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  1. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba Luckily, that's just a myth. Dikiyoba. Being forced off a cliff would be just as bad as throwing yourself off one. :|
  2. Trick or Treating, I got more than a few looks though and this might be my last year . Lots of great costumes though, most notable would be a car decorated to look like the van from ghost busters (fully equipped with a fake lisence plate taped over the real one ).
  3. inni

    After two years...

    Congratulations on your un-groundedness
  4. Originally Posted By: The Mystic Ummm...Just which old game? Mario's been around since the early to mid-1980's, and the earliest ones are barely two-dimensional. I was thinking around SMW era, the new "2.5d" platformers are much too shiny.
  5. I would do the opposite and make every Mario game like the old ones...
  6. 1. Gabriel 2. 14 3. British Columbia 4. Grey 5. none 7. you skipped it 8. I would look into the future and see what will eventually happen 9. not sure... maybe Gabe or Gabriel 10. Dolphin 11. ninja sliths
  7. Brave new world not what I was expecting, a good read though
  8. inni


    1. Good point, I hadn't thought about that 2. Yes, but no one will object to being payed to be neutered if they are willing 3. See point #2 4. No, as propoganda and awarness grows so will the people supporting it, look at seatbelts, STDs, smoking, homosexual rights, and black/ native rights.
  9. good traits: very intelligent ( ) insane (or more so than they are used to) bad traits: dumb ( ) insane (or more so than they are used to)
  10. inni


    Originally Posted By: Frozen Feet Just like rats will sometimes start eating other rats when food is in short supply, when humanity starts running out of resources, we will eat those left. FYT Originally Posted By: Triumph Or do you have other, more reliable ways, to perhaps persuade people to voluntarily limit population growth? I just don't see it. a tax on people that have more than 2 children, and paying people with 2 or fewer children to be neutered (as long as they are over the age of 18 and willing) also, i have linked this before but i think this thread merits linking it again, the VHEMT
  11. i haven't even played the game and yet that song is still one of my favorites
  12. pffff, why need to, from what i remember most of us are already extremely leftist. oh and happy B-day Alorael
  13. Originally Posted By: Seiðmaðr No, I really hate anime. why? and i doubt i would be able to play, mostly from both a lack of time+short attention span. that said a geneforge RP would be worth making time for (so would a death note, if you want to keep it to anime )
  14. First one is from the manga/ anime "death note", the other two are about killing monsters
  15. Originally Posted By: Duck in His Old Hat Originally Posted By: Light Yagami I'll take a potato chip... and EAT IT!! WIN. XD Originally Posted By: L& Misa Misa: I can't even imagine a world without Light... L: Yes, it would be quite dark. also Originally Posted By: Martin Luther King, Jr. “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” and Originally Posted By: Friedrich Nietzsche Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.
  16. we all round up any people that are over 18 or otherwise deemed "unholy" then we stone them to death. actually the town i live in has a nice yearly festival called kathaumixw, choirs from all over the world come to sing in it and.... thats basically it, not as fun as cheese chasing but its still interesting, the towns folk can offer their house for two weeks or so and let one of the visiting choirs stay there.
  17. Originally Posted By: waterplant Originally Posted By: Lilith Originally Posted By: Sylvan Amble in the right demographic read: rich, white, nerdy, selfish, extremely lucky , fully insured, aka, live in canada
  18. ohh shiny, cant wait to play it. the name is rather annoying thought, to close to avernum for my liking. EDIT: "And I'm really psyched to finally be playing a Spiderweb game that has more than one or two major countries!" yes, the fraction choice is what really turned me on to geneforge, i wonder what the philosophy of the different sides will be...
  19. inni

    Taking a recess

    bye, we will miss you. i hope to see you again when jeff releases his new game.
  20. Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -5.50 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.97
  21. you can also mention all the things that are discussed here, such as zombies vs aliens vs ninjas vs porn , frog mutation, and the new prophet.
  22. Originally Posted By: Triumph Usually message boards want to discourage spam, not train acolytes in how to produce it. oh and great job btw
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