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  1. Yeah, I figured that would work, but it doesn't for some reason. Not sure why. Possibly a bug? I haven't been able to make either regular or one-time text messages appear after secret passage nodes. Input from any programmers that know their way around the code (or anyone who knows the ins and outs of the editor) would be helpful.
  2. Ahh! That did the trick! Now I just need to figure out how to make a one-time text message appear after a custom secret passage node. Thanks for the tip!
  3. They definitely appear more than once for me when the dot is missing. Do you know if the no-specials-after-special nodes behavior is intended? Such a limitation seems odd and arbitrary to me. Time for more testing. Edit: Hm, text messages (instant and general) appear twice when I put them on normal secret doors. Once when the door opens and again when I step in. Then again every time I step in again. I haven't tried secret passages in cave walls yet. One thought: What version (and OS) are you running? Personally, I'm using the latest Mac OS X build. I wonder if that makes a difference.
  4. Quick scenario-editing question: Is it possible to place one-time text-messages without putting down a white dot? Those messages only seem to work when I have the "special encounter" dot in place. I would like to be able to place special one-time text-messages (and possibly other encounters) on normal walkable terrain as well as in custom secret passages. Something like "leaning against this wall caused it to open up! You stumble into the crevice - it seems man-made. Curious. Why would old man Jerry have a secret tunnel in his kitchen?" Stuff like that. Thanks!
  5. I have come to realize that I would probably be able to get a lot more done with the Scenario Editor if I knew where to find the documentation. A Google search gave me a locked thread on this very forum, and in it, this appeared: Quote: The Mac version probably omitted the documentation because it could not be viewed on an Intel Mac (except with a resource editor, sort of). I have translated it to HTML and it's in the repository; w-dueck volunteered to work on it, and it should be included in the next release, whenever that is. So, uh, is this available anywhere? I'd love to learn more about the editor (including all this node business I keep hearing about) but I'm not clever enough to figure it out without some help text. Thanks!
  6. Originally Posted By: Harehunter I tried what I think you are talking about, and my lists scroll nicely. I am using Windows XP. Are you on a Mac? Yeah, I guess I should've said so in the first place.
  7. I've been trying to get BoE (the latest Mac OS X version from the Google Code page) working with updated bladbases, but every "Blades of Exile Base" file I've tried aside from the one supplied with the demo results in this graphics error: For the record, I've tried the updated file from Brett Bixler's BoE Page and the file from the source code on Google Code. Any ideas?
  8. Speaking on the topic of always-revealed maps: How about taking that a bit further? That is to say, being able to define areas in towns that are always explored/never explored by default - giving the ability to have a town that is fully explored aside from residences/storerooms/hidden evil lairs/secret tunnels and rooms. Edit: I also have a suggestion for the scenario editor that I think should be relatively easy to implement: When dragging scrollbars (such as the scrollbar for the list of monsters), I would like the position of the list to change on-the-fly, instead of going to the specified spot on the list only after I release the scrollbar. I hope that makes sense.
  9. Originally Posted By: cfgauss Only in the surface world? What did you think was going on in the underworld? Were they all banished for streaking? Well, seeing as my characters started without pants (if I remember this correctly, it's been a while), I just thought that the Exile community was okay with general pantslessness. I had some funny ideas as a kid.
  10. Playing Exile III as a child, I would always make sure my party members all had pants on before braving the surface world. I was kind of disappointed when I later realized I wouldn't get run out of town if I took them off.
  11. Greaves are, historically, pieces of armour used to protect the shins. That's according to my dictionary, anyway.
  12. While you haven't shown much, the scenario really looks like it may be a lot of fun. I'm guessing the character is a pre-made one, looks good. Waiting anxiously for more screenshots! :]
  13. Looks interesting, indeed! If you'll be needing any beta testers later, I'd like to offer my services.
  14. Again, my inadequate command of the English language makes itself painfully apparent. Thank you for the suggestion, I appreciate it.
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