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  1. I don't know if it will work, but I would recommend these steps: Go to Device Manager Look for your keyboard driver (be careful in this one) If you have found it, uninstall the driver, but do NOT check the box Then click action>Scan for hardware changes I did this to my Wi-fi driver as it screws up alot recently, I think it will simply return the driver to some default state, but I'm still not sure if it works actually like that.
  2. You didn't play them in order?! NOOOOO DON'T PLAY GF4 YEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT ;-; If you want to experience the unique plot of the whole series, you should play them in order
  3. SLART! You have cracked the case! Elementary, my dear Witcher So, what can we do about it?
  4. I'm surprised anyone hasn't suggested using safe mode, well maybe because it won't work. But I'm not quite sure if Geneforge will run at all, since it is in Steam. Plus I tried opening Skyrim on a safe mode once, it was slower than flying turtle, it might be because Direct X wasn't started up or something. So I don't know if booting windows in safe mode can help or not.
  5. Yes it is, I suffered from the lags especially when disarming the mines or using the tab button to show-all the stuff in the screen, or what you said. I've made a topic somewhat like this, and all I got was the Geneforge engines got too 'rusty', and I never got a fix for that. I assume it is probably the GPU, from what I've heard (but not yet confirmed) from others is that newer GPUs tend to wreck support in their drivers for older games, to build new improvements for the newer games. I'm not very helpful, but I would also appreciate answers from other members
  6. adc.

    Your type of games

    I never really liked Dragon Age, aside from the story, I got to the point where I got Morrigan and I quitted, I couldn't take the combat anymore, I never liked those types. I love turn-based combat, but not with OTS. I also love real-time, but not with the camera high above your character (like some MOBAs). A real-time combat with OTS is great, same to the overhead camera with a turn-based combat (Jeff's games) If you're no fan of DAO, I would recommend KoToR, same (OTS, turn-based) combat, but the story is just too good, the only part I hated in the game is although you're a Jedi, you can still use blasters, mines and grenades, and if you're a first-time player, DO NOT invest too much in the blasters. Woah, I'm ranting about combat. Welcome to my world, I actually find Fallout 3 about thrice as immersive as Skyrim. The rooms cost twenty times as that of Skyrim, prices aren't a joke, and if you're starting a new player, picking up bottles and tin cans then selling them will actually help. That's why I felt some sort of hate for the Elder Scrolls series, although, I haven't played Morrowind. >Play as a Shaper in GF1 >Talk to the servile that tells you to kill the leader of the Awakened (Ellrah was it?) >Steal the Discipline Wand >Slay him with the wand >Run away from the keep using your action points, whilst letting your creations tank you >Escape the island I did that, and survived, weren't it for the demo locking me in some areas, I could have seen the ending.
  7. adc.

    Your type of games

    Take the bad as choice. I find DS2 balanced, but it took me a few dozen times to remake a new character, learning the mechanics and combat of the game. The only thing that disappointed me in DS2 was some places stuttered really bad for me, and if you play with a mouse/keyboard, how the hell are you supposed to know what to press? What's LS up or something, A is enter which is very far, so I installed a better keymap, but then, I find myself in a dark world with no hope of survival, and that's exactly what's DS2 is. The combat is the best by far, you can dual-wield, use only one hand in either left or right, charge attack thing, dodge roll etc. it's cool, but I don't even know what the zombies were called, or where I'm supposed to go, I don't even know what's their world called.The time I reached a flight of stairs going downward, my fps went down so low that the game crapped, then I quit. I would recommend DA:O, DAO was a nice game actually, the story was amazing, but I hated the combat. Click an enemy, use an ability and watch your character do all the fun, similar to KoToR. Skyrim was a decent game, but the combat really turned me off, real-time it is, but all you could do is spam the same buttons. The faction stories were great especially the DB and Thieves' Guild, I find the main questline well-made, but it was somewhat typical; a guy in some prophecy about to kick a villain's behind.
  8. That made my day xD An emulated program, inside an emulator, the emulator emulated by another emulator.
  9. adc.

    Your type of games

    Too. Much. Agreed. I didn't have the time to make up the questions, my apologies. Although I didn't want to lose this tempting-to-post ideas of mine inside my head. I could have listed them down, and improve them, but time would fade away. YEAAHHHHH SINGLEPLAYER!!! The poll is so bland -.- By game mechanics/gameplay, I wasn't so clear about this and hard to explain too. So it kinda depends on your definition.
  10. adc.

