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  1. The portal doesn’t activate. It doesn’t matter. Moving on to other games
  2. That gets me back but it doesn’t satisfy the quest or give me the 1 of 3 credit. I can’t get back to Spire to pass through the portal and get credit for the kill. I don’t criticize Jeff often but that was BS. 80+ hours to have it end that way? Come on...
  3. So cheating to go back for brooch #5 doesn’t work. There is no way to get back to Spire. This really sucks. Any ideas?
  4. Endgame spoiler so leave now if you haven’t played it! I went into the Spire with 4 brooches not realizing I was on a suicide mission. My “reserve save” back in the caves got taken out by a damn auto save so I have no way of restoring a pre-spire save to get the 5th brooch. I’m on an iPad. So the game is over for me. I don’t suppose there is an inventory hack option??? I’m very unhappy. I have 4 characters and figured I wouldn’t need the damn 5th brooch! Ugh.
  5. Hi will save games transfer When I switch iPads as part of an iCloud transfer?
  6. Appreciate the response. But this is EftP which is at 1.1 I believe. At least on the iOS version I'm playing.
  7. I've had this debate elsewhere and some suggested what you folks are saying. If so that's very good news. I'm a big worried about "top down" but if that means "slanted" vs isometric I can live with it even though I'm a big fan of isometric. I won't freak out anyway. If its 100% overhead I'm worried. I know occlusion is difficult with isometric but I'd rather deal with occlusion issues with walls and things than go full blown top down.
  8. Caves beyond fort remote where the drakes are. Message said resisted vs immune. But in general it fails regardless of opponent type. I’ve stopped using it because it’s a 10% hit rate at best. I was just curious if others saw similar results because terror and charm sure do have a effect on my tanks with 50% resistances. I can only assume creatures I’m facing have > 75% or so rendering the spell a relative dud.
  9. In a chat Vogel did recently he mentioned his next engine would be icon based and top down. I’m assuming that means similar to Battle Brothers. I was hoping he would stay on the progression path towards a 2D experience like Baldurs. So while I’m open minded on the topic I’m also really not happy with an “abstract” gaming experience. What say you?
  10. Level 32 here with intelligence 31, Domination 3. Spell constantly resisted no matter how dumb the opponent. Am I missing a backing stat?
  11. Thanks good to know I'm not crazy. The battle that has become a problem is near a dragon statue that has gems to pick. As you exit you are confronted with a generated scenario - an ambush so placement isn't an option. And the battle is hilariously one sided so any wasted turns are devastating. That said I don't think this is an "important" battle just a fun mini-encounter / trap so I just reloaded and walked away. Maybe I'll come back in 5 levels to AOE the whole crowd. The uneven terrain thing makes sense. I don't think Jeff will be bending the battle grid with this engine. Guess I'll
  12. It’s not about moving the screen. I probably didn’t describe it well. Creatures are appearing on the battle grid misaligned to the grid. It just happened again. When they are misaligned they cannot be selected for an attack and the event registers as a move instead of an attack. This only seems to happen in outdoor battles as the grid and battle scenario spawns. This time it was a tough battle and I had to reload.
  13. Ran into 2 problems today. First - I could not attack a charmed bat. The game wouldn’t give me the “friendly” prompt to confirm the attack. I had to cycle through the combat order multiple times until it went hostile again. Second - monsters appeared off grid. Meaning they could not be selected for any attack other than AOE. If I tried to select them my character would try to move. Visually the creatures were straddling the grid lines. This has only happened once in a trivial outdoor event but it would be quite serious in a difficult battle. This is a
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