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    Independence Day

    Originally Posted By: How I fish in mine? Originally Posted By: Karoka According to the Bible, aren't the kingdoms of the Earth controlled by Satan? So wouldn't that mean that they are praising Satan, making them devil worshipers? I am not a Bible scholar. Where does this interpretation come from? Originally Posted By: The Lord's Prayer Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.Thy Kingdom come,thy will be done,in earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen. If the kingdom of God is coming, then it wasn't here before, nor is it here now, but it is to come according to the Bible. In Ezekiel chapter 23, it speaks of the prince of Tyrus, and about his wisdom. However, this doesn't seem to be the case in verse 13 and on. This has to mean that it's not describing the literal prince of Tyrus, but the spirit he had, since everything that happens in the Bible is either on the physical or spiritual plane. If you continue reading, this spirit was in the Garden of Eden, is the anointed cherub, and was perfect. It also talks about how this spirit will be utterly destroyed in the future. Only Satan fits this description, as he is the dragon in Revelations who is thrown into the bottomless pit.
  2. Too bad that's not any time soon.
  3. Karoka

    Independence Day

    Originally Posted By: Master1 Australia is also a continent, country, and island. That's a big island. Originally Posted By: Star-Spangled Banner Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation! According to the Bible, aren't the kingdoms of the Earth controlled by Satan? So wouldn't that mean that they are praising Satan, making them devil worshipers? Originally Posted By: Star-Spangled Banner O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave! But weren't the Americans fleeing from British persecution? So wouldn't that make them cowards? And weren't there slaves during that time? So you had to be a certain race to be free? Doesn't that mean that not everyone was free? Originally Posted By: Star-Spangled Banner And this be our motto: “In God is our trust;” But according to the Bible, aren't lots of the behaviors in the U.S.(Gay Rights, abortion, etc.) against the laws of God? (Sabbath, Dietary Laws, etc.) I have no intention to offend anyone or be jailed, it's just that I question why certain things are said. And I'm using the Bible because that's the book you have to swear on when your in court, even though they never actually use it.
  4. Fora and Gommorrah don't rhyme with clearer!
  5. Originally Posted By: It's a trap Last but not least, he decided it was a good idea to insert a fry up his nose. He never managed to get it back out... How did he even manage to get it up there? Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba deep-fried food/things up the nose crossover. I once breathed in a mosquito. A couple minutes later my nose tube(?) felt itchy. Then my nose started bleeding. The next day, there was a black spot on my feces. EDIT: I'm not so sure about that last sentence, though.
  6. Okay, we won't. naa, na na naa, na na naa, na na naaa, na na naa, na na na, na, NA, NA, NA!
  7. It's called the Mushroom Talisman(At least in BoE it is). And you can actually steal it from Morog??? I would have done that if I knew. Oh well. Remember: You should have at least one of these items before reaching Khoth: Click to reveal.. Crystal of Purity Melora Opal Scroll of Dragons
  8. Ooh! ooh! How about a very small flying mecha-bug?! Then you could have a screen (that obviously isn't attached to it) that shows you what it sees and hears. Then a controller with the following buttons: UP- Forward DOWN- Backward RIGHT- Turn Right LEFT- Turn Left Side UP- Fly up Side DOWN- Fly down Center Square- Toggle movement controls (If off, 1st four buttons for land movement. If on, 1st four buttons for flight control.)
  9. In some scenarios, vital information is given in 6-paragraph dialogue boxes. These can't be recorded, so you'll end up having to write down everything you need to know. Any way to be able to record these like talking and encounter notes?
  10. Besides, when would a character need a de-dusting spell?
  11. But rain catches the pollution in the air, so rainwater is about as dirty as the air is. If your in the city, drinking it would not be advisable by Dr. Karoka (who hasn't even started high school yet).
  12. Originally Posted By: Handyman . . . why are you hanging out with twelve year olds? BECAUSE WE'RE LONELY?!?!?!?!
  13. Use a martyr's shirt. Every time they touch you, they will be electrocuted with the amount of force they touched you with. Then wear non-conducting gloves all the time so you don't electrocute yourself by accident. EDIT: With a bullet-proof vest under it.
  14. Filtering water bottle! Shake up the water in the bottle, and within minutes, it will be filtered! The dirt will come out at the bottom, just like how waste comes out of our bottom! Now you can safely drink rain, ocean water, and other sources of filthy water!
