead, of course, that traitor) and I wonder, how does the explosion affects the gameplay.
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