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    Left Behind.

    Originally Posted By: RCCCL Anyone who has had to watch a person change due to Alzheimer's and/or Dementia can tell you that someone suffering from it is a completely different person from who they were before. My mother works for this Jewish lady in her late 60's. The lady's children say she used to be kind and friendly before she got her Alzheimer's, but my mom sees none of it. The lady treats her like a slave, and absolutely HATES anyone with a dark skin color. If you read the bible in front of her, or even have it out, she will go nuts. She almost never sleeps, and she urinates and defecates way more than a normal person should, and she'll go off on you if she doesn't get what she wants (say, go outside while it's raining). There's much more bad stuff to it, but I'd rather not say. I don't get how my mother can manage to not do something to her, she gets paid like its slave labor or something! But anyway, that's a pretty big difference compared to what that lady used to be.
  2. Karoka

    Let it be known

    Originally Posted By: Erasmus It's because they are french Don't be angry because they out-number you! (pun intended)
  3. My mom will NEVER let me out alone for over ten minutes, no matter what. I did all the chores in the house. I guess she's worried that someone might snatch me up, especially since I don't *look* like I can put up a fight (even though I can).
  4. Originally Posted By: Harehunter Karoka: I don't know what you mean about not being able to edit towns and outdoor sections. I did not adhere to Jeff's placement of menu options in the middle of the screen. Everything you need should be available from the menus at the top. Whoops. I didn't even try editing the town, I just wrongfully assumed only the bottom-left corner was shown. My apologies.
  5. I like the new things put into the editor, especially the 'Edit Stuff Done Descriptions'. Only one problem though: You can't edit towns and outdoor sections.
  6. Originally Posted By: It's a trap ...there's been maybe five other scenarios released, tops. Blame it on mankind's inability to finish something that takes hard work to do alone. If it weren't for that, I, as well as many others I'm sure, would have made plenty scenarios. The only man that has ever been able to finish (?) a scenario series with over five parts is Alcritas. You rock, man.
  7. Originally Posted By: Master1 And unless they have a gun, run like the wind. Noone I've ever met has ever been able to try to match my maximum speed. The problem is, I might die of an asthma attack after 20 seconds.
  8. Karoka

    Osama is gone.

    The fish thrashes in the bag? I thought it was the fish ghost trying to get out. Well, now I know.
  9. Originally Posted By: Miramor No flow chart or such for special nodes, no SDF viewer at all. Unless I'm missing something huge, the only way to keep track of your scenario is to keep really extensive notes. You basically work blind. Perhaps and SDF viewer could be incorporated? And something to keep track of special nodes?
  10. Karoka

    Osama is gone.

    If your going to hunt an animal, you'll mind as well eat it. I find wounding a fellow creature and leaving it there to slowly and painfully die a little heartless.
  11. Could a monster have an 'infinite' amount of health? Meaning, that you can attack that monster all day, but it will never die. Invulnerability doesn't do this. It gives a monster super armor and regenerate all its health immediately, just as long it doesn't die in a single hit. Also, could it be resistant/immune to attacks just like it could be with fire, cold, magic, and poison? You can kill a monster with magic, but melee and archery have no effect. If it's immune, it'll show just a blood splat; no number, because there is no damage.
  12. America is just like Rome. Therefore, it will fall just like Rome. Except with nuclear explosions.
  13. What do the weapon abilities 'Soul Sucker' and 'Drain Missiles' do?
  14. 'Import Town' in the Scenario tab (between File and Town) copies any town from any scenario you have in the folder, and pastes it onto the one that's currently loaded.
  15. After a little experimenting, I found this out about the power level of exploding ammo: 1-14: Exploding ammo 15-19: Nothing happens 20-54: Something related to Divine Thud 55&Up: Nothing happens EDIT: New idea. If an item has -1 charges, then it's unlimited ammo.
  16. I don't know if anyone said this before, but I noticed that when your in combat mode, hostile monsters will try to pass by friendly ones to get to you. It's like they know that if your out the picture, they win. Was this intended?
  17. I thought it can if you set it to call a scenario special when your editing the monster's abilities.
  18. I've noticed that if two nodes are played at once, the second one won't be played. For example, a timer is set to hit a space, and a monster just happens to be on that space. That monster just happened to have a special node connected to it, and the hit space kills it. Since the timer node was already playing, the second node will be ignored, causing whatever important thing to happen, not happen. Makes sense?
  19. Karoka


    Quote: Introduction to submit this letter as your first contact with the meeting on the morrow in Maine, a man named Vonnegut. He will find the Sea Wurm Inn is Selathni.
  20. I use arrows to quickly eliminate those annoying, little weak pests that just get in the way and keep me from the big guy. That is until I get Firestorm and/or Divine Thud (I think you get Firestorm first) Then archery becomes pretty useless, unless you've collected some arrows that can't be sold.
  21. Originally Posted By: Goldenking Despite Faustus' annoying habit of referring to himself in third person, You mean like this? Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Dikiyoba vaguely remembers the loss of titles as happening over a period of time and being fairly random. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Sorry, Dintiradan. Dikiyoba tried. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Dikiyoba is pretty sure Alorael has had both of those titles, actually. I'm sorry. Oh yeah, almost forgot. The Lightning Theif is..my dream come true. Really, I've had dreams like this before. Only I wan't (nor am I now) dyslexic.
  22. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Originally Posted By: Karoka Would the ability to have your own custom sounds in a scenario be possible/worthwhile? Planned. How about custom sounds that can be played while your playing BoE? Then after it's done it can jump to a different sound or go into a loop. Oh yes, that's game music right there.
  23. Would the ability to have your own custom sounds in a scenario be possible/worthwhile?
  24. I don't understand it either, and I didn't even know some of these ranks existed. Wait...what's this for? I don't understand how Bard and Colonel can be put in the same place. EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out.
  25. Karoka

    i don't like it

    Originally Posted By: Alorael I'll ignore the Sun revolving around the Earth comment as a few centuries out of date and move on. I can turn religious on this subject, but I don't think I want to. It's too much effort, and scanning through a big book is not my every day thing. Originally Posted By: Erasmus What religion are you from????? It has to be relatively new if one of it's pinnacles is pizza? I go to the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster every 93.10580 hours. (Thanks to ADoS for converting me) I eat my pizza with spaghetti and meatballs, thus the pinnacle of pizza. Just kidding. But seriously. Pizza has been in existence since before galaxies formed. Some galaxies are formed from these pizzas. Think of OS1056, other known as the Spaghetti Galaxy. (DOO YOYR REESERCH!) If you look at a cubic simulation of the universe, you'll notice that the universe was formed in spaghetti knots. As they came together, they formed the first galaxies, made of cheese, spaghetti sauce, and the most deadly of all, Galactic Meatballs. The Galactic Meatballs are much like black holes; they suck things in then spit them out. When the cheese and spaghetti sauce is spit out from the Galactic Meatball, it is compressed into the first pizzas, without the bread. But eventually, Mr. Creator saw the Galactic Meatballs as annoying, so he erased them all, leaving the eraser markings. Those eraser markings then formed stars and planets, which then formed galaxies that we know of existence today. We are very far away from where this all took place, so we won't find any cheese out there just yet. *The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster has nothing to do with what I just said, I just thought the words 'Flying' and 'Spaghetti' would explain it.* Originally Posted By: Erasmus except for 2 I don't seem to recall, maybe pluto and neptune? I thought it was just Pluto that does an elliptical revolution. That goes to show how little I know about our solar system.
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