  15. Originally Posted By: Karoka Not even potato chips. Well, unless they're baked. It is the way fried food tastes, or something else?It goes back to when I was seven. I took a shower, and afterwards realized I had no clothing or a towel. I decided to run REALLY fast to my room, past the kitchen and dining room. My mom was deep frying fish, when the oil jumped and landed on my . . . you don't need to know. So then the skin there was burned, was really painful, and unfortunately didn't heal that fast. I utterly hated anything deep-fried after that day. I would tell you more, but this place is for all ages! Originally Posted By: Trenton Uchiha, rebel servile. I once shoved a popcorn kernel up my nose...On purpose. Never got it back though. And I thought it would come out the same way my swallowed nickle would, but it dissapeared! It's probably in your lungs, you should get that checked out before you develop lung cancer! You'll know because a little spot in your lungs will be a light brown.
  16. Originally Posted By: adventureclint even the poorest person can get a pc You're forgetting the third world countries! But aside from them, (not to offend them in any way!) you are absolutely true. You can get it in any way, including stealing (for you BAD people out there!) But in my case, my parents just happen to already have one. Go me. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Nah, we just like to thrash people. I'm right there with ya.
  17. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus Originally Posted By: Karoka Don't give me anything deep-fried, or else I'll smack it out of your hand. Then we'll have to deal with my burned hand and food on the floor. Not even potato chips? Not even potato chips. Well, unless they're baked.
  18. Don't give me anything deep-fried, or else I'll smack it out of your hand. Then we'll have to deal with my burned hand and food on the floor.
  19. There's no punctuation mark in that post! He's not done yet!
  20. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel I'm not entirely sure what you mean by monster regeneration. Could you be more explicit? I can think of one or two meanings, but I don't know which you want. Let's say a monster has 500 HP. The first PC attacks, and the monster now has 410 HP. At the beginning of the second PC's turn, the monster now has 460 HP, then the 2nd PC attacks. Now it has 350 HP. At the beginning of the third PC's turn, it has 400 HP. At the beginning of every turn, the monster regains something like 10% of it's maximum health. I apologize for not being clear the first time. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel And finally, about summoning stuff on death... there were plans to put in place "magic values" that can be used to access various things, such as the location a monster died at. So, with that, your summon on death idea would probably be possible even without adding a new ability type.
  21. One-time text messages work just fine on normal terrain, at least for me. But I don't believe any specials will do anything if called after a secret passage node. But if the secret passage is initiated via not special nodes, then a text message set on the specific area should work. Hope this helps!
  22. Originally Posted By: Miramor Monster regen doesn't really sound too useful to me. It's useful in games where the party/player can teleport away and rest up (see Angband) but you can't do that in BoE. I could see it being useful if you wanted a monster that had to be killed in one turn, or something; but otherwise it doesn't seem necessary. I don't intend to use Regen on enemies, but more on friendlies that fight endless waves of monsters (possibly allies in some dungeon with spawning monsters). Originally Posted By: Miramor Summoning stuff on death can be done with a special chain, IIRC. But I want the dead monster to summon wherever it is, and even if it was summoned itself. So let's say Monster A is at (45,9). The specials are set to summon Monster B, which is a counter-part of Monster A, at (46,10) since it's close by. But the player tries to run away from it, bringing it to (8,20). This is where it dies, and the node chain starts. But Monster B won't be summoned near (8,20) because it was originally set to (46,10). So Monster B won't appear as a counter-part, because it was summoned so far away. Or you might use Capture Soul on it, then you summon it. At death, I want it to summon monsters nearby and in any circumstance, but special nodes can't connect the monster to summoning in every situation.
  23. Originally Posted By: spambot Walking from house to work place is a new way to do exercise. What's walking? Some kind of new gizmo invention thing?
  24. I've actually thought of this quite a while ago, but I have such bad memory I never remembered to post it. Perhaps a new monster ability could be implemented: Regen. I was thinking it could go in the Create monster/fields slot, so that you can adjust what percentage of HP is restored per turn. Also, does Death Touch actually inflict Death? The only effect I've seen from it is unblock-able damage. Yet another monster ability! It could summon monsters right when it dies! Yaaay!
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