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  1. Bummer. I hate getting rid of gifts. Have to think on this one awhile.
  2. Thank you, I see it now. Called "Hunter's Blade". As an aside, does the "Reproducing Bulwark" do anything but make bricks in your inventory?
  3. Do normal horseshoes boost your stats in any way? How does the training you receive from that lady in the woods help you? It says she can boost melee or ranged skills, but those stats don't directly exist in the advancement tree. Is this a behind-the-scenes boost? If so, who does it affect, your main character or all characters?
  4. Venom

    E3 2011

    Obviously you've never watched Star Trek... Originally Posted By: Sarachin Contrary to popular belief, someone is forcing me to buy it. He broke into my home last weekend. I'm pretty sure he's holding a gun under his jacket. Yesterday we went to see several terrible movies, and tomorrow he says I have to buy an extended warranty. I asked him what the warranty is for and he just. . . just growled, like a wolf driven mad by hunger. The police won't help me because they think I'm employing a figure of speech. Please help me. My credit card is nearly maxed out and I do not know what this man is capable of. Oh, my mistake. I hope you can find someone who will help you with your..., problem.
  5. Venom

    E3 2011

    Originally Posted By: Dantius The DLC armor packs for the second Mass Effect had less to do with style and everything to do with being essentially game-breakingly powerful god mode items that you pay actual money for instead of entering a cheat. Uh, the Alternate Skin packs DLC was cosmetic, nothing more. Nobody's forcing you to buy any of it anyways...
  6. Oh boy. Talking about the weather is banal in person, but online?! Seriously, why does anyone care? Especially if you don't wish to discuss climate change?
  7. Venom

    Left Behind.

    Originally Posted By: Assistant Deputy Ambassador to Å I don't believe in grammar. But grammar believes in you. - Venom, who is very amused at his little joke.
  8. Venom

    Left Behind.

    Originally Posted By: Alorael He'd say that the more reasonable problem is usually comes up because while atheists need not care what others believe, many religions do require spreading and enforcing beliefs. A. Terrible grammar. B. Load of garbage. Atheists most certainly do care about what others believe. If they didn't there would be no need to argue. They care just as much as religious people do. It is just much easier to sit back, smile, and smugly say "Prove it" than to actually make an effort to engage in debate. It makes a perfect fallback. Requires no work, no thought, no effort.
  9. Venom

    Left Behind.

    Originally Posted By: Randomizer Originally Posted By: Dantius Originally Posted By: Lilith not really seeing the down side here First they came for the Austrian economists, and people were like "Okay, cool."? Still not seeing the downside. Consider it "Evolution in Action" or cleasing the gene pool for all those that haven't won Darwin Awards. Oh, how pathetically short-sighted. Basically what Randomizer and Lilith are saying here is to remove anyone who makes a publicly known mistake. That is foolish. Because people are imperfect, they WILL make mistakes. No matter how genius you think you are, you too will make them. This is just a more publicized one. Additionally, if you removed those people who made the publicized mistakes, you would be left with a crevasse filled in with spineless, cowardly, let's-play-it-safe-so-we-don't-get-fired people who would stagnate the sciences they were in. Critical analysis is a key way to achieve greater understanding. That's where the phrase "learning from one's mistakes comes from". If everybody just shied away because they were too afraid to be wrong, we'd never get anywhere. Almost all of the greatest minds of history were eventually proven "wrong". Take Newton and Aristotle for example. Are they laughed at because they didn't grasp quantum physics and general relativity? Because their systems of reasoning were eventually shown to be flawed? No. Instead, they were building blocks for the next generations of thinkers to analyze and correct.
  10. I'd call them, if you have the option. It's very instant.
  11. Originally Posted By: Lilith you're not actually disagreeing with anything that i said You got that, did you? Just as you didn't disagree with anything Tyranicus said. Just adding info. Originally Posted By: Alorael It's also not about what Steam can afford. It's what the people who make the games that Steam distributes can afford. Hmmm, perhaps I'm mistaken on how Steam works then. Does Steam merely host downloads like Gamersgate? They don't actually work like a distributor?
  12. It should vanish. Just a month ago there was another thread on this. It's a terrible game. But then there are a few people like Seres who like it. And it drags it's pathetic existence on...
  13. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel Originally Posted By: Darth Ernie heh. try exile 1. its the only game i never got into due to graphics But it has the same graphics as Exile 2 & 3. Well, mostly. No. Exile I felt like like I was playing on a chalkboard. Little use of color, those weird dots on the mini-map, bleh. Exile 3 had far more color and GUI tweaks.
  14. Yes, but Spiderweb games does not reach anywhere near as wide an audience as Steam does. Steam is more of a distributor than a producer, really. And yes, I do know that Valve makes games. But Steam sells games from all genres. They can afford the price reduction.
  15. Originally Posted By: Sempiternity... at what price? Now I want a super null bug. It walks around casting Protective Circle every time it moves. Gah! Don't even think that! Null bugs are annoying enough as is.
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