    Help please :(((

    (( How's that for exact?
  11. They take a log of what is running inside your laptop, so we can diagnose what programs might be affecting your Geneforge copy. They're quite simple actually, I bet you could figure out what to do in merely five seconds. Open up process explorer> Click "File" on the upper left corner > Save as > Pick a name > Post the log here
  12. Please don't muck it up, I want to see which games do you guys prefer. Probably, I made a few mistakes and inaccuracies in the poll, but you get the picture right? So yeah, don't mind it. Personally, I prefer singlelplayer games over multiplayer because lag that's why, plus you can't pause/save the game. During a raid, your mom tells you to throw the trash, and then your whole party gets killed because you forgot to say brb or whatsoever. You can't save a game if you'll attempt something stup- "irrational" I prefer stories and combat. An excellent story will immerse you in the game far more than the others, to me, it is the very frame of the games I prefer, without it, they would fall into pieces. Combat comes next because repetitive and unchallenging combat will make you want to throw your laptop/PC out of the window. Roleplaying games, why? Because I see a lot potential in myth and magic. Jeff's games because, wait, why is it there? ofc, he owns this forums. Forgiving type, with a steady and stable challenge. The Witcher 2 was quite an example of it. A dark plot because it's so awesome. Ok, so I had a limited time to post this thing, since our review will come in a few hours, I hope you guys appreciate it.
  13. It does work in Geneforge 3, but I tried poking around the codes in GF 4 and 5, but to no avail. In short, you can't do it (unless I overlooked something in the code).
  14. Well, glad to be of help. Just a tip: If you ever want to play some modern games or 2013-2014 games, I would recommend turning off the compatibility mode as some do not run properly. Have fun.
  15. Well, it's one hard problem to track down, but I tried harder to search for a solution. http://www.gamefaqs....skyrim/65140099 I just scanned the page quickly, and some people reported that it no longer crashes when you disable the cloud syncing stuff. Or if you want the keywords I typed, it's this: steam games closing randomly Search it up on Google until you can find your solution, while I (might) do the same.
  16. This is a bad copypasta of my previous tech support post A very practical solution, if that might be the answer. I would also suggest adding some more details/specs...
  17. Let's say Jeff decides to make another "cool and original" class, and if the player is an enemy of Avadon, what could it be? I think it would be something like a counterpart of the original four Avadon classes, with an addition of another unique one that would fill the place of the Tinkermage instead. Damn, I love the anticipation the new class gives out, I hope Jeff doesn't muck it up and surprise us with Ogres, Wretches or those Geneforge-podling Corruption enemies.
  18. Proof. My proof is over there ^^ Question. Which moves faster, my brain or a turtle? A turtle pls explain the meat grinder joke
  19. That's something unexpected, well, as usual, really, from unusual font sizes and things that don't respond well. The basic workaround there is usually by making a fresh install of the game, uninstall the whole series>defrag registry (optional)>reinstall it. After reinstalling it, it could, by a chance, work fine, if not, change your compatibility settings to Windows XP SP3 Right-click the shortcut>Properties>Compatibility then tick the box> Win XP SP3 or SP2, Vista would also work I think lol, just tinker around the settings. If everything else fails, I found this thread which seemed to solve the problem for the OP: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/245944-44-keyboard-issue-working-properly-games That's all I could say, I'm not a very techy guy, I could solve basic problems only. You could tell me details regarding this issue if there were any changes according to my suggestions. GL man
  20. adc.

    System using my RAM

    Thanks for the reply, although I have already fixed it through my last resort of updating my system. One question... Is it weird having about 16 svchost.exe running simultaneously in the background? I've seen people with six or seven, but sixteen's a lot lol
  21. adc.

    System using my RAM

    Figured it out, had to use my last resort, System process is now using 0.1 MB of memory
  22. dude, weren't you banned or something?

  23. Welcome back to another episode of my ranting, where even I hate my own noise. I finally found why my games are stuttering, the system process is using up RAM as I play games. For some reason, it happened just yesterday for no reason when I played my favorite MMORPG SWTOR. I noticed frames spiking frequently for no reason at all, my ping was 130-200 (which is normal and steady), which can't be the internet connection. My other games are also spiking and stuttering during gameplay, and what's worse, nothing stops the system process from munching up my RAM. I have tried: -using sfc /scannow -used CCleaner -Full scan of SpyHunter 4 -Full scan of Windows Defender -Uninstalling Intel Rapid Technology -Uninstalling recently installed programs (except SWTOR, took me three days to download that) -Disabling every startup non-Windows service in msconfig Although I haven't tried installing the Windows Update (I'm saving it for my last resort), I saw in forums that it's probably AVG's fault, thing is, I'm not using antiviruses, I always depended on WIndows Defender for a bloat-free experience. Some mentioned it was due to bad drivers, but I've done nothing to change since the past few weeks. HiJackThis log (idk what it does, all I know people having problems post these things) Process explorer log
  24. idk, maybe DosBox would work, it's what people use to play ES:Arena on Windows 8 other than that, I have no idea. Lilith is here too ;_;
  25. Nice to know, assuming Jeff makes his final class, I hope it will be as unique as the Tinkermage, it would have been a mechanic-mage type if it weren't for the turrets I bet. Nobody expected the Tinkermage though, so maybe it's something we wouldn't expect too.
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