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  1. There was an earthquake in an unexpected place, and a hurricane is expected to come towards an unexpected place as well. Also: I am 14,887 posts away from Your Postliness.
  2. [insert flames here] "Cheating" is the equivalent to hacking, as using this stuff will interfere with the stuff programmed to be the stuff it is. And I believe a person should work for whatever they want, even if it's a game.
  3. Look, why don't we just categorize them as 'stabby things' and 'cutty things' and 'this wannabe cutty thing'?
  4. Well can't the shapers just unshape them and then reshape them into something more meaningful? Say, an eagle? Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, rebel servile Unless they are the GENEFORGE POWERED ONES? god does anyone listan to me? *facepalm* Technically, no one here listens to anyone else, because no one here has the ability to speak through the computer.
  5. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus Originally Posted By: Nikki. Originally Posted By: Skwish-E Sorry for the big rant, but this is one of the rare issues that I will actually get serious about. I am also involved with a couple of groups that are working to abolish slavery, human trafficking, and the sexual exploitation of minors. Yes, I put my money and time where my mouth is. *Applauds*. You've gone up ten-fold in my estimation, sir. Seconded. Thirded.
  6. Must . . . not . . . INVERT!
  7. I thought China was communist.
  8. I thought a dirk was a really really short sword. . .
  9. Wait, you've got homework already??? HA! —Karoka, who isn't going back to school until a week from now. It balances off though, since his schooling ends later than most people here.
  10. He's not homeless if he's squatting in your home, silly.
  11. Originally Posted By: Dantius a couple thousand dollars to spare A COUPLE THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?!?!
  12. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus Back on topic: It appears that the Washington Monument was cracked during the quake and has been closed indefinitely. They're gonna say it's terrorists.
  13. Originally Posted By: Triumph I'd better go invest in gold posts before the post market collapses and post rates inflate. Easy for you to say, you aren't living off less than 200 posts. You live in a nice, comfy Spiderweb home, while the poor fend for our lives in the little corners of the screen, collecting the little forgotten crumbs you leave for us to feed our whole families with.
  14. I felt it when I was reading my dandy little book when my chair and the table started shaking. I got terrified and went to my mommy. She said it was my imagination, until my dad came and said he came home early because everyone ran out the building.
  16. Originally Posted By: Brocktree I'm not going to continue restating it Awww Originally Posted By: Brocktree A professional dictionary is a more reliable indicator of how society defines words The way society defines words is almost never the same as a professional dictionary. That's why there's connotation and denotation. -------------------- "'Professionals' built Titanic. 'Amateurs' built The Ark." -some lady from a movie.
  17. I don't think that stuff is happening until wxWidgets is done, but I could be wrong. I believe you can see any updates here. EDIT: Right now I'm making a scenario that I REALLY wanted to finish without a monster limit, but I guess I'll have to do without.
  18. Wow, I actually have nothing to say about this topic anymore. Nothing except that I visited my uncle last month whom is in prison for a reason that I still don't know.
  19. Originally Posted By: Enraged Slith Just out of curiosity, are there any completely normal socially awkward people these days, or did they all get infected with the asperger virus? I don't have any friends in school, but there are many I consider acquaintances. I say that because (from what I know) even though they don't dislike me, they find being near me for over ten minutes an uncomfortable experience. . . . does that count?
  20. Quote: Only the poor require love or at least an extremely inebriated date. Exactly where can I get this love stuff? I hope it's not too expensive.
  21. I don't get bullied that often, but when I do it's in school. If it's outside of school, I usually jam my little fist in their littler face. If they manage to block it, I'd kick 'em right where the sun don't shine. Luckily, this only happened once. (FACT: It happened twice) And even though it was outside of school (FACT: it was across the street), I still got suspended. (FACT: uh. . . nevermind.) Originally Posted By: Alorael That's surprising to him, and probably against all odds. Not really, I wouldn't bully someone that carries a gun everywhere with him.
  22. So I guess two isn't always that much better than one then.
  23. Let's be honest, people. Most of us have been bullied at least once, in one way or another. That said, YOU MUST VOTE.
  24. I remember me and my brother used to name the characters things like "his butt" or "himself", so that when they got hit it would say: Brigand attacks himself for 5 or Empire Archer: shoots at his butt misses his butt
  25. Karoka

    So Laggy!

    It might be because your computer has too many registry errors making your computer slow down. RegCure can solve those problems.
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