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  1. Quote: Originally written by BainIhrno: Despite all this, I still plan to design for BoE, even if I become the only BoE designer left. I just don't like BoA as much as BoE. And I disliked BoA enough not to even buy it. I may break down and buy it when I've finished playing all BoE scenarios but at the rate I'm going now that might take me a few years, or ten. I will finish my scenario for BoE... someday... eventually...
  2. Quote: Originally written by N00BEN: On a side note, you probably shouldn't go around proclaiming "Hey everyone, I'm making a scenario" unless you genuinely plan to finish it. Many scenarios get sluffed off and left for incomplete. But yeah, now that you've got an idea, off to designing! *hangs head in shame...* Umm... I've got designers block? I wanna finish it, I really do. I just get sidetracked so easily. Website, forums, building a database...
  3. Actually that's a bit more coherent then what I normally get. I've 'trained' them to watch cartoons in the morning, but I'm usually interrupted every commercial anyway. Just another reason why simple posts can take ten minutes or more. Everytime I'm interrupted I lose my train of thought and have to catch the next one.
  4. Quote: Originally written by 1001011001000: Most of us are still teenagers, though. Thus my "(or at least comprehensible)". When you spend the majority of the day with a 4, 3, and 1 year old, anything that's not, "Mmooooommmmmyyyyyy! They took my toy!" amid heaving sobs that cause myself to ask the child to repeat the sentence three or four more times before I can understand it, is a vast improvement.
  5. Yeah, but when I bought mine, I couldn't get the passworded location to work.
  6. Sit her down at the computer, point out the game, and tell her you want it so much you're willing to work for it. You said she enjoyed E3, too, right? She should be more then happy to let you earn it, considering she won't buy it for you.
  7. Quote: Originally written by Ash Lael: I am at a loss to comprehend how posting in a community cetered around a certain game is somehow more fun than playing the actual game. Are you kidding? Seeing what TM has to say about just about anything under the sun is way more entertaining then playing his scenarios... Besides, I'm starved for adult(or at least comprehensible) conversation. Plus the sanity-lacking breed that Spiderwebbers are tend to be quite knowledgeable and thought provoking, and those who are not usually do not last very long. I consider you all my friends and most of you probably know more about me then the friends I have here. (a few of you probably know more then you should and/or ever wanted to) I should probably try to socialize more, but there's not much I can do with 4 kids in tow.
  8. *ponders worthiness of blades* N/M ben, ADoS is right... BoE is a worthy cause.
  9. Quote: Originally written by 1001011001000: You better not say the profits are going to you. You should say they're going to a "worthy cause." That sounds much better. *shakes finger at ben* You're not encouraging him to lie are you?
  10. ...and I have only played two. When computer time became scant, playing scenarios took a back seat to the website and forums.
  11. Do you have the demo for E3 and need to register it inorder to use the character editor? That would make more sense. There are lots of ways to earn money. I got myself a paper route in grade school. Lemonade stand is a classic (though I don't think it's ever brought in much in reality). Offering to do yard work for the neighbors. If you're involved with a church, offer your general services to the congregation. Tell your teachers your trying to earn some money and see if they have anything for you to do. Basically just ask everyone you know if there's anything (within reason) that they'd pay you to do for them. (Just use your common sense for what you agree to do. )
  12. Link to the site in the sig v. It's in the 'Comprehensive BoE Walkthroughs'.
  13. Hubby and I have come to an understanding and I'm getting rid of gmail *sniffs* I love gmail. Anyways, since I have to edit my e-mail address on every. single. page. *sigh* of the website I'm gonna do some housekeeping while I'm at it and make all the pages look nicer. It'll take me a while to edit all the pages so alot of the 'Contact Me' buttons won't work for a while. The way to tell if it'll work is if the bar at the bottom of the page includes links to the list of utilities and list of downloads. That means I've change it. Else you can just click on the link in my sig here v.
  14. I have all the scenarios/utilities made on my harddrive. I count 280 in all. Have you played all 280? Go through the list at the CSR or alphabetically in my walkthrough database .
