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  1. So you're saying we can look forward to Avernum VII when his kids go off to college?
  2. Sullust


    I've tried playing Nethergate, but I just can't get used to dealing with how tiny the viewing area is compared to Jeff's more recent games. If you decide to go with Geneforge, I'd recommend getting one of the later games in the series and then going back to Geneforge 1 if you enjoy it. The gameplay in Geneforge I takes a bit of getting used to compared to the others.
  3. I feel obligated to post something at this point.
  4. It was only after I lost power that I realized I don't own any flashlights. Though a Nintendo DS seems to work just as well.
  5. I'd start with Python or Perl; they are much easier to break into than C++ or Java. Both have fairly large communites and online documentation. I should also mention Udacity has a couple of python programming courses. Once you're comfortable with those you can try messing around with C++ or Java. Using an IDE like NetBeans makes the development process much easier. As far as C goes, I'd hold off on that until you're familiar with pointers and writing Makefiles.
  6. It seems like the poles swapping never gets mentioned in these discussions...
  7. I have a copy of the original graphics for Exile I and Exile II, though I can't run the games to run on Windows 7.
  8. Originally Posted By: BMA Having picked a couple of less-chosen options myself, I'm glad that some minority options have been clubbed together into the 'other' bar. I for one proudly wave my Nephilim banner. Originally Posted By: The Mystic Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Popular US states included ... Michigan That's news to me, and I was born and raised here... Given the sample size of the poll, I wouldn't say it's a significant number of people.
  9. I was initially planning on asking which pronoun Dikiyoba preferred; but then I noticed Wikipedia had an entire article devoted to the subject [link].
  10. OOC: But what if RiB really stood for 'Ride in Bus'...
  11. Lt. Sullust sets off the bus immediately to find himself. He's not sure if his plan will work; however, it's worth a try. Lt. Sullust (older): Hey you, come over here. Lt. Sullust (younger): Who are you? Lt. Sullust (older): That's not important, you gotta a piece of paper and a pen. I need you to write something down. Lt. Sullust (younger): Uhhh... sure. Lt. Sullust (older): Good, the winning lottery numbers for -- Before he can say anything else Lt. Sullust attacked from behind and a strangely fluffy pillowcase is thrown over his head. He manages to make out a couple voices through the fluff. (voice 1): Sorry about that Lt. Sullust. This 'member' has violated the Code Of Conduct. We'll be taking care of this, please run along now. Lt. Sullust (younger): Yes, Drakefyre. The younger Lt. Sullust walks away. Confused, but not terribly interested in what just happened. (voice 2): Was he one of them? Drakefyre: Yes, I recognize him. He was on that bus a few years ago. Saunders, Schrodinger, find the rest of them and bring them to me. The bus will be mine!
  12. Lt. Sullust: Slarty, before I leave the bus, are there any risks to me running into myself?
  13. OOC: Sorry for the delayed posting. I've been busying with Avernum and the new Udacity courses. The nearby commotion in the restroom wakes Lt. Sullust from his ooc-induced nap. Finally standing, he sees Sylae coming out of the bathroom, her face bright red. Sylae: Someone was already in there. He follows the delicious smell of potatoes towards the front of the bus.
  14. Originally Posted By: Mike Echo It's funny, but to me most of the changes in your list aren't improvements. >Imagine all your characters being encumbered not by what they have equipped, but by how much they are carrying. Breaks realism. If I wear steel armor it's heavy, but I can carry a dozen sets in my backpack with no downside? Wouldn't the characters take off said backpacks before engaging in combat? So it's not like they are carrying all that extra junk while fighting.
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