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  1. Originally Posted By: Valdain the King Assassination is in too and im pretty sure it works on ranged weapons this time. Can anyone confirm that? No, Exile doesn't have assassination for ranged weapons.
  2. I'm here: Then going south, I stop here: Then I enter that secret pit thing: Then Whalah!: I've never played the full version (because I never have money! , so I'm guessing there's actually two Naga caves.
  3. Originally Posted By: BainIrhno two months to go! I hope I finish my BoE scenaro in time!! I don't even have a name for it yet, but I have finished the towns, forts, etc.
  4. If you're looking for the original: I've played the game enough times to know that the Naga Cave is in fact reachable via boat if you row south of Fort Draco.
  5. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel What kind of damage does it not do? Oops, sorry. I meant to say Hit Space. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel I seem to recall an initial implementation of "campaign flags" which are carried between scenarios; SDFs should not be carried between scenarios. Special items never came up; that's an interesting idea, but I don't think it's possible since special items are intrinsically linked to their scenario. Assuming campaign flags though, one could set a campaign flag to say "has special item X" and then in the next scenario give special item X if that flag is set. That sounds cool. And then items that can't be brought to other scenarios (such as special graphics) can be given there, too. Oh, and what's your estimate on when the wxWidgets will be finished?
  6. Originally Posted By: Dantius So Internet Explorer 1.0 might have been a terrible program, but Internet Explorer TREE[3] is clearly the greatest computer program ever written. But it'll be nothing when Mozilla Firefox n(4)^GRAHAMS NUMBER comes out.
  7. And you can even fly past those pesky mountain ranges and see the rest of the world of Ermaria!
  8. Doing an ambush wouldn't hurt, a great way to lower your chance of being stoned is to lower the amount of time between they see you and die.
  9. Is every good story based off the Hero's Journey?
  10. Originally Posted By: Trenton Real world maps. You mean like working with satellites 'n stuff like that? —Karoka, who's goal is to be an architect. He was also going to bridge a connection between his architecture and Trenton's mapping, but he forgot what it was.
  11. Originally Posted By: Trenton the dragon lord Exile vs. Avernum? Avernum has less awesome spells compared to Exile, right? If I'm right, then Exile wins. Again.
  12. If you drop them and pick them back up, do you still get disease?
  13. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus Aw man. Thanks to this title, I just lost the game. Darn it, Tyran! Now I just lost the game.
  14. Originally Posted By: Trenton the dragon lord Bloody hell...That was ten times worse than napolian the XIV. That was the worst ten hours of my life, and it felt as if my ears were being violated. It's only been 8 minutes. And don't worry, I've got something even more effective if you need it
  15. Originally Posted By: Trenton Oh gods no. Please no more Napoleon the XIV. I already lost my sanity to "I'm in love with my little red tricycle."
  16. Originally Posted By: Harehunter What a re-bolting development that was! Oh god, not again...
  17. Or you can just use a gun that shoots axes and get it over with.
  18. Originally Posted By: GoldenKing What other type of songs are there? Well there's that music that goes OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  19. No, I'm saying that a bow and a tower would lose against a sword and armor because the guy in the tower only has a bow. A bow. As in no arrows. Did you really think I meant stabbing the guy with and arrow? I don't blame you. Well, I guess a bow could win because you might be able to whip the armor guy in the eye with it while avoiding the sword. Then you push him out the window.
  20. Originally Posted By: Tirien You do know that at close range, a longbow can penetrate plate, right? So even at close range, if he should somehow get up the tower to you, you can still kill him pretty easily. You'd have to be really strong to shove a piece of wood through a metal plate to kill someone. I'm just saying.
  21. Eagle Eye Priest Green Lantern Source Code Up (the end was so beautiful!) There are some others, but I can't remember their names!
  22. Originally Posted By: Master1 Because that wouldn't be bifurcation. Well, you'll have a much easier time bifurcating someone if their head is two feet away. Originally Posted By: Master1 As for damaging potential of swords vs. bows, I'd rather have a bow and a tower over a sword and armor. But in a bow+tower vs. sword+armor, the sword+armor would win. Mainly because a piece of wood with a string on it won't be much compared to a guy in armor and sword. And if your in a tower, it's even worse because there's no escape when the guy in the armor slowly creeps up the steps, sealing your doom.
  23. Why don't you just cut his freaking head off? Or at least slash at the shoulder or something.
  24. Originally Posted By: Dantius map *Looks at Excalibur in the bottom-right corner* Do you sit by yourself at lunch?
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