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    So, Dikiyoba, how do you reproduce?!?!?! Do you like split into two like cells or something?!?!
  2. I hope this place isn't dead yet. So anyways, here's what I've come up with (this list will get bigger until someone replies): - For the 'Have This Class' and related If-Then nodes, put in the SDF boxes 'Have this amount' and 'If have this class'. Then replace Extra2a with 'If not enough, call this' - Move Monster. As in you can move a species or a monster # to a different place in the town, without interfering with it's current HP. - Monster Call Special. A monster can call a special if it walks over it. You choose it be a a specific species, attitude, number, or just any. - SDF Viewer. Did I already talk about this? Whatever. So it will basically give you a list of all Stuff Done Flags, like what Harehhunter did (it was awesome!) - A special that will permanently increase the power or ability strength of an item. Or, it can be turned into a shop. - Change the Hit Space node to do any kind of damage. - Have certain scenarios "linked" allowing you to keep all SDFs, Special Items, etc. from the previous scenario. I propose it will be reset anyway if not done in the right "order". - "Call Town Node" special. This would allow you to call a special from the town of your choosing. - An import feature that lets you import monsters and/or items #x-y from another scenario.
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    We already went through this, Dikiyoba is a Dikiyora. Eventually, Dikiyoras will take over the world with their fascinating UFOs and Dikiyoba will be king of the internet. Is that enough? EDIT: I have just discovered the ultimate weapon. Laughter. Hopefully, no one else will see the tragic fate of Tirien. EDIT2: Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha You say dikiyoba is a dikiyora like hes the only one of his race. Huang He is a Chinese man. Wait, that's a river...
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    If anything, it would the other way around. Dikiyoras have unimaginable power and have knowledge beyond our understanding capacity. They also usually have very important agendas, ones so important we are just inconvenient existences to them. I'm watching you, Diki.
  5. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, shaper servile. Because the people in newyork is mean. My grandma isn't mean, even though she lives in New York. Aside from the creepy visions, horrid nightmares, and scary images I see when I go to her house...
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    Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, shaper servile. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha,shaper servile. ADD: attention defect disorder. ADHD:Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Theyre bassicaly the same thing only one makes you hyperactive. I HAVE SPOKEN! Um, I don't quite think you understood what Dikiyoba said. EDIT: Blast you, Excalibur!
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    ADHD=Abdominal Doormat Hiding Ducks ADD=Abstract Definition Delivery. They have nothing in common anymore...
  8. Actually, I find all that stuff fun! (stop looking at me like that) As long as I get good teachers (which Vo-Tech claims to mostly have), I'll be fine. The only time I don't like math is when it's way over my head (which only happens because of my show-offy brother). Like when I was in 4th grade and my brother asked me what the derivative of 4x was.
  9. Originally Posted By: Tirien The ducks have learned where you live. They shall visit you shortly, along with parachuting fluffy turtles. I've got all the lights on, along with a bunch of lamps, candles, and of course my cell phone. For the fluffy turtles, I've got my super secret stuff right here in my inaccessible vault. ...wait, where's the vault? Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha Koopa Paratroopas? I dont know what you did to get bowser pissed at you karoka, but you better run XD That is unnecessary, I am a well and able jumper.
  10. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha Were you smacking them around with a cell-phone or, were you choking them with it? Apparently, I found out in my dream that ducks are light sensitive. So I basically jammed the phone in their eye until they died...oh, and it was midnight. And when my battery died, I completely panicked and woke up really, really sweaty. EDIT: Originally Posted By: Lilith it is an old joke. it did not actually happen Well if did actually happen, then I'm glad I'm not alone.
  11. Originally Posted By: Alorael You can also give the class a bit of time. They'll often start with some very slow review to make sure everyone is at least on the same page before jumping into the new stuff. Not in my case. I actually asked what will be covered, and she said we'll do some geometry. Not really what I was hoping. Originally Posted By: Dantius [image] That's what my brother said. So he actually convinced me to learn what all those buttons I never press actually mean. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity And fear not, if you want more difficult math, there is lots of difficult math out there to be had. That makes me happy and frightened at the same time. What's the hardest in your opinion?
  12. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha WHO CARES ABOUT DOCTORS? I just hope your doctor isn't on these boards and know who you are.
  13. Originally Posted By: Sylae Try talking to the school's guidance counselor and see if you could maybe get transferred up into a higher math class. Yes, I'll do that on Monday. Thanks, Sylae. I hope I get transferred to Trigonometry!!
  14. Okay, so around the end of 8th grade I took an entrance exam to go to Vo-Tech (it's this smart people school in New Jersey). Took the Algebra placement test there and the Algebra test at my own school. Now that I'm in Vo-Tech, my math class is Combined Algebra I. When "learning" finally started, it was utter torture. My teacher was talking about stuff like, "If you see 8y, it means 8 times y" when I was thinking I'd get something along the lines of "8x*18-10/4x>7y. Graph it." Can anyone please tell me how I can escape this?
  15. I had a weird dream, too. It was about killing ducks with a cell phone... Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, shaper servile But I trust everyone on here with my life XD. If you ever need math help, ask me so that you don't die on the day of the test (But seriously, you can ask me anything unless you skip two grades and you end up ahead of me...) Now, to end this post with two quotes by whoever made them: "You're such a great friend that if we were both in a falling plane and there was only one parachute... I would feel really bad and think of you often." "The sum of man's problems come from his inability to be alone in a silent room."
  16. Originally Posted By: Earth Empires leave your sanity on doorstep. When I came here, I actually forgot to bring it with me. Good thing I didn't need to.
  17. I think you can make more money in any job if you have college degree. Well, unless that job requires one. Originally Posted By: Master1 make much more money. say that many millions (of times per) minute. Alliterations are not allowed after the...uh...annihilation.
  18. Is it me, or did everyone's English class read Lord of the Flies? I read that last year too, but I decided to smuggle one of the books and finish at home just to get it over with. Brought it back the next day, and it was like it never happened. Then we had to make stories like Edgar Allan Poe, which I didn't like. Now I'm reading The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck.
  19. Personally, my priests wouldn't fight. I'd just let them cower behind the other PCs or their summons.
  20. I don't have an iPod, or a laptop, or a DS. Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, rebel servile And then the princi"Pals" now a days dont even give dicipline, they leave that to the assistant principles The principal to my middle school would get eeeverybody into the auditorium and say, "I am disappointed in you guys! "
  21. Are there other Dikiyoras around here? There has to be more. Unless Dikiyoba is the last inhabitant of Dikiyobia.
  22. 1. c 2. a 3. b 4. b 5. a 6. h 7. e 8. b 9. Read aloud the notes for the new novel while smacking the drum with the telephone book. 10. Run through the front door butt-naked and gently hug the robot samurais. Once close enough, press the 'Reset' button on their backs and command them to kill everyone else in the building. Then kill the Big Bad guy so the door to the formula will open. B. Hmmm...(you never asked for an answer)
  23. There's a "cheat" in Ratchet: Deadlocked that makes it rain everywhere. It pretty useless, and slows down the game too.
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