  15. Not surprised... Djur, request for Pyg.
  16. I'd like a copy as well. I'll put it up at TrueSite for Blades as a Utility Scenario if you like. Can outdoors sections be imported like towns can?
  17. I can't believe nobody's mentioned Adventurer's Club! Now I'm pretty new to all the BoE scenarios myself, but if you want a game that will take you from lvl 1 to God and be enjoyable too then Adventurer's Club is great. *note to self - Play AC2 and AC3 already! EDIT: ACK! I wasted too much time changing chanels for the kids. Looks like milu beat me but the sentiment remains.
  18. I can't seem to find any either... looks like you'll need to make some of your own.
  19. Quote: Wait- what kind of retard would have a fighter (or a mage, for that matter- unless you want them to stick with 0HP for the rest of their lives) have less than 4 strength at any time? You're my hero TM. This is usually one thing that would be fiddled with by me in the beginning but it's not the default. That's why I said after the first level is gained to find a trainer and bring it up. So that just incase they missed it in making their party they took care of it first thing. But of course I'm sure you never, ever, started a party with a PC that had less then 4 strength did you? *stares at TM with awe*
  20. Gizmo's step-by-step starting out instructions: If you have never played BoE before (or any of the other Exile games) this is how I suggest you learn the game. Use the prefab party. If you don't know anything about PC stats then just leave them alone. If you do feel free to go in and tinker with the begining stats given. Make sure you equip what ever armor/weapons you have. If you have any money (and not too little food) consider investing in better weapons right away. Your attacks are only as good as the weapon you wield. Save often. In VoDT getting into fights with wandering monsters is the best way to start IMO. So go exploring the outdoors but don't wander too far West. The monsters get much harder once you cross the bridge. In an outdoor fight, line up your fighters right next to each other infront of your spellcasters and have them stand ready. Line up your spellcasters right behind them and have them cast minor bless and minor haste on the fighters. These spells don't last long but for wandering encounters they last long enough. Let the enemy come to you always standing ready. The first couple are usually slain before they can raise a weapon. Usually the monsters will group together in front of you making them the perfect targets for fireballs. I would suggest, though, to let your fighters take care of as many as possible so that they become stronger quicker. Once your fighters have gained a level, seek out a trainer and bring their strength up to at least 4. This will cause them to gain more HP automatically when they gain level. I would continue wandering until your fighters are level five and then switch stradegy's to the same line up but letting your spellcasters kill all the monsters. Have them cast minor bless on the fighters to keep them from being hit and minor haste on each other. Make sure you're not leaving your priests behind. If your mages have already gained levels but your priest has not then have the mages only stand ready while the priests do the work. Again I would continue until everyone was at level 5 but for some it gets too boring too fast. If you are bored, go ahead and delve into the story for a bit. Don't forget to check the eastern mountain wall. There are battles and hidden treasures to find that will help greatly. You might not be ready for the battle with the brigands yet but as long as you save before you go in, you could get some practice with strategy while you fight them. Always kill the spellcasters first. Secondly kill any monster that shoots arrows/spines or can web/curse ect. Experiment with your spells to see what spells do what kind of damage. Once your party is all at level 10 you're ready to venture out further. The more you play, the more you'll be comfortable with venturing at lower levels and the more you'll be able to win at lower levels. Happy gaming.
  21. I had switched it to view the whole year. Am I still missing something? EDIT: NM *smacks self* I just noticed the numbers at the bottom of the page.
  22. I guess they don't keep inactive topics around here for very long. Just wanted to update that The Dark Tower has been submitted. I'm still keeping the list current over at The Lyceum . PS. I've updated my sight with a map and complete walkthrough for TDT. Last item to make is a hint sheet and it'll be one more scenario down... ~ hundred more to go.
  23. Quote: Hm... I have a sudden urge to write another one.. Any and all walkthroughs for BoE/BoA scenarios will be quickly accepted, greatly appreciated, and utilized for years to come by TrueSite for Blades and those who access it's database.
  24. Drizzt also explains it well at his website in his basic how-to section. Basic How-To
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