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  1. I'd say more then you'd think. Once a game is free more people will download it just for the reason that it's free.
  2. Hm.. I changed one node's mismarked SDF in Parallel Dimensia so it would work. Changing the readme seems so invasive for such a tiny fix. I can see marking a scenario where text or major nodework has to be altered but... I have reservations for smaller fixes.
  3. So, now that password checking has been removed from the editor, the question that comes to mind is: When is it Ok to edit a scenario and when should one be left alone? I don't want to step on anyones toes or stray from what they were trying to make. There are two scenarios that I have always wanted 'fixed'. Kistar's Quest and, um, forget the name but one of Frahhamn's scenarios. Their stories intrigued me despite all the bugs and I think they are worth being told without the bugs.
  4. If I can keep up my momentum King's Favorite should be done. Just pretend you're really interested and my motivation to not dissapoint may just stay intact.
  5. If you don't feel like making an account @ The Blades Forge or any other webspace provider, you could just e-mail a zipped game to me and I'd get it up at TrueSite. It'll be there once I find it anyway.
  6. They have been downloaded. I haven't looked through them yet. Some old stuff is already up like Alec's edited versions and some terrain... ...and you spelled the wrong word wrong. Edit: Looks like I have the original terrains up but not the second set. Alec did the attack poses for the second set and not the first but apart from making these zips a permanent download at my site, I don't think I'll put anything except the second terrain up. Unless someone feels like making attack poses for the original monsters but they're basically the same except for the black outline.
  7. Just fixed a few things to make it easier to use and updated my e-mail address in it. Please update any Mirror sites, thanks. Sound Showcase v1.5.0
  8. It's definitely better than nothing. Go ahead and send it over. Hopefully I can make some sense of it.
  9. You kinda just answered your own question there... Personally, I would want passwords removed so I could go in and fix buggy scenarios that I liked. Kistar's Quest for example. I liked it but the bugs kept others away. If I remember right, though... somebody already figured out how to remove passwords on MAC. I thought it was with the wtfedit. Someone refresh my memory please. Who helped me fix Parallel Dimensia and how did they do it?
  10. What the hey, I'll make a monster. And ES, your siggy is out of date.
  11. Aw man... and here I thought I was done moving the CSR. I haven't looked at much, but it looks like it'll help identify many unregistered posts. I was gonna let Bain do it by memory... now I suppose I should help.
  12. Quote: Originally written by Jumpin' Salmon: Quote: Sayeth the Shadowvale archives: You don't have permission to access /In the Shadow of Dragons Win.zip on this server. You don't have permission to access /Tales From the Tabard Inn Win.zip on this server. Great. Now what am I gonna do during rollover? Quote: Originally written by Jewels: Scenarios are also available at TrueSite!!!!!!* Come on... How many times do I have to say it? I mean, I know Tyranicus is soooo much cooler then me, and his website is waaay better, but do you have to rub it in? *pouts* * Exclamation points added for emphasis.
  13. The default password is 0, or at least the value of a not having a password. But of course everyone knows that. I had hoped to add the password for Redwall but in the midst of remembering what it was, I remembered I took it off... oh, well.
  14. It's already been done, sort of. Assault on Valorim: Part One recreated the entire continent of Valorim and most of it's towns. It was MASSIVE, it was also a MASSIVELY horrible scenario. One outdoor square to search with nothing to find can ruin a scenario. It had many. If someone made an editor that took off passwords we could use that. And the editor would be much better received and utilized then any new E3 recreation. I can pretty much guarantee.
  15. Good to know. Descriptions have been updated. I could package them with the normal contents of a BLSCNED folder. Would that work for people who only have Ormus's download?
  16. *bump* The editor has been uploaded to my website on the downloads page . I actually found two but I've only used the one. wtfed.exe is what you want. I got it with an entire BLSCNED folder and all it's contents so I'm not sure if there's any altered supporting files that are supposed to be with it. Let me know if it doesn't work for you, I can forward the whole thing.
  17. Scenarios are also available at TrueSite .
  18. I'm on a little business/pleasure trip and it's on the computer at home, so I'll load it up when I get back. Tuesday at the latest. Edit: Just a typo, really...
  19. Hey, Lazarus, sorry I haven't been keeping an eye on these topics. I have a windows editor that kinda has password checking removed. You can enter past the password screen without putting in a password and 'view' the scenario but it won't save an edited version. Is this good enough for what you need, or no?
  20. Joel Whaley sent me a submission. A great group of modernly armed men. Heads up for the designers. Edit: And OBoE has been added to the links list. While digging for links I found one but I forget what it was for and I don't feel like digging again. Can someone tell me what spllbook.exs is and who by so I can label it appropriately, please? Don't be afraid to let me know if I don't have a link up. It helps greatly if I don't have to find it myself, and it's very appreciated.
  21. I've tried that but I'm the only one in the room. I'm using trillian if it matters. I've always had to be invited before.
  22. Can we be reminded how to get on to this thing